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  1. Aquiz


    This wont benefit the PS4 players, since the gameplay on PC appear to be much quicker then the PS4. Correct me if i am wrong though
  2. Aquiz


    I really do like this game indeed! But if i do play this game, i play on the playstation 4
  3. Aquiz

    Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    Thanks for all the best whishes you all sent to me!
  4. Aquiz

    Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    Hey there everyone! I am here to tell everyone that there are going to change some positions in the staff region of IceOps. Due to the fact that i recently started a new education, which is a very time-consuming study, i do not have the time anymore what it takes to lead IceOps in the right manners. Plus due to this study i moved out and went living on my own. Therefore i am going to step back from my position for the greater good of IceOps. I will still hang around in the Administrator group and manage the community together with our mean guy @Kenai And it may not be a surprise to all of you that i would like to introduce @ninja back again to the leader group. Recently @Ninja returned to IceOps which is a huge boost for the future of IceOps. He and @leiizko together will form a great staff and i am 100% convinced that you guys together will manage and lead IceOps in the best possible way! For me, leading IceOps, was the best thing that i have ever experienced so far. It was amazing to see such a loyalty and trust in the gaming community. Therefore i would like to thank all of you for your support and trust in the leading guidance i've put in to IceOps for the last years. We have managed together to keep COD4 alive and interesting, which is a compliment towards everyone who is around IceOps and supported this environment. Sometimes for the greater good sacrifices must be made - Seti (King of old Egypt 1998) - The IceOps Staff
  5. Aquiz

    Clan update! Important!

    Go find a wonderful spot on our great forums
  6. Aquiz

    Cod4x - Error 817!

    Not 100% sure it will, maybe just give it a shot. A double installation of these patches can not do any harm
  7. Aquiz

    Cod4x - Error 817!

    Did you completely delete and reinstall call of duty 4? If so, cod4x requires the latest 1.7 patch, updates can be found here Other patches can be found here ( Under the section COD4 of course)
  8. Aquiz


    Hey there everyone, Here to talk to you about a game; Unturned. The game is a free to play game with no ingame purchases. It is a mix between minecraft graphics and dayz tactic. I have fun playing this game, feel free to test it out and play with me/others! Try it out and decide for your self!
  9. Aquiz

    Report for 4ESCAPE

    Report handled well, good job. Thanks for reporting! -The IceOps Staff
  10. Aquiz

    Admin abuse

    Ban lifted by Wolfman. No hacks detected. Furthermore it got to my tenses that are very toxic in-game, be careful what you say and be careful for in the future. Action on the admin in charge will be discussed internally. Case closed. - The IceOps Staff.
  11. Aquiz

    Admin abuse

    First of all, only the admin in this case and the person filling in the report section are allowed to chat in this topic! Case has been taken under investigation.
  12. Aquiz

    Inactive members + Update

    Hey there everyone, I have three new announcements for everyone today! One is unfortunately a little less happily message, we have to let members go due to lack of inactivity. First of all, we have to let go the inactive members to create an active constituency. These members will be included; - Lookout - Fisher - Grondverf - Joey - Blackshark All of the above listed persons are more than welcome to reapply when they are back at their activity level. So now lets move up to the more fun part of this post! Due to popular request from our player base in our servers we decided to create a screenshot system for the regular players. The players are only able to take two screenshots each game. If they can see someone is hacking they are able to report the offense to our forums. However there are limitations. To prevent abuse, for our admins and for our server activity, you will not be able to request a screenshot of yourself PLUS every player can be screenshotted only two times at max! So, lets take Leiizko as an example. Since we all know he is using hacks, we are going to get a screenshot from his point of view. This according to the following steps: You will be able to request a screenshot of another player by typing "$pbss <player name>/<player slot number>" in chat. For example if someone were to request a screenshot of Leiizko, he would have to type "$pbss Leiizko" or "$pbss 0" in chat, where 0 would be the slot number of the player you are requesting a screenshot from. The Slot number can switch every round and be found by typing "$ministatus" in chat/console and looking at console output. You can also type a part of the nickname, for example "$pbss leiiz". Once you have requested a screenshot it might take some time for it to complete. Once the screenshot is successfully taken, you will be able to access it at this website. If you find a player to be cheating, you can contact an admin with direct link to the screenshot or file a player report, again with direct link to the screenshot in question. Note: this is a primeur for the whole COD4 world, make sure to use it in a proper way. If not so, we can easily pull the plug of this idea and go back to the old system!! Lastly due to Promod server being constantly empty we have switched it to a normal Free for All mode to let players have quick and fun matches. Furthermore we'd like to thank everyone for reading and wish you all a nice weekend. If there are any questions remaining feel free to post them down below! More updates to come! - The IceOps Staff
  13. Aquiz

    Report for Nileesha

    Issue where others could not post to this topic has been fixed. Thanks for reporting, Nileesha has been banned for wallhack. Keep up the good work! - The IceOps Staff
  14. Aquiz

    Admin abuse for Wolfman

    First off all; ONLY the abuse reporter, involved player and STAFF are allowed to post in these sections! Everyone be warned. Ok, now let's get on topic. The ban has been lifted for lack of evidence from the side of the moderator in charge. Wolfman is always doing a great job in keeping the servers clean from rule breakers and hackers. Everyone their judgement about swearing can form different opinions, but at IceOps we have a strict no swearing policy in game to keep it clean and a nice atmosphere for everyone. Scroll-shooting is not allowed in any of the IceOps servers, whether you used it or not does not mater for future cases since the appeal has been solved at the first part of the investigation. No evidence = No crime. Conclusion, ban lifted/removed, case closed. The IceOps Staff
  15. Aquiz

    Clan update! Important!

    Hey there everyone! As you all may have noticed I could not keep the work up all by myself and IceOps was in lack of coding knowledge. An update to our clan is needed to ensure IceOps' life in the future, therefore the staff made some decisions. At first; Leiizko is gonna join my side and is gonna help me lead IceOps! His knowledge and his experience is such an huge value. Leiizko will make sure everyone he will get known to every single one of you, and if you have questions, feel free to ask him He will announce himself where he will tell something about himself. This decision was well overthought, so no worries about a Hijack. Leiizko will support me and help me with the lead and will be helping us aiming at other games. The second; Wolfman will be leading a pilot!; IceOps Aiming at other Games. This pilot game will be........ DayZ! He will take the lead on creating a new section of IceOps. Eventually these DayZ players have to apply to IceOps as well. If their application gets accepted they are fully integrated clan members as well (After they passed their trail of course) They will recieve the IceOps badge on the forums but also a badge where everyone can see that they are a DayZ player. This applies to the COD4 players as well. Vice Versa. So, if you feel like you have a game where IceOps can't be missed at and like taking the lead in that project? Bring up a nice strategic plan and send it to the Leizko or me and we will take it in discussion! Ok... Unfortunately we have some sad news as well.. You may have read that our beloved @Lookout decided to quit being a part of IceOps. Unfortunately his activity is too low for me to wait for his goodbye post. (I will be waiting for it my friend) I already like to make use of this situation to thank you for everything you have done in the past! We will make sure your work wont bleed out! P.s. Don't be a stranger around here Lookout will be set to Clan-member until he made his decision 100% sure. Fisher will be set to Clan-member until further notice. This because his activity is way too little to fulfill these important positions. Unless these sad news messages, i am looking forward to work together with Leiizko and the rest of the staff. We will make sure IceOps will gain his activity back, plus we will conquer other games. Bigger, better, stronger.. IceOps! -The IceOps Staff