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        For now the recruitment of Server Moderators for our Deathrun server is closed and new applications will be denied.

        Until further notice it will remain closed. 

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      • Feels good to be back
        Reinstalled the game after more than 4 years of inactivity and by far the servers I enjoy the most are IceOps ones   Just as good as they were before!   Thanks for maintaining these online... when I saw it on the server list I got insta nostalgia of this
      • Green Beans's Ban Appeal
        Dear @r107,   Thank you for making your Appeal, due to the nature of there being no proof provided on file we have no choice but to grant your Appeal.   P.S; Sorry for such a long wait time.   If you have any problems connecting I'll leave this topic open and you can reply here or you can join our Discord and let us know there.   -Appeal Granted   -IceOps Staff
      • Green Beans's Ban Appeal
        Rook/Greenbeans Your PlayerID:
        2310346613302004118 Ban type:
        Permanent Ban reason:
        wallhack What happened:
        I don't remember, I haven't played in a while and used to play on Ninja servers. I don't use any hacks.
      • ^6D4LT0N's Ban Appeal
        dear  D4lton.. by the end of the 6th of October 2022.. you will be unmuted back.. my advice for u.. never ever try to annoy the players again or do not fulfill your promise if you have promised us with anything..we are a can we trust u later?.. Kenai's comment for me is +1
      • ^6D4LT0N's Ban Appeal
        Alright, So we are unbanning your actual game ban but not your Comms(Talking/typing in-game) ban. You will be able to Appeal your Comms block on Oct the 6th of this year 2022 and we will decide upon the proof we've collected if you're worthy of the mute being removed or if it should stay for longer or even staying indefinitely(forever.)   Please try not to contact other Admins on here or in Discord about your Mute until you make an Appeal on the 6th of October or after that date has passed.   This is your last chance.   -Appeal Granted     -IceOps Staff