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  1. Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas to all
  2. Good Bye IceOps

    It's shocking to see that you have to leave Ninja . All your hard work and effort that made this clan how it is now. I can speak for everyone that you will be missed. Farewell Ninja!
  3. Break/Pause

    Good luck and be safe Dino
  4. IceOps Reborn

    Yeah you're hooked on Dota 2 man.
  5. New Game Server Schedule (IDEA)

    Warframe has a high chance of glitching out that's why I don't play it anymore.
  6. New Game Server Schedule (IDEA)

    You really love that game don't you.
  7. Goodbye

    You're always lazy Prime. You used to call yourself the 'King of obs' that always made me laugh. We had good times together my friend especially on Obs. Wasn't expecting you to leave but it's your decision so good bye Prime.
  8. Clan game of Promod?

    I would like to participate in this event if possible.
  9. Its my time to go

    That's great to hear!
  10. Its my time to go

    I would like to play obs with you and RevaX
  11. Its my time to go

    Wow I am totally shocked with this. Rami you will be missed by the community and as @Aquizhas said you are welcome back anytime when your problems have been solved. I will miss all the fun games we played especially Hardcore and Kill the king. I hope we can still be in contact with each other. Your bro Jack
  12. Head Members Group

    Congratulations Wolfman . Keep up the good work.
  13. Promotion

    He already is fit for the job.
  14. Happy B-Day jacky :drunk:

    1. Wolfman


      Happy B-Day !!

      :party: Make a nice day

  15. Farewell Ice & ft !

    Good luck with your project blackstab