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Status Updates posted by Wolfman

  1. Click here and follow !


    I made a new twitch account.. i wanna go fulltime on twitch and go pro.

    I do wanna make $ with this in the future so if you like my content, click on the link above and drop a like.

    Donation is also welcome so i could buy a new Game PC/setup 

    After my first 50 followers i will go stream 8h a day and Promoot our IceOps community Live.


    Cheers guys!


  2.   :drunk::rofl:

  3. S J O R S My dog is dead.

    Are you still alive amigo?

  4. Do you ever wear a Wanzy ?

    1. VanZy


      nope xD

  5. The new guy Chacky chan was already taken.

  6. Crazy Russian raptor guy

    Are you still as bad with English as I am with russian ?

    Nyet commerad


  7. Rami bal bowa 

    Brother of Rocky bal bowa



    1. Behemoth




  8. waky waky mister fox

  9. Another stream this time on the PS4 ( DayZ Standalone ) 
    Language is in Dutch so get a translater or just ignore us :P.
    More vids are coming cuz im streaming almost every night on the youtube page above.

    Hope u guys enjoy this. Totaal 7 kills in this video. Cheers:beer:

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvtelF59-rM Yesterday i had 2 good runs.. Here is one run.


    I did drink some beers so i kinda sound hyper happy :P 


    There is also another guy talking he was playing a duo with another guy.


    ( Dutch anyway )


    Hope u guys enjoy

  11. I'm gonna start some streaming.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Wolfman


      I can but no one is watching them haha

      Will stream some tomorrow also playing this 4vs4 game from wildlands, AMAZING GAME


    3. VanZy


      Haha. Forgive me, Wolfman, but I do not often sit on twitch. I think it would be not bad to make announcements before streaming xD

    4. Wolfman


      I will ;)

      Good tip my friend.



  12.  This is Genius ! LMAO gonna try it like that now ;) 

  13. :party:Happy B-Day Buddy :party:


    Have a nice day!


    18 years is kinda old for a fox, you must be a grey one :rofl:



    1. FoxBao


      Thanks Wolfy :D, Im an old fox indeed and i want to reach the 20th lvl, no matter the grey (i look like a wolf like this) :D 

  14. :party:Happy B-Day my friend :jester:

    Have a nice day!



    1. Association
    2. FoxBao


      Happy Birthday Asso :thumbup: 

  15. :party:Happy B-Day my friend !!! :party:


    Little bit late but still have a nice day!

  16. Happy B-Day !!

    :party: Make a nice day

    1. Aquiz


      Same guy as jack but an old account :P

  17. Happy B-Day jacky :drunk:

    1. Wolfman


      Happy B-Day !!

      :party: Make a nice day

  18. Happy birthday :cake:


    1 year already you getting old pawl

  19. Play some obs tomorrow :) 

  20. Scott cannot receive messages


    Is your mailbox full? :P


    1. Scott


      yes one good thing is i dont receive spam no more :D

    2. Wolfman