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  1. Rami bal bowa 

    Brother of Rocky bal bowa



    1. Rami





    need your support for the new channel and the video <3 

  3. Rami

    alexander.natterer's Ban Appeal

    @alexander.natterer sorry for that staff members will be online soon and will solve your problem but is seems that too many players are using your ID on the server can you please specify where are you from maybe i can help
  4. Rami

    Report for goody

    @^2Own3d you can ban him now !
  5. Rami

    Report for 1488

    I guess @Kenai must take a look at this he is banned from 2018 and his pics are from 5-11-2019 with the same ip banned
  6. Rami

    Report for RaZvE 9 4ItEr?!

    No Ban!
  7. Rami

    Report for FINAL GAME BABY

    even though its a short demo he is spamming at their spawn a random place to spam shots no aim no walls No Ban!
  8. Rami

    HC HighXP server update

    is it possible to add wtf command as a hard pint used once to kill one player randomly or chosen or like adding it instead of nuke like wtf all that would be much fun 25kill streak
  9. Rami

    vesoljo reports ARION

    Banned! thanks for your report
  10. Rami

    Report for xBit

    its a jump spot not glitch glitching is a lot different from jumpspots that can give you advantage but we have kill cam so easy to kill + you can learn a lot of jump spots on youtube NoBan!
  11. Rami

    HC HighXP server update

    about nade start spam 5sec immortality at the beginning of the match isn't better?
  12. Rami

    Report for T_O_M

    This pic is better not walls but it give advantage banned for 1 day as a warning to remove it
  13. Rami

    Report for 123

    1. Not a valid proof ! 2. According to his screenshots he isn't hacking Thanks for your report !
  14. Rami

    Ban appeal for Cro

    it seems that you took a picture of your self playing with hacks off we are not born yesterday Ban Stays!
  15. Rami

    Merry Christmas!!

    A bit late but coming late better than not coming Happy new year everyone