• Donate 5 dollars or more to get the donator rank you'll get:

    * Golden name

    * Donator badge: 1200503 orig

    * Your own private forum to share your things with other donators

    * VIP on IceOps servers

    - HardCore/S&D: Hardline perk, VIP badge on scoreboard and killcam and VIP welcome

    - Deathrun: Everything unlocked, VIP welcome, premium weapon and skins

    * Donate 5 dollars and you get the VIP for 30 days. So: 5 Dollars = 30 days, 10 Dollars = 60 days, etc.

    * Donate 40 dollars or more to get the VIP forever.

    You must link your steam account with your forum account and join the servers with your steam open for VIP status to work

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