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  1. Jacko

    Hey it's me, Ninja

  2. Jacko

    Banned for Roccat

    MixR banned fake Cheesie
  3. Jacko

    T- Shirt

  4. Jacko


    It has nothing to do with you personally, we were just both involved with the situation and thought punishment was necessary.
  5. Jacko


    You had so many warnings. You had used the name before and you were told to change it. Then another day you came back as Jacko Hacko, and moose said change, you went to Hacko Jacko. Moose and i spoke to @Ninja and he decided to permban you. Liessssss
  6. Jacko


  7. Jacko

    Unknown Hacker

    Finally* low is clean and he's Serbian not Russian
  8. Jacko

    IceOps does ban for hacking ONLY?

  9. Jacko

    ARK: Survival Evolved [Free]

    Idk.. Hopefully when its released properly my mac can play it
  10. Jacko

    ARK: Survival Evolved [Free]

    You can't even get it in epic
  11. Jacko

    ARK: Survival Evolved [Free]

    I bought it but cannot seem to get it above 2 fps. Goddamn mac.
  12. It takes years to get past lvl 3
  13. I meant Ninja banned him what's the CSGO mini games server? Is it on Cod4 or is it on CS?
  14. @Ninja I think FDS was the person you banned I was speaking to @DavidO about this today and think it's a really good idea
  15. Jacko


    Littlefoot the thing is Fisher abused power, and insulted a new member, said childish things such as 'I defended you because I know you don't hack' 30 mins later 'nice one you hacker'
  16. Jacko


    Please. I only argued because your kick had no valid reason? You said insulting was a rule and I should enforce it so I said are you asking me to ban you. The kick reason said "Don't blame the messenger - Fisher"
  17. Jacko


    arj is right, he treated me like crap and treated arj the same, he pmed me saying 'You have little friends in Iceops, now you have less you might as well quit'
  18. Jacko

    Hacker on Promod

    (explicit music)
  19. Jacko

    Hacker on Promod

    Its being uploaded to youtube now, so its easier to watch
  20. Jacko

    Hacker on Promod

    Does anybody have any opinions?
  21. Jacko

    GoodBye All

    Whys this in ban appeals? Goodbye, good luck in future life.
  22. Jacko

    Clash Of Clans

    Its quite good fun until you're too high a level and people that buy stuff are impossible to defeat.
  23. Jacko

    ¸Obscurty hacker

    Joker how dare you edit your name out HIS NAME IS [shh]
  24. Jacko

    ¸Obscurty hacker

    Educated guess [sssh] was his steam name for a while