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  1. TrashPanda

    Things have to change asap

    Leiizko you bamboolzed me! Here I've been thinking this whole time that they weren't nerfed enough since they still OP lol..I feel like an idiot
  2. TrashPanda

    PC Specs (Upgrade priority)

    Very much appreciated! I didn't even think that an SSD will affect my fps but I do know it helps a lot with having the C drive being an SSD. My motherboard supports dual channel memory but unfortunately it only supports up to 1333Mhz in terms of RAM (I think I have gotten this correct). In terms of my plan on upgrading I was wanting to get 2x 4GB sticks at 1600MHz. GPUs are expensive for me here in South Africa, as our minimum wage is nothing compared to USA for example. Our minimum wage is 22 rands per hour, and as of right now the dollar to rand ratio is 17.55 rands : 1 dollar. So upgrading everything at once isn't an option unfortunately. Which order do you suggest I follow in terms of upgrading: SSD for C:\ drive > 2x 4GB (1600Mhz) RAM > GPU 2x 4GB RAM > SSD for C:\ drive > GPU Will be highly appreciated! Regards, TrashPanda
  3. TrashPanda

    PC Specs (Upgrade priority)

    Yo, so I'm wondering what the community would suggest that I upgrade first on my pc. A few things to be made aware of: I'm in South Africa so currency is trash. It's about 18:1 to the US Dollar. I'm a student so I'm practically broke. My PC is old. I don't have 20k (1.1k USD +/-) to blow on a PC. I am looking to spend the least amount of money at the moment for the best possible results. The two choices that I have are upgrading my RAM or my GPU, one or the other not both due to funds. Reason I can only upgrade those two is because I am running a motherboard that supports DDR3 only. What I'm aiming for is having about 100fps MINIMUM instead of like 45fps drops and even down to 25fps on certain maps and scenarios (extreme amount of smoke/explosions) Here are my specs:
  4. TrashPanda

    HC HighXP server update

    @leiizko Care packages: Would it be possible to alter the care package by means of the time it takes to collect/open it compared to if someone is stealing it from the opposing team or if a teammate is taking it. I personally feel it should be a shorter amount of time for the person who called in the care package to collect it compared to team mates or enemies as I have personally experienced having packages stolen. 80% of the care packages that I have called in have been stolen by team mates due to me keeping an eye out for enemies while it is being dropped. Even being 1 second behind a team mate on opening it, they get it. I admit that I have raged due to this as players that are pretty much just kill feeding for the enemy team steal care packages. Chopper Gunner: The times I have had the chopper gunner, you are in the air for a really long time. I think this should be reduced by 50% or at least 30%-40%. Killstreak kill requirements: Some of the killstreak kill requirements are quite low in my opinion when you compare it to how strong the killstreak is. I have not made notes as to which should possibly have a kill requirement increase. Regards, TrashPanda
  5. TrashPanda

    HC HighXP server update

    @leiizko would you be able to list what the new set of killstreak rewards will be (after some are added/removed etc). I would like to make possibly a kind of poll where the community will be able to vote on which they would prefer between X and Y for lets say a 6 killstreak. Hopefully what I have said makes sense. Regards, TrashPanda
  6. TrashPanda

    HC HighXP server update

    With VanZy mentioning grenades, I feel that possibly a solution for it would be to reduce the blast radius of them, since that might be better than the alternative in this situation which would be reducing the damage. Another possibility would be allowing only assault rifle classes to have them for example but that would have to be modified for the dual primary perk. I'd personally love for p90 and m21 to be removed, however a 50% reduction in damage with p90 is better as p90 lovers can still remain of course testing will all need to be done etc etc. M21, I'm not sure what to even say, straight up removed however I have noticed in the last week as of today 2020/04/20 (happy 420) that many players who would only use m21 have started using other rifles and even bolt actions to my surprise. Could someone DM about these new killstreak rewards system? Regards, - TrashPanda