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Today I once again noticed that there were many hackers on the server "Iceops x6".

Unfortunately there are not many admins to permanently ban them! I have no pity compassionate with aimbottern hacker, etc.!

I have 3 names from Wall hackers in remembrance of today! Kasprik, sasa, oxyroth! I've looked at many kill cams! I'm actually after every kill me the kill cam to look at! I usually play with anti-radar (skill 2)! which have 3 players called I, watch my moves behind wall or run straight to my hidden without looking left or right and kill me without which I've shot or I was moving!

my rest: it should be there more often an admin who can ban the hacker. and by that I mean a permanent ban! do NOT temp ban hackers for 5 minutes or 2 hours, the hacker laughs up his sleeve and comes with a new name back again! so every day this server have 5 hacker in 2 to 3 hours present! that's too many hackers! a name is remembered too a few days ago, a Aimbotter with name incognito! I hope this thread can change something, because on this wonderful server, you can have even more fun than before. i have less fun when a hacker come to this server!

Sorry for my bad english, for more question or anything else i am here!

Dear MaxRiemelt feat. Fw Steiner

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Guest DeltaMX

1. i have speced oxyroth and found him to be normal little suspicious but still no hard proof he was 90% clean.

2.No admin bans a hacker for 5 min or 2 hours it is because of the vote kicks.(Its too long to explain).

3.Speaking from my own expirence as being a mod for 2-3 months every hacker that i encountered that got away was because of the players of the server they can't wait to vote kick and ban a hacker for 15 min rather than a perm ban, keeping in mind i said not to vote kick him to get proof and perm ban him.

4.If there is any hacker you can do the following:

A.Take admins xfires and call them

B.Make a demo and using application forum to report him.(make sure his uid (e.g 7485) by typing $ministatus, we can't magically know it,and not to give guid (e.g 1j3g5jhfebubev)

NB: Sorry if there are grammar mistakes just woke up.

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Guest Ares

You can get the UID by typing $ministatus.

Does this code works for ppl without previlegies?

I think not.

Ministatus is available to everyone.

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