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  3. Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    Good luck with your education and living on your own, Should be tough for only a little bit until you get used to things, Then you can come back when things have calmed down xP
  4. Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    Hey there everyone! I am here to tell everyone that there are going to change some positions in the staff region of IceOps. Due to the fact that i recently started a new education, which is a very time-consuming study, i do not have the time anymore what it takes to lead IceOps in the right manners. Plus due to this study i moved out and went living on my own. Therefore i am going to step back from my position for the greater good of IceOps. I will still hang around in the Administrator group and manage the community together with our mean guy @Kenai And it may not be a surprise to all of you that i would like to introduce @ninja back again to the leader group. Recently @Ninja returned to IceOps which is a huge boost for the future of IceOps. He and @leiizko together will form a great staff and i am 100% convinced that you guys together will manage and lead IceOps in the best possible way! For me, leading IceOps, was the best thing that i have ever experienced so far. It was amazing to see such a loyalty and trust in the gaming community. Therefore i would like to thank all of you for your support and trust in the leading guidance i've put in to IceOps for the last years. We have managed together to keep COD4 alive and interesting, which is a compliment towards everyone who is around IceOps and supported this environment. Sometimes for the greater good sacrifices must be made - Seti (King of old Egypt 1998) - The IceOps Staff
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  6. Fortnite

    With 20-30 fps on the minimum settings is not so easy to play
  7. Computer Showcase

    I dont think i can wait longer xD I wanna play
  8. Fortnite

    Fortnite on pc is to easy xD I love playing it on the console to bad u dont.
  9. Computer Showcase

    I think this is an excellent option for buying assembled PC. But I do not trust assembled PC.
  10. Computer Showcase

    Not at all, in the current market it is just fine. All I'm saying is if you can wait (new stuff is rumored to release on April) you will get a better PC for the same price.
  11. Fortnite

    Only PC. As I mentioned in the previous topic, it's too difficult for me to play such games on the consoles
  12. Fortnite

    You play on ps4 or pc?
  13. Fortnite

    Hello everyone. Not so long ago I started playing Fortnite. In my opinion, it is not inferior to the same PUBG. A bit of cartoon graphics and a lot of construction make it truly special heh This game is really addictive. And I think the amateur of the royal battles will like it If anyone suddenly decides to try, you can write to me. I'm will happy to play with you.
  14. Computer Showcase

    shuffle some nice game pc's here for me plz. I need a good game pc to run Dayz and pubg smooth. Special dayz need to be on ultra specs.
  15. Computer Showcase

    @Wolfman look at the acer preditor helios 300 (Its a laptop not a pc) but the price is kinda fair tbh but buy the 15.7" because its body is made of allaminiom but the 17" its body is made of plastic
  16. Computer Showcase

    MacBook Pro: (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
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  18. Computer Showcase

    So you say this pc is to high in price and to bad skilled ?
  19. Computer Showcase

    Very bad time to buy a PC right now with RAM and GPU prices sky high and 2nd gen Ryzen CPUs and possibly Volta gaming GPUs coming out soon. You might get better PC for less money if you are willing to wait.
  20. Computer Showcase

    I got a Intel core i7 7700k max 4.5ghz gtc1080ti 11gb 1 tb 8 gb gaming pc, with upgrade to 32gb, so far it works wonders. I don't know much about PC but my husband did his research and found it to be one of the best and great for running games with high graphic.
  21. Computer Showcase

    I am going to buy this. I only need some people now to Judge if this will be a good one and why. I think it is a monster
  22. Clan update! Important!

    Go find a wonderful spot on our great forums
  23. Clan update! Important!

    Indeed my friend. Unfortunately, the FareWell section is not to be found since with my current status I can't access the forum Else, I am open for suggestions as to where I can write my Farewell as a Clan-Member to IceOps.
  24. Macro

    I also did not have experience writing programs for the keyboard. It seems to be the last utility gives the opportunity to create commands. I certainly can try, but it's better to ask experienced people who have already worked with keyboards programming
  25. Macro

    hm.. what i understand from these tools is that these(most of them atleast) only re-map keys and not make a specific macro. i have almost no coding experience so having to write a script myself is not really gonna work i'm afraid. (i have a razer blackwidow chroma keyboard)
  26. Macro

    Yes it is possible. And in different ways. I think you will have to dig in the registry, namely at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout Yet have to change the driver of the keyboard depending on the manufacturer (but this is not accurate). Manual (Updated) I made a list of utilities that will help you with this, I hope you will find what you are looking for here: SharpKeys Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator KeyTweak Key Manager
  27. Macro

    Hey guys, I am wondereing if it is possible to make a macro on my keyboard to "mute/unmute" toggle a specific programm. I.E. When i press M1 key it mutes my discord app so i can hear everything in game better when needed. or mute pubg when that obnoxious redzone starts so i can listen to the discord better. have been googling a bit but i did not really find anything usefull or atleast what i can understand... if anyone knows how to do this, you'd be my hero
  28. Cod4x - Error 817!

    Not 100% sure it will, maybe just give it a shot. A double installation of these patches can not do any harm
  29. Cod4x - Error 817!

    Yes, but I have Cod4 through Steam, so any patches will be automatic upon reinstallation?
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