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  1. Speeddevil

    Admin abuse for Wolfman

    I totaly agree with Wolfman. If you check out sourcebans then u see that Wolfman is most active cleaning the servers from hacker/rule breakers so i dont think he is wrong with hes experience and hes knowledge he knows how to deal with people like you.( ban happy ? or is he just taking care of the servers for a long time. ) Also i see he already unbanned u because he did not record it so why do you still try to start a new argument.
  2. Speeddevil

    [New Maps] New obscurity maps Added

    Great! Thank you Wolfman for adding them. Lets try them out. See you in game . Speeddevil
  3. Speeddevil

    Obscurity maps

    I could not find the old topic from obsmaps so i made a new one. So my idea was, to add some new maps to the Obscurity server. I know in the past there were some cool maps and i wonder if some one could add these. Wetwork Downpour Bloc Those maps above are great maps and i think we need some new maps in the rotation. (Mw2 maps) Favela Turminol scrapyard I hope you guys will take a look to these maps and i really hope that the maps above will be placed in the Rotation. GR Speeddevil