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  1. Stu

    Admin abuse for Stu

    Then play. edit after edit: you clearly don't remember don't start what you fail to finish.
  2. Stu

    Admin abuse for Stu

    Glad to see him proving how moronic he is. If you're going to talk crap to me, I'm going to talk crap back. Simple. Make it personal? I'm going to stop you before you even start it. If he's going to cry about a warning, then that's his fault, not mine.
  3. Stu

    Report for NsF_Nation (demo)
  4. Stu

    Report for aEoNNzR-

    Well considering it was the same lobby you and Prime were in (funny story actually) and he saw it as i tried to show both of you while neither of you bothered to watch as I kept trying to get your attention (also not trying to insult either of you). I never used it to actually be a demoralizing idiot and abuse it to kill people, I just got out of the map with it.
  5. Stu

    Report for YinYang

    Player's name: YinYang Player's PlayerID: Server: Deathrun v1.2 Please describe what happened: Spamming way too much. Proof: *sigh* more proof.... I have alot more (but i didnt know if it would be considered as duplicates since it seems like the same type of photo)
  6. Stu

    Head Members Group

  7. Stu

    Report for RexT and SaLiM

    Player's name: RexT and SaLiM Player's PlayerID: Server: Deathrun v1.2 Please describe what happened: spamming and... unproper language? Proof:
  8. I'd love to have a weapon that can knife instead of just shoot. Such as hands, or activators tomahawk, implying you're both going to knife in old. I'll be honest, I only want this just so I can feed my gliding addiction whenever I'm running around the map and randomly pressing weapnext really fast, but I still think it's a good idea.
  9. Stu

    Report for Liserd

    I'd hope people already knew (as iceops members that played dr) that there was a bug on mp_iceops that the activator could jump through the wall and simply kill the jumper. it's been like that since the map was released. using $ministatus tells you what map is being played so it'll advise you what glitch it is.
  10. Stu

    Report for aEoNNzR-

    Player's name: aEoNNzR- Player's PlayerID: Server: Deathrun v1.2 Please describe what happened: There's quite an easy way to get into the jumper way as an acti. Proof:
  11. Stu

    Report for Liserd

    Player's name: Liserd Player's PlayerID: 76561198163191770 Server: Deathrun v1.2 Please describe what happened:  Glitch abuse on dr_iceops Proof:
  12. Stu

    Report for Summer.

    i dont know how many times i've seen dying as activator warned, what am i listening to. I can get reported over a warnable thing and someone else cant. now that sounds criminal. EDIT: I've been targetting here multiple times, i'll just case close. it's not a big surprise.
  13. Stu

    Report for Summer.

    Player's name: Summer. Player's PlayerID: Server: Deathrun v1.2 Please describe what happened: I feel offense, as people seem to be having nowadays, to people fake freeing (missed the first half) then commiting suicide as activator. Proof:
  14. Stu

    S T U disrespect

    lolololololololololo literally having disrespect as a bind let alone a 3 letter bind just to say it randomly every 10 seconds for everything someone says and anything that happens in-game is not only annoying as fuck, just starts to piss people off in general. I'm not a very tolerable man, so "smd" "smd" "smd" "smd" "smd" "smd" "smd" and nothing else in between really starts to... what was the term?