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  1. Computer Showcase

    @Wolfman look at the acer preditor helios 300 (Its a laptop not a pc) but the price is kinda fair tbh but buy the 15.7" because its body is made of allaminiom but the 17" its body is made of plastic
  2. Merry Christmas!!

    Merry xmas IceOps family Btw arn't you goin to do the snow animations and the count down ?
  3. Report for 4ESCAPE

    Ye if you zoom the pic you will see the green crosshair
  4. Inactive members + Update

    Very nice very very very nice !!!!! I like it Keep on going IceOps
  5. hmmmm aint sure about that, but i think yes a copy of his body will be shown next to turret as a mechanism of the game when ever you are far from the turret you will appear standing behind it so his actual body is down below ===> shooting down below may lead to killing him but still anyway i dont think if he will be punished he will do it again
  6. https://youtu.be/vfYgJiGN-VA this is how it's done is that's what he was doing? this is banable because it gives him advantage on other players + it cant be fixed unless they remove the hole turret as the old maps where in the old hardcore so if you have his id and proof he will be punished + i will keep an eye on him if you cant send proof
  7. eww ta3a 3al l hc fe hacker kel lplayers 3am yeshku meno (aimbot -_-)

  8. Clan update! Important!

    welcome Leiizko to iceops Bigger, better, stronger.. IceOps!
  9. About nb 5 cargoship its a lame map obs can hide in side a closed container sit there till some one come by he go out and kill him And nb 6 sounds weird to be played in obs but i must try nb 6 before i write something about it Wolfman great job m8 keep on going
  10. Dayz Standalone

    Paladins isn't a bad idea And playing matches in cs:go with 5vs5 and our clan like vs other clan or Normal people so they will notice the clan tag From me i am ain't going to buy gta 5 till the release of gta 6 then it will become cheaper Maybe i would buy pubg or dayz but nothing thats more expensive
  11. Update

    Mr. @Lookout I dont know you that much and i dont know what kind of person you are (a good guy; a normal guy; a funny guy) but what i know is that every one here respect and appreciate you not because your a clan leader its because you are good I was searching up i found that your a good friendly funny person and every one like you i haven't find any hater You are one of the best guys in IceOps Its sad that we don't know each others that much maybe we don't have the chance now but whenever your back there would be one more chance From me i wish you good luck in future and further life you will always be remembered Farewell #one_more_great_person_leaving
  12. Update

    Gj guys getting every thing almost every thing back to usual Super warm thanks you for our finder ninja
  13. Good Bye IceOps

    i really want to thank you for creating this community that helped me in alot of things good luck in future and bye bye
  14. Score Limits and Perks

    i agree with you in one thing with the thing of increasing score limit but disagree with 3x nade its HARDcore so it must be hard people must try a way to deal with it btw no one attack in killhouse every one camp its suicide to go the other place by your self or else you have gone 3 good players with each others with a jammer
  15. Predator Glitch

    there is no time for destroy its just a human siting on it with 200% or 150% health that alot of people including me kill him up there because he may be a thread for my kill streak so when he die the rocket stuck at the sky