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Cod4x - Error 817!

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So, as some of you are aware I have been inactive for the past year or so due to personal work life etc., but the main reason was that I could no longer join the IceOps servers.

This was due to Cod4x.

No one seemed to be able to help me before, but I thought I would try again, as I miss playing Deathrun.


Without Cod4x installed, I am able to join and play on servers that do not require Cod4x installed.


I installed the mod through the download when attempting to join the IceOps servers for the first time.

I load up the game. Go to join an IceOps server.


Then this happens...


I do not know why. I have never found a solution.


Can any of you help? 


: ( 


Edit: I get the Error 817 whenever I try and join ANY server, not just the IceOps server!...

Edit 2: I created a thread on the Cod4x forum, and have posted the link if anyone else wants to stay updated on the issue for further use/knowledge on the topic!

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On 12/01/2018 at 11:25 AM, Aquiz said:

Did you completely delete and reinstall call of duty 4? 


If so, cod4x requires the latest 1.7 patch, updates can be found here

Other patches can be found here ( Under the section COD4 of course)


Yes, but I have Cod4 through Steam, so any patches will be automatic upon reinstallation?

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