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  2. Netflix Suggestions

    rick and morty.
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  4. Netflix Suggestions

    The 100 Jessica jones, luke cage, iron fist, dare devil, the defenders. the punisher shooter dark 13 reasons why stranger things limitless sense 8 when youre done with these i might have a few others :>
  5. Netflix Suggestions

    Never mind. Watch Narcos I guess.
  6. Netflix Suggestions

    Well I don't think you might be able to do it but one of the mobile service companies in my country have made a deal with google to allow their network users to purchase stuff through google pay using their mobile credit. So I use that as a method of payment to make the account (ofcourse I to make a new email for the account each time) then before the month ends I simply cancel the my subscription and do it all over again. Ofcourse I could load mobile balance into my account and pay for the subscription but I have to pay 40% national tax and 8% currency conversion charges on the money I have to put into my account. so if I put about $10 into my account I only get $5.20
  7. Netflix Suggestions

    Now that's just rude, you found a way around and want us to participate without even giving us thy knowledge!
  8. Netflix Suggestions

    Okay, I have already done this in a couple more places, so no harm in doing it here as well. Okay then since I live in a country which is quite frequently, and rightly so, mistaken for a shit hole, I recently came up with a way to sign up for a free month on netflix without having to give any credit card details and such, and I do plan to repeat this method until netflix bans my ip. Therefore I request shows suggestions to binge off of netflix for as long as I can.
  9. Good bye thread

    there defenitly was one.. should be still here
  10. Good bye thread

    A thread for saying goodbye did this thread vanish? or was it removed becuz i remember that there was one a while ago
  11. Hey hey, long time not seen you xD

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    2. Ninja


      Yes indeed. There was still B3 installed, that must be so long long time ago xD

    3. SpaceMarine


      I played cod 4 back in 2010 2011 2012 so yea long ago. btw why is every single cod 4 server(not just iceops) modded with the cod4x, making everyone run super fast like flash and more killstreaks? Normal cod too stale for the new generations X/?

    4. Ninja


      Serveradmin make their servers "fast". It is a setting they set to high values "g_speed".

  12. Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    Your ban will not be lifted as we do NOT unban hackers. If there really was a player or players hacking then you should've reported them instead of downloading some sort of hack and thus getting yourself banned instead of them. Sorry but our decision is Final. Ban Appeal Denied. -IceOps Staff
  13. Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    Your ban will not be lifted as we do NOT unban hackers. If there really was a player or players hacking then you should've reported them instead of downloading some sort of hack and thus getting yourself banned instead of them. Sorry but our decision is Final. Ban Appeal Denied. -IceOps Staff
  14. Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    Nickname: Ahmad-Ali Your PlayerID: 2310346615699870567 Admin SteamID: Ban type: permanent Ban reason: Multi-Hack What happened: please please forgive me. please lifted my ban i promise i will never cheated again please. i love to play game on your sever. My laptop is a low level laptop i cannot play game smoothly. This is the reason i cheated,please forgive me and allow me to play in the sever please.
  15. Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    Hi there. Well i applaud you for owning up to your hacks. But like said above, you made the choice to hack and that will not be tolerated at all. I will pass this onto someone higher ( @Aquiz@Kenai@Ninja) but i am right in saying that you will NOT be getting unbanned for your hacks due to the screenshot that i can preview. (Topic will be locked for now. Any Higher up staff, feel free to comment) Case Closed.
  16. Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    you reap what you sow, no more playing on the iceobs servers for you. we wont forgive, we wont forget. hackers needs to be punished.
  17. Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    Ahaha. It's funny justification... In his defense, I can only say that I banned 3 hackers, including him. BUT 2 hackers have already left the server this moment.
  18. Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    Nickname: Ahmad-Ali Your PlayerID: 2310346615699870567 Admin SteamID: Ban type: permanent Ban reason: Multi-Hack|I appeal to you What happened: i hack the game because i was angry on other players because they are hacking so i decided to hack the game but it was my mistake sorry i hack the game please allow me to play i love to play in your sever plaese
  19. I'm gonna start some streaming.


  20. Bugs and QoL changes across the servers

    Well I can definitely help out with videos and stuff. I feel like I'm a good enough player for the gameplay to be interesting, and I also have a more than good enough computer to be able to Stream and whatnot. If it's something that Leiizko, Aquiz, and Ninja are willing to actually push and make an effort with then I'm down for helping out with the stuff I can. I'd like to see more people on too, as for 3/4 of the time I am awake (I am nocturnal more or less) no one is on the server.
  21. Bugs and QoL changes across the servers

    These servers are divine! Even if I'm not a fan of deathrun-servers (already a worn-out mod). And the other 2 servers are very good and they have little anolog. For example, I only know 2 open servers Obscurity (our and German (If I am not mistaken)). At German server have little online, there seems to have been for a long time no one plays. Freeze Tag, in turn, is also a very fun mod. There were times when these servers were constantly crowded. I'm more than sure, they do not have people, because very few people know about them. The game itself is already old, and people, if they come to play, then, most likely, they will be played at a classical mode. I believe that they need advertising. I am ready to organize the Russian community (on our social networks) on behalf of our clan, for the population among Russian gamers. Maybe it will bring us more active people. Also, we need to continue the YouTube channel and keep the stream, who is not difficult (my computer just does not allow it). Maybe we should open a tournament server? It will attract people's attention. And we'll stream it. Let's make a button of donation for the participants. This will go to the prize pool and some percent on paying for servers.
  22. CSGO team

    Nice idea! But unfortunately you are not my age class.
  23. Bugs and QoL changes across the servers

    Maybe we shall replace RoZo by Rotu?
  24. Bugs and QoL changes across the servers

    Is there no way to fix it? It really hinders the game as it means I have to get a 9 killstreak in order to get rid of it, which is difficult when there are lots of good players online. Could you maybe let all hardpoints be dropable, just like the 9 kill hardpoint? It's not ideal, and it would be better for a workaround to be found so that it doesn't happen, as Artillery can rack up a LOT of kills in crowded games, but it's better than not being able to get hardpoints for the rest of the game. Resource hog? Don't get me wrong I've never run a server for a game before in my life, but surely it's just a case of changing a few names and adding a few if statements? It would be a few bytes for each map name at most, and an extra table in a database? As for resource hog, perhaps closing some of the servers down might help? I never see anyone in Obscurity, Freeze Tag, or Deathrun. Surely having them running for no one 24/7 is more of a resource hog than converting map names. Not to mention the cost of having those servers. Awesome! Best change for a while. This is good, but would it be possible to get a specific one for instructions on how to use $pbss? I bet a lot of people have no idea what it does, not to mention it would bring more traffic to the site when people come to check if the person is actually hacking. And that's a shame about RoZo. It's a good gamemode but it's so horribly unbalanced and buggy. A couple more things I just thought of: Removing hackers/inactive players from the hiscores. Hackers 100% need to be removed. Not sure if there is a viable way to automate this though or whether it just has to be done manually each time. It might also be worth having the hiscores get wiped every month so that it keeps them fresh and gives players a chance to get on the board. One of my hiscores that is on Overgrown has been up there for months, and probably won't be broken any time soon as I got it before the killstreak chance (the one where helicopters gave kills towards hardpoints). I think wiping them periodically would be good and keep the server fresh. Command to remove bobbing animation while running? I played on a server a few days ago that had bobbing removed, and it felt so smooth and nice to play on. Possibility of new weapons added, such as the ones from MW2 or something? I've been using a lot of the guns in RoZo and they'd be fantastic to have on the other servers.
  25. Bugs and QoL changes across the servers

    As we do not have source files for RoZo and development on it was stopped a long time ago it will sadly stay as it is. And for the HC: - For artillery you probably just try to use it when it is already underway. There is a period of time before and after it's been used when nothing really happens but it is still in use. - Map names are taken from actual names (ex: mp_ambush) hence the missmatch in names. It is unlikely this will change as adding special cases is just unnecessary resource hog. - You can change loadout at game end phase now. - There is notification about new command when you join the server. It covers available commands ($help). - As previously said that would just be horribly unbalanced. Unlikely to happen.
  26. ay 



      How's that wood in your hand?

  27. 1 year later, Still didn't get my noodles.

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