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Impulse?'s Ban Appeal

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  • Nickname:
    Lunar Fang
  • Your PlayerID:
  • Ban type:
  • Ban reason:
    Multi Hack
  • What happened:
    Okay so i'm not going to waste any time lying, yes hacking was done but it was not me and it was done without my consent. when i grasped any knowledge about it, it was already banned my account that it is. That's why i'm kindly asking the Admins to Unban me from the IceOps server as it's the only reason i play Call Of Duty MW4, otherwise it doesn't holds any meaning to me. And if i do get unbanned i will make sure the rules get followed under any condition and no such thing as hacking will happen in the future anymore, Thanks! (once again ill say this i didn't knew about it)

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Dear @Impulse?,


Thank you for taking the time in filling out a ban appeal, However since you were caught hacking(Even without your consent) your ban will stay I'm afraid.


Everything that happens on your account will always be your responsibility, and therefore you should take caution when letting other people use your computer/play your games. As we do not know if it was you playing(Or your friend, or even your pet) which is why this ban will stay.




-IceOps Staff

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