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  1. i miss that black bottom half of yours, if you know what i'm talking about ;)

  2. Sniped


    I could of done better with paint Jk, thats actually really good, meanwhile here is my drawing of a cat
  3. Sniped

    Guys!!InsaNity here!! :)

    Saw you in-game, even better that I see you here. Welcome to the forums
  4. Sniped

    Report for panda.chatoff{Array<wbr>of97}

    Banned him for 2 days. You didn't provide a GUID but luckily I was in game and he was using the same binds, when I looked to find his guid with $ministatus I couldn't either. Got his player id though. Thanks for the report.
  5. Sniped

    Dota 2

    You're lucky theres no dislike button This is also true, once you're able to play ranked I recommend you to join a 5 man party of people who ACTUALLY know what they're doing. @Chemy
  6. Sniped

    Dota 2

    Dota is life. @Chemy If you're high enough level to play ranked, I'd be happy to play with you. Add me on steam
  7. Joe

    Very responsible player! 10/10

  8. I really enjoy pixelmon, I'll definitely be hanging around the server
  9. Sniped


    Was dealt with at the time. close this please.
  10. Sniped

    Game Giveaway's

    Maybe the luck will be with me this time? Free games = I'm in
  11. Sniped

    Game Giveaway's

    Eyyy, Nice one Association. Again, thanks to @Scott for this random act of kindness even though I didnt win.
  12. Sniped

    Likes can be restored, kinda

    About 70-90 not sure