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  1. Haha
    0sjors0 reacted to Tyrannos in Things have to change asap   
    Every opinion must be heard!
    We must understand that only together we become stronger.
    If any of us need help we must provide it! But there are also time-tested moments.
    Let's try to take everything into account and make the right decision!
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    0sjors0 got a reaction from Mighty Jayster in Minecraft Opportunity   
    i've been playing on a server with some colleagues from work lately.
    So i am definitely in for a server (preferably modded with technic stuff etc)
    also ii could probably get a friend of mine to join too since he's into the technical modded minecraft.
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    0sjors0 reacted to CROdator in RAM   
    Well Windows defender only works properly in windows 10, but still it can let something slip by you install things from shady websites. It doesn't protect you from yourself hah
    BitDefender (protects you even if you turn it off, don't know how that works) is greatest nowdays as i heard but i don't think its necessary with win 10 defender and a bit of common sense.
    Safe mode helps in cases virus is running a process and you can't see it. Seems like your case..
    As you probably know safe mode doesn't start unnecessary things so its easier to delete them, or keep them from plotting against you further.
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    0sjors0 reacted to IJzzo in RAM   
    Razer Cortex is a good example for using up and leaking RAM without showing up as these. It has a process RZKLservice.exe which is a stealthy ram eater.
    If it is something else you have to kill all processes one by one and see if the ram gets freed up. If not you have possible some kind of malware like a hypervisor rootkit installed.
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    0sjors0 got a reaction from CROdator in RAM   
    alright. next time it happens i try running in safe mode + scans first
    and i  am well aware of what downloads the crap i dont want so im safe with defender only
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    0sjors0 got a reaction from Jack in Server updates   
    crash and crossfire arent even that bad on low population (what is considered a low population?)  playing 3v3 or something on those two is ok. not great just ok
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    0sjors0 reacted to Wraith. in IceOps expanding over to CS:GO   
    @DisreS like I said its not really about the rank, I'm not planning on creating a pro team so quickly off the bat. Right now the priority is getting decent with the required attitude. Skill is a necessary quality, but an in-game leader or strat-caller is much more important.
  8. Haha
    0sjors0 reacted to Kenai in Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali   
    Your ban will not be lifted as we do NOT unban hackers.
    If there really was a player or players hacking then you should've reported them instead of downloading some sort of hack and thus getting yourself banned instead of them.
    Sorry but our decision is Final.
    Ban Appeal Denied.
    -IceOps Staff
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    0sjors0 got a reaction from Wolfman in Ban appeal for AvoxX   
    I do not expect you to get unbanned we handle a pretty strict policy against hackers. however you can always try.
    @Kenai @Wolfman maybe have a look at this
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    0sjors0 reacted to Aquiz in Staff Update! IMPORTANT   
    Hey there everyone!
    I am here to tell everyone that there are going to change some positions in the staff region of IceOps.
    Due to the fact that i recently started a new education, which is a very time-consuming study, i do not have the time anymore what it takes to lead  IceOps in the right manners. Plus due to this study i moved out and went living on my own.
    Therefore i am going to step back from my position for the greater good of IceOps. I will still hang around in the Administrator group and manage the community together with our mean guy @Kenai
    And it may not be a surprise to all of you that i would like to introduce @ninja back again to the leader group. Recently @Ninja returned to IceOps which is a huge boost for the future of IceOps. He and @leiizko together will form a great staff and i am 100% convinced that you guys together will manage and lead IceOps in the best possible way! 
    For me, leading IceOps, was the best thing that i have ever experienced so far. It was amazing to see such a loyalty and trust in the gaming community. Therefore i would like to thank all of you for your support and trust in the leading guidance i've put in to IceOps for the last years. We have managed together to keep COD4 alive and interesting, which is a compliment towards everyone who is around IceOps and supported this environment.
    Sometimes for the greater good sacrifices must be made - Seti (King of old Egypt 1998)
    - The IceOps Staff
  11. Thanks
    0sjors0 reacted to Wolfman in News-Update   
    Dear IceOps Lords.
    You have shown, in any kind of way, that IceOps means something to you in (yet again) any kind of way.
    Therefore we'd like to thank you!
    So here we are with a small heads up and a look over the shoulder about last year.
    Points of discussion in this message;
    A lot has happened the past few months.
    New extra Leader/management New Members/server moderators New Year (2018) New Goals for this year
    We have all welcomed our new leader @leiizko
    He has shown that he is someone with great leader skills.
    This man helped the existing IceOps staff to his fullest!
    We are all very grateful for your contribution and that's why we wanted to thank you once more.
    As everyone may have noticed we have had some promotions in the IceOps Staff lately;
    We did have 2 Promotions in our Management.
    @Mighty Jayster Took over a spot in the Headmember section.
    And TheMeanGuy @Kenai took a spot in the administration section.
    And two new Members.
    We have also welcomed our new server-mods:
    @John Yuki 
    @[^4E^0S^7T] b.acid.exe 
    Keep doing what you do and serve our servers against hackers/rule-breakers. 
    Past year has been a year with the fullest excitement and ups and downs.
    Now we are living in the new year, This means we set new goals and made up new plans.
    To start with extention to multiple games like:,
    We have added DayZ and PUBG to the list but this was only the beginning.
    There is a poll open up to vote for a Minecraft server.
    The poll is set up by @Mighty Jayster.
    There will come more game's that will be added to the list.
    Would be great to extend to other consoles like Ps4 And Xbox.
    Do you feel like you're the one who can bring up some new idea's and games? Let us know!
    These spoken plans are the plans until now, as always plans are subject to change
    So keep tuned and keep your head up!
    We wanna make from our beloved IceOps an huge community with many new games and new members.

    We wish you once again an happy new year
    and a year full of surprises!
    Best regards,
    - IceOps Staff
    - Aquiz            - Leiizko
    - Kenai
    - MightyJay     - Wolfman
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    0sjors0 reacted to Behemoth in Report for 4ESCAPE   
    Ye if you zoom the pic you will see the green crosshair 
  13. Haha
    0sjors0 reacted to Kenai in Ban appeal for kaviboyzz   
    Hello, kaviboyzz but we're sorry on your request- Bans for Cheating will NOT be removed. Guess next time you want to get some experience with a hack is to just watch a video of it instead of downloading it and using it and thus getting caught and banned.
    Ban Appeal Denied
    -The IceOps Staff
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    0sjors0 reacted to [^4E^0S^7T] b.acid.exe in Report for SOJAS   
    Players' name:
    Players' PlayerID:
    HC TDM
    Please describe what happened: 
    U can see the hack menu

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    0sjors0 got a reaction from Wolfman in Report for ANTON1 SPB   
    Put a 2Day commsblock (Chat) if it happens again after that period please report.
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    0sjors0 got a reaction from Wolfman in Inactive members + Update   
    i love the new screenshot site,
    just wish the viewed links would go purple like in the old one because i always took a look at all the screenshots and sometimes find hackers that werent dealt with yet.
    hats off to @leiizko @Aquiz FANTASTIC work
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    0sjors0 reacted to leiizko in Inactive members + Update   
    Forgot about that one, it has been added now
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    0sjors0 reacted to Kenai in Report for ЧИТЕR   
    Demo didn't really show much, But this screenshot does- Permbanned
    -IceOps Staff
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    0sjors0 got a reaction from Wolfman in Report for ЧИТЕR   
    these screens dont mean too much actually.. @Wolfman @Aquiz what do you think?
  20. Thanks
    0sjors0 reacted to John Yuki in Killcount rewards - massively unbalanced.   
    So over the last couple of days, I have seen people getting the full range of killcount rewards - myself included. I want to outline my reasons as to why I think they are unbelievably unbalanced and broken.
    The killstreaks and their issues:
    UAV Jammer - Completely fine.
    Airstrike - Somewhat fine, but really inconsistent. There have been times that I have walked right through an enemy airstrike and not been touched, but other times when I am hiding underground and died instantly. 
    Artillery - Same as above, but slightly worse as the explosion radius seems larger. 
    Predator missile - Mostly fine, but there is a massive red "KILL" sign above everyones head, meaning you cannot hide from it, even with UAV Jammer.
    Shoot Down Heli - Not sure what it is called, but it is the thing at 12 killstreak that can shoot down enemy choppers. This is the only single counter in the game to the rest of the killstreaks from here on out. 
    Helicopter - Mostly fine. The only issue is that it counts towards your killcount. This means that in larger games, once you call it in, you can just sit in a corner hiding, and let the helicopter do the work for you. This is a massive problem because as soon as you get the helicopter, it is unbelievably easy to just go straight to a nuke. 
    Drone Strike - Same issues as Predator Missile, except multiple times over because you get multiple predator missiles to shoot. 
    AC130 - Same as above. You cannot escape the blasts because the blast radius is huge, meaning even if you hide underground our deep inside a building, you will still die. There is also the huge red "KILL" sign above everyones head, meaning there is 0 counter to this killstreak.
    Piloted Heli - One of the worst. It lasts for what seems like forever. It also has an unbelievably high healthbar. An entire team has to suicide many times over just to shoot it down. The piloted heli can also go through buildings and the ground, meaning it cannot be shot down. It also does not take damage when it collides with things.
    Nuke - Completely fine. The only grudge I have against it is the radiation afterwards. Is it not enough to make the entire game BLIND, but you also die a few more times due to unavoidable radiation? It's just adding insult to injury. 
    My solutions for the above issues:
    UAV Jammer - N/A
    Airstrike - Balance out the explosions. I shouldn't die if I am underground, and I should die if I am outside walking through it. 
    Artillery - Same as above, except artillery should be slightly more powerful than airstrike. However, I still should not die if I am underground on maps like Backlot, Pipeline, and whatever other maps there are that have underground sections.
    Predator missile - There should be massive "KILL" signs for people that have UAV Jammer on. Again, it needs counter play.
    Shoot Down Heli - Seems completely pointless to have this so high. If you are on a 12 killstreak, chances are that the enemy team are nowhere close to getting a 15 killstreak for the helicopter. It either needs to be replaced with something more useful, like an EMP that lasts for a minute or so, which would kill all electronics on the map (UAV, predator strike, airstrike, literally everything apart from players, just like it does in MW2 onwards). Another solution is to lower the killstreak needed to acquire this "shoot down heli" perk. If your team is getting terrorised by all of the helicopter killstreaks, there is no way you are getting to 12 kills to be able to counter them. It could also just be removed outright, but I think the EMP is a much better solution.  
    Helicopter - This should just not add to killstreak. None of the other killstreak rewards count towards your killcount, so why does the helicopter? Another solution is to make it so that the helicopter cannot target people with UAV Jammer, just like in later MW2 games. Both solutions should be combined in to one, so that the heli does not count towards your killcount, and it also cannot see people with UAV Jammer.
    Drone Strike - Should not have a massive "KILL" sign above your head if you have UAV Jammer. Everything else is fine really, it's just the severe lack of counterplay to it. 
    AC130 - Same as above.
    Piloted Heli - Lasts WAY too long, and has WAY too much HP. Lasting so long is not too much of an issue, my main gripe with it is the fact that I could stand there and empty 10 mags of RPD ammo in to it, and it would be fine. It should also take damage if it hits in to buildings and other solid objects. 
    Nuke - Radiation is just overkill. Everyone already died once, why do they have to die 2-3 times more, be blind, and have no chance of escape. It's just unnecessary, especially when there are no killstreaks after it. It could also be that the Nuke just ends the game like it did in MW2, so that the user of the nuke wins the game for their team. 
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    0sjors0 reacted to IJzzo in Good Bye IceOps   
    Well nothing is for the eternity. Although I still thought about a year ago I'd be the last one going from here but as you can see sometimes things come different than expected. You can still hit me up on Steam if you wish so and I am still the same person but I am no longer associated with IceOps.
    Likely I am here from time to time as a ghost.
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    0sjors0 reacted to SaviorX in Wallpaper thread? wallpaper thread!   
    this is what i use 
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    0sjors0 got a reaction from DinoGrzmot in Break/Pause   
    Goodluck with your school situation!
    Cya around
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    0sjors0 reacted to RevaX in Predator Glitch   
    It can be fixed. 
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    0sjors0 got a reaction from Association in Wallpaper thread? wallpaper thread!