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  1. Mighty Jayster

    mache's Ban Appeal

    I'm not going to lie mate, you're pushing your luck now with these comments. If you don't just play normal and be chill an stop these comments on the forum then i will ban you permanently myself. We don't tolerate people talking back like this. Not you, not anyone.
  2. Mighty Jayster

    mache's Ban Appeal

    Just because its hard for you to calm down, doesn't mean you can behave like this in our servers. As per our rules, we do not tolerate this.
  3. Mighty Jayster

    It's 2022!

    I'm glad you are doing well in yourself and your family! Fingers crossed the cases come down and they don't keep rising and all will be good from then. Glad to hear everything is all okay
  4. Mighty Jayster

    It's 2022!

    Funny thing is mate. Same I have just recovered from it as well. Hope you're doing okay.
  5. Mighty Jayster

    It's 2022!

    Hi All! It's 2022 and there has been a lot of uncertainty about stuff with all this COVID going around. But its a new year and lets hope this year is better than the last couple. Just wanted to make a post asking how everyone is? It's been a while since ive been around with COVID making my job busier and life just getting in the way, so i thought lets have a catch up. How are we all
  6. Mighty Jayster


    Hello @FuTuR3, Please submit a ban appeal under the right area: https://iceops.co/index.php?/application/ Thanks.
  7. Mighty Jayster

    Lockdown Discussion

    In a way, i really do feel sorry for people and you who are in the exact same situation @Duck. Having gone through the education that you have, to now have nothing and being stuck at home with these restrictions. It is rather harsh on the time you have spent. I mean don't get me wrong, it was well spent, but at the same time it does seem like a effort that has put you at a rather crappy stand still.... Glad you are doing good though mate.
  8. Mighty Jayster

    Lockdown Discussion

    Yeah i can understand the frustration with that because i work in a school. I'm a Senior IT Tech in a Secondary school so i know how frustrating this can be with working from home and trying to educate from home. Its not easy but it is what it is... Unfortunately not no. I did get the chance to but then my local council made a mistake in who they sent the Vaccination emails out to so that went down really really well as you can imagine.... Very glad you are safe @{AD}RedRose as its not easy in these times but it does seem like Australia did the right thing with their lockdown. Holy hell you can say that again........
  9. Mighty Jayster

    Lockdown Discussion

    So as we are all aware, there has been this lovely virus going round called COVID or "rona" as people are calling it near me And i won't lie, times right now are hard for key workers, and even for people who are not able to work at all and are fully stuck at home. Fortunately for me, I am a key worker so i have to keep working no matter what, but i work at a high risk. I thought I'd create a thread to get others opinions on how they feel and how think its going. And even if you just want to vent and ask for advice. We're a family here at IceOps and yeah may as well have a nice place to talk. So come on then, how we all feeling/doing? You working/not working? Lets get a convo going And you know what, i may even share how i feel
  10. Mighty Jayster

    organization of the tournament

    I am interested. I am just so crap at Promod as i haven't played it in ages
  11. Mighty Jayster

    organization of the tournament

    Is this a promod tournament ????? Need to get practicing.
  12. Mighty Jayster

    -ANTITELO-'s Ban Appeal

    Right. I am going to stop you there. @Kenai has given you enough reasoning as to why you should be banned as realistically, you have admitted you hacked. And also, you also said you torrented it. From this, this appeal will be closed and you will not be unbanned. Thank you for your time.
  13. Mighty Jayster

    PC Specs (Upgrade priority)

    So instantly there from a IT Technicians point of view, i can see two things that are worth upgrading. Your storage, you should be using a SSD as your main boot device and a Hard drive as your seccondary storage. This really does help performance on any computer from simply just starting the computer up, to even running programs that are stored on it. RAM should really now adays be ran in Duel Channel (Have two sticks). This just takes a bit of slack off the CPU as that that one Ram Stick will be getting battered with data. However, the GPU is really low quality as well and you could do a upgrade to a GTX 960 or something. I recommend using this site to see whats compattable and wont bottleneck: https://pc-builds.com/calculator/
  14. Mighty Jayster

    WTF? carsh carsh crash ...

    Hi @pardo Currently a new version of Cod4x has been realsead and is currently in testing fase. This version does have a few bugs and abmornalities right now that cause crashing. Please bare with us and the devs will be getting this fixed asap with all fingers crossed
  15. Mighty Jayster

    Report for 2121

    Player banned. Ty for the report @^2roaree IceOps Staff