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  1. Knifer

    Ban appeal for [=DW=]LastBullet

    and he made all the player mad from him cause he doesnt play just talking and spamming so the player called rami to stop him btw he act with the player as a kid .
  2. Knifer

    Ban appeal for [=DW=]LastBullet

    i said that for the hard straif not to u @xox27 and rami kicked me for the reason to watch my language.
  3. Knifer

    Ban appeal for ^0HAWSHI

    Nickname: ^0HAWSHI Server you got banned on: ftag Your UID/GUID: 2310346613306844258 Admin UID/GUID: Ban reason: bad language Ban length: 24hr What happend: i was playing then i was killed by campers i said sh** noobs and 2 times f*** noobs and then i am banned for 1d i know i was wrong but mute is better please unban me i never been warned or kicked