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  1. |DoDziii|

    report for SuperSkrub420

  2. |DoDziii|

    report for SuperSkrub420

    Aimbot and wh 2310346614981306315 demo0053.dm_1
  3. |DoDziii|

    Report for Eskay

  4. |DoDziii|

    Report guess who's back :)

    Sure Kenai..:) on the other hand mate dont unban them they r hackers haha..! but Wolfman is going to give me more few hints i will follow after so:). THQ
  5. |DoDziii|

    Report for Eskay

    Wallhacker Eskay 76561197964559112 demo0041.dm_1
  6. |DoDziii|

    Add more maps maybe?

    you got my +1 vote
  7. |DoDziii|

    Little tweak for HC server

    yea i agree with you, also i am transfering what the most of players in the server ask me daily due to the lack of active admins
  8. |DoDziii|

    Report for Legit FuZee

    wall hacker and he agreed that he's a nub wh :D..!! 2310346615933115566 demo0029.dm_1
  9. |DoDziii|

    Little tweak for HC server

    More maps guys ...our people in the server asked me several times..:) one of them (Creek)
  10. |DoDziii|

    Report for back 2 back champion

    14400 36 2310346617033227017 0 aim and wh demo0025.dm_1
  11. |DoDziii|

    Report guess who's back :)

    51900 40 2310346616446466497 0 Aimbot and WH demo0024.dm_1
  12. |DoDziii|

    Little tweak for HC server

    ThQ Dude
  13. |DoDziii|

    Report for Orz4x

    He is wall hacker...people kept complaining 3600 290 2310346614359108132 0 demo0020.dm_1
  14. |DoDziii|

    Report for WEBCORNO

    he is wall hacker and insulted me :D.. 54002702310346616039747492 demo0015.dm_1