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Found 2 results

  1. Mighty Jayster

    Minecraft Idea

    Hiya everyone. As you may have seen in the new News post by @Wolfman (Like to it here) It was briefly mentioned that i was going to ask your opinions and a poll about what you may think about a IceOps Minecraft server. Now this idea has previously ran and took off but due to complications it got taken down. So you are aware we have ran a Pixelmon server which is Pokemon style Minecraft which was very fun to play and was really enjoyable by all members of the community. We also had a vanilla Minecraft server where we just built our own village and was very good too. So just to get some ideas flowing and too see if it is a good idea. The IceOps staff would like you to add your opinions. Do you think its a good idea or not? If you would not mind just filling out the poll at the top of the post then that would be fantastic and maybe post some of your opinions and thoughts on it so that we know if we should go ahead or not. Thank you all for your time and we hope there will be advances in IceOps very soon! IceOps Staff
  2. So recently I've been going back and playing Pokemon Red and it has been bringing back old memories and then a thought came to mind. Start a Pixlemon server which is a mod for Minecraft that adds, of course, Pokemon. It runs the same way as Pokemon just a lot less linear. We currently have a private Minecraft server that is just gathering dust and so this would replace it in an attempt get more players to play it. I will try to bring the old private server world to this one the problem being that any already explored chunks will not generate any new blocks but will spawn pokemon. Also, as Bukkit is currently suffering from copyright issues making this a cracked server would be chaos. This is an idea and subject to change of course but I just wanted to know your guys thoughts. The poll will just make it more convenient to get feedback. Fisher.