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  1. Čau jak se máš,jak jde život?^_^:00009320:

  2. Kamojka99

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody!
  3. Kamojka99

    Minecraft Opportunity

    As much as I like this idea and would want to support it, I have to say 1st I think it will be empty most of the times like it was before and 2nd I dont have much time right now to play games.
  4. Nice to see you still here, say hi to tinker if u see her ^^

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    2. CROdator


      yeah, same here, getting frustrated of how noob i am hah

    3. Kamojka99


      I might redownload Cod4 like mid august and get on deathrun if somebody would like to play a bit, but im not promising anything and if server is still up lol 

    4. CROdator


      it should be up for a quite longer, sure we have like 6 players who would like to play it more, enough to get it running

  5. :3 Na dobrú náladu :D


  6. Kamojka99

    Ban appeal for Cruv tooby

    Well he was spamming for about 50 minutes, constant spam with some swears in it. After being warned twice and kicked he continued to spam and swear so Prime banned him
  7. Kamojka99

    Report for Moykaaa

    Dont have more proof, chat got spammed before i was able to get some screenshots
  8. Kamojka99

    Report for Moykaaa

    Player's name: Moykaaa Player's PlayerID: 2310346616316412933 Server: Deathrun Please describe what happened: Well I joined and this guy started insulting me (Kamo) and some other people (for ex.; Diana) Proof:
  9. Pro CSGO clutcher, carries everybody to global :D

  10. Kamojka99

    Life Is Strange

    Was worth 20€ imo, could be even more expensive and still would be worth buying
  11. Kamojka99


    Nice! I dont play dr nowadays, but i am glad to see that there are still people who care about this gamemode
  12. Blanduuum, Happy Birthdaaay!! :) And dont get too drunk! :D

    1. Blandum


      Aaaaah KamoKamo, thank you man ;)

  13. Happy Birthday Niccccck <3

    1. Blandum


      p.s 2:06, what a great friend I am

    2. Kamojka99


      hahaha :D Thank you :3

  14. Gosh no Pixelmon minecraft for me. I dont have a bought account
  15. Are you Nick?

    1. Kamojka99


      Well my real name isnt Nick, but yes Im Nick on steam :)

    2. IJzzo