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  1. Legendary $t0rM

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    well as i said, i dont say anything anymore. neither cheater reports. dont even know why im even reporting. i play my game play yours.
  2. Legendary $t0rM

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    kick me again for no reason and i swear to god i will hunt you. im done with your lies to the admins and im done with you ingame. your a subhuman raped inbred kid trolling admins, players and i think your own family. to kick me just because i'm me is just like the silliest thing i ever saw in my life in cod. no admin before you was such a troll and a brainless person as you are. you kick people or ban them reason is "storm" i mean that says everything. i dont even said a word obv cause im banned and u still kick me. as i said if u wanna ban me boy go on i switch my ID/IP and come back. tell kenai i would have cheat for chaning my slot number just cause u cant say your dumb and banned 2 guys cause ur trolling. ofc my slot number changes if i recconect. but hey how could you know that ur iQ is under 12.. and ye im toxic. but this guy would cry if i stood infront of him irl and ingame he is trying to be the boss. boy i know were u live just dont try at me and stfu. play your useless m21 gameplay im muted do what you want but if u kick me again you will feel my hate!
  3. Legendary $t0rM

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    you are a joke and a pain for the iceops community. hopefully you lose your power cause ur not fit to be an admin. i was toxic but at least i did a rly good job as an admin. but you are useless. a kid in your brain and nothing else. maybe you ask your mother for that and why you have downsyndrome but i think your family dont like u either so its hard to ask them
  4. Legendary $t0rM

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    srsly? u pick out screens from over 3 months ago? sry but ur sad af. Ye i said cancer and i wish a lot of people to die irl. Thats why im not admin anymore and thats why im banned from chat. There is still no reason little boy. i kicked and muted you cause u spammed your "care" shit in chat and u know that. With other words there were no reason to kick me yesterday and u see that uz failed. instead of saying u failed you pick out some screens who are uselesss now. gj. as i said many times. your not an admin, ur a joke for this community and for the server and i will never understand why u still stay in trial. be sure that if i get out of my mute to not fuck me up! Your a dog liying to admins lying to everyone. trolling kenai and the other staff admins just to not lose your power. i will tell you something, if u stay as admin i will troll you every game till you have no fun to play anymore. im done with you, your low brain and the excuses you make all time. AND LAST THNIG. IM BANNED FROM CHAT ACTUALLY SO THERE WAS NO!!!! REASON TO KICK ME!
  5. Legendary $t0rM

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    Mate nice that u think like that bro, but im done with him. i was done as i was admin and i will never message him PM. He knows that he is trolling and i dont need to say anything anymore. If he stays admin i rly dont know what needs to happen till you lose your power. Ah ye wait i know, flame 3 times for a reason than u lose it. I will let him do his stuff if u dont have any players anymore visit sourcebans maybe their banned for reason "storm". The part that he is kicking someone just because i was there is a joke. Or kicking me cause im me is fun as hell too. as i was admin he couldnt kick me so he starts troll conversations like "tears storm" or "u mad" or "ez storm". something like that after he is using m21 only and camps like the other dogs and saying easy makes me rage ofc. who wouldnt. But w/e. Admin of the year 2020 is 610!!! Doin nothing expect troll bans/kicks/mutes He not even has a reason for the first kick. he is confused cause his brain is to slow to understand what he did wrong.
  6. Legendary $t0rM

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    Thats not a reason to kick. w/e ur not admin for noone how ever u try to argue. Noone respects your calls and after ur kicks ur name will insta make some players leavé the server cause they must be scared they get muted/kicked/banned well done.
  7. Legendary $t0rM

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    My cheat to change my number??? ye sure mate. But ye sure make your post i will lough i think. Dont worry, pale_rider and Mrooie will confirm my text so w/e you say now ur trolling, and abusing ur power no matter what u said to Kenai. But still no reason to kick me? hm sad i thought i can read a reason now.
  8. Legendary $t0rM

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    He legit kicked 5 Players without any reason in one game. Players were Mrooie, pale_rider, me 2x, and someone else i dont remember his name. Just wtf? Noone of us did anything wrong and we get kicked without any reason given And dont forget about the 2 guys who he tempbanned with Reason "Storm" i mean ye dafuq?? xD'
  9. Legendary $t0rM

    Report for kiiik

    Name: kiiik ID: 2310346616941701213 Reason: Multihack/WH
  10. Legendary $t0rM

    Map rotation

    Since my last post into that Topic got deleted i try to say it a bit more relaxed than last time. I dont know why but the new rotation is like the complet outbreak of troll. Killhouse at a 17v17 server must be some late april fool or something cause i cant understand it how ever and how long i think about that move. Anyways i dont understand aswell why someone who is in TRIAL can call that the server would be empty cause of the maps? Well ok Creek was hardcore in camping but People still played it. And now on the server are maps who are unable to enjoy playing them. Like Bog or Bloc. Instead of Killhouse you could put in Ambush or Chinatown. The next thing is that i rly would like to see some of the Admins on the server who are decide that the actuall mod would be enjoyable. I would like that u guys play 1 day on the server and tell me after how u feel after and if u liked to play it. And i dont mean 1 houre with playing there i mean like 5-6 houres. So you guys can see the maps, the weapons who are only used and maybe after that u will make some new decisions. Same as the Anti Camp. You guys gave me the code and said "feel free to fix it" after i asked for the code line for reduce the dmg i get ignored so nothing happen. I would try to fix it as fast as possible cause the m21 camp the lmg wall sprays and camp with like every weapon ruins the fun on the server and thats the reason why the server isnt full as know, not cause of the maps..
  11. Legendary $t0rM

    Report jedi domaci burek brale

    Name: jedi domaci burek brale ID: 2310346614126392093 Reason: Multihack Server: High XP
  12. Legendary $t0rM

    Player to ban

    He said it was a mistake. But when I read that, I think it was on purpose the first time!
  13. Legendary $t0rM

    Unbanned me pls

    Maybe stop spam?
  14. Legendary $t0rM

    bingO's Ban Appeal

    Nobody will unban you bingo, especially not if it was the third time!!
  15. Legendary $t0rM

    Colt DRGN's Ban Appeal

    Player Skins are like a Wallhack. If i play sometimes on the RS Sniper Only Promod server they all run around as Mario or Luigi. If someome has a Skin like that ofc you can see someone 100x easier than normal Charakters. So ye thats why he WAS banned. Hope he will not turn it on again