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  1. Scott

    New Game Server Schedule (IDEA)

    Server is MOHAA, spearhead,breakthrough. Old games but still couple hundred players in each game. really fun freez tag (where i learned to love Freeze tag) and base building mod. Sniper only and stuff like that.
  2. Scott

    New Game Server Schedule (IDEA)

    you wont get 10 request for any games to be honest
  3. Scott

    New Game Server Schedule (IDEA)

    nobody play my video games XD - Conan exiles - Miscreated - WoT (get clan started in it) - EFT - Life is feudal - 7 days to die -arma 3 exile/ Koth / wastland i deleted all my games to be honest so idk i got alot. and ran out of ideas straigh away
  4. Scott

    New Game Server Schedule (IDEA)

    Altis life cannot survive with propper regular players as police. King of the hill or wastland is really good popular gamemode in A3 atm
  5. Scott

    Conan exiles

    for me it is. after people got different tastes.
  6. Scott

    Conan exiles

    kind of, i like it cause you can take slaves XD and make an army of AI to defend your base.
  7. Scott

    Conan exiles

    If anybody wants to play conan exile Early Access game i have my own server there. Game is well fun even with the few bugs here and there. but i still have fun Some randoms are allready playing it so i think it might get populated soon. (started today)
  8. Scott

    Quick Giveaway (Uplay)

    erm i think i done a few way back in 2015. or maybe start of 2016 idk
  9. Scott

    CoD MW Remaster

    ok tho i do thin IW story is really good. The mp is cod and needs adjustments but i like it.
  10. Scott

    CoD MW Remaster

    i swear i saw you in game i keep seing someone called Chewie in the MP. The Sp of IW is really good you should give it a try.
  11. Scott

    CoD MW Remaster

    i brought IW without the remastered. And i like it. i woudnt even play the remaster
  12. Scott

    Dayz Standalone

    thank god my game isnt like that i would puke on my computer and throw it away
  13. Scott

    Dayz Standalone

    lol good luck with that game
  14. Scott

    Dayz Standalone

    how can you play dayz but not paragon
  15. Scott

    Free to play Paragon

    its only bot atm looking for people to play with. to ddo PVP else it aint fun