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  1. Could you give me recipe for pinđur please? Thx 8)

    1. CROdator


      Ingredients: -all depends on the taste, everyone puts a bit different amount
      2kg red tomatoes
      4kg pepper (red, horn shaped)
      4dcl vinegar
      2 tea spoons of salt
      1 tea spoon of sugar
      2 hot peppers
      2,5 dl of oil
      1 whole garlic
      1 handful of parsley (chop it)

      -You can dip pepper on the grill or in the oven and cut into smaller pieces.

      -Then chop the peeled tomatoes put them on oil (lightly warm)
      and add the sliced garlic.

      -When the tomatoes are fully softened
      add chopped peppers, parsley, salt, sugar then hot peppers.

      -Cook for at least 1 hour until is isn't watery.
      (Keep stirring them, don't let them stick to the bottom and burn.
      Usually takes few hours.)

      This amount is for about 7 large jars.
      Close them well and keep them cool