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  1. Mighty Jayster

    Report for 2121

    Player banned. Ty for the report @^2roaree IceOps Staff
  2. Mighty Jayster

    Don't wanna be admin anymore

    So with this it is a really grey area as to what you should do. You go onto any call of duty game, even the latest ones taht come out like for example Warzone, you have tones of campers that camp on roofs etc. So i can understand the fustration from that point. However with the M21 being rather overpowered if that is the case, then this will have to be investiaged. I must admit, i have not played on the Hardcore server for a while due to irl commitments. But if it is being abused with camping, @RedRose suggested something really simple which i don't see as bad thing at all personally: Simple things can change actions of people. I would most certainly hesitate from jumping streight to a warning, as fustrating as it can be, as it happens in all games with camping. But if the M21 is at a unfair advantage, then fair enough, investigations can happen. As said though, i have not played for a long while so please do advise. Hope we can come to a understanding as, im sure you will agree, IceOps has a lovely Family and Communtiy. Disagreements are not a regular for us
  3. Mighty Jayster

    Appeal from ROCK68

    Incorrect form process filled out. Denied IceOps Staff
  4. Mighty Jayster

    Report for blackhawk

  5. Mighty Jayster

    Report for goody

  6. Mighty Jayster


    Player Banned @Tyrannos if you have no power we can look into this for you. Ty for the report Closed
  7. Mighty Jayster

    Report for Like_A_Boss

    Thanks for the report @KMB! Closed IceOps Staff
  8. Mighty Jayster

    Report for *SWAT

    Hello @TinkerBell Ty for the report. Player is now Banned.
  9. Mighty Jayster

    Report for Ateeq

    Thank you for the report as always @TinkerBell Closed.
  10. Mighty Jayster

    Little tweak for HC server

    Hello mate. Thank you for that comment we do try to keep COD4 going and we do like that people enjoy our servers. What do you think about this @IJzzo and @leiizko ?? Thank you for your comments mate we will take them onboard. Jay
  11. Mighty Jayster

    Reporting this hacker

    Thank you @Milad Report Closed IceOps Staff
  12. Mighty Jayster

    Report for A.Q.I.M

    Form not properly used. Not banned. IceOps Staff
  13. Mighty Jayster

    Report for uG admins are beta male cucks

    Not Banned. IceOps Staff
  14. Mighty Jayster

    player user racist language

    Form not Properly used to Report Player. Closed IceOps Staff
  15. Mighty Jayster

    Reporting this hacker

    Can i just confirm if this is a ban or not ?? A form was not properly used but a screenshot has been provided.. @Milad @CROdator