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  1. Rami

    HC HighXP server update

    about nade start spam 5sec immortality at the beginning of the match isn't better?
  2. Rami

    Report for T_O_M

    This pic is better not walls but it give advantage banned for 1 day as a warning to remove it
  3. Rami

    Report for 123

    1. Not a valid proof ! 2. According to his screenshots he isn't hacking Thanks for your report !
  4. Rami

    Ban appeal for Cro

    it seems that you took a picture of your self playing with hacks off we are not born yesterday Ban Stays!
  5. Rami

    Merry Christmas!!

    A bit late but coming late better than not coming Happy new year everyone
  6. Rami

    CSGO team

    I play aprox every day have 230+ comp win and 500+ h Guess my rank
  7. Rami

    Minecraft Opportunity

    actually mine craft isn't a bad idea never played it online on official servers willing to buy win10 edition its for 1$ so why not if anyone else want it the deal is here
  8. Rami

    Computer Showcase

    @Wolfman look at the acer preditor helios 300 (Its a laptop not a pc) but the price is kinda fair tbh but buy the 15.7" because its body is made of allaminiom but the 17" its body is made of plastic
  9. Rami

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry xmas IceOps family Btw arn't you goin to do the snow animations and the count down ?
  10. Rami

    Report for 4ESCAPE

    Ye if you zoom the pic you will see the green crosshair
  11. Rami

    Inactive members + Update

    Very nice very very very nice !!!!! I like it Keep on going IceOps
  12. Rami

    Report for ЧИТЕR

    Thanks for your report Permbanned!
  13. Rami

    Ban appeal for ^0KAKAROT

    i cant find a ban with your name nor your uid http://prntscr.com/h870u0 and i only can find one ban for you but nothing else so we must wait till a head member or higher admin
  14. hmmmm aint sure about that, but i think yes a copy of his body will be shown next to turret as a mechanism of the game when ever you are far from the turret you will appear standing behind it so his actual body is down below ===> shooting down below may lead to killing him but still anyway i dont think if he will be punished he will do it again
  15. https://youtu.be/vfYgJiGN-VA this is how it's done is that's what he was doing? this is banable because it gives him advantage on other players + it cant be fixed unless they remove the hole turret as the old maps where in the old hardcore so if you have his id and proof he will be punished + i will keep an eye on him if you cant send proof