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  1. Vse najboljše!

  2. drW(pL).


    Congratz Aquiz, me, always on time :). I just smelled your motivation when we first met, before you were a moderator. I'm not suprised it ended up like this. Na zdrowie!!!
  3. drW(pL).

    new map for ftag server

    I think its a great idea to put some new maps in the rotation. Variety is rly important and playing the same maps/rotation for about 700hrs is dmn boring. But you should be aware of that each of 'em should be checked before it can be played. Someone has to do that. So, Nemo, my fisch. Dakkar, The capitain of Nautilus. You got to wait.
  4. drW(pL).

    Report for BANDERA

    3d, thanks for report
  5. drW(pL).

    Report for H2O_WOLF

    I'll give him 1d, thanks for report.
  6. drW(pL).

    Report for zuze

    Thx for info
  7. drW(pL).

    Spectator Mode

    thanks I gonna check it out
  8. drW(pL).

    IceOps Awards 2016

    Congratz Jackhammer!
  9. drW(pL).

    Ban appeal for HollyMolly

    If you get banned for no recoil there is no way back. We don't ban without a proper evidence.
  10. Najlepszego byku :D :thumbsup:

  11. drW(pL).


    You know what I'm always saying Freddo Just deal with it, treat it as a challange.
  12. drW(pL).

    Report for XAAAA

    Some frags are more than suspicious, but I remember, I took some ss from him already and I found nothing. So, I'm not sure. Gonna keep an eye on him when he appears. I like this idea. It's hardcore, so let us make it hardcore.
  13. drW(pL).

    Report for Kozma

    I hope you've warned him verbally, because next time it's gonna be banable. Thanks for report Jack
  14. drW(pL).

    Game Giveaway's

    Got it Scott, but I thought it's one of giveaway games ;D not planetary annihilation, gonna check it out later, thx