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  1. Mighty Jayster


    I hate network drivers. I spend my life at work updating network drivers and re-installing the ones that screw up.... Pain in the arse....
  2. Mighty Jayster


    I'd look at the processes and see which is using all of it up. Then id stop that process if it wasnt a system one to see if it fixes it. If not a google as to why that is eating up all your RAM may be a option. Ignore the allocated bit. I always do. I concentrate on the processes bit where its eating all your RAM
  3. Mighty Jayster

    Server updates

    Very happy with these server updates. The servers are coming together nicely now and will be back how they used to be very soon!
  4. Mighty Jayster

    Report for Q_Q

    Thank you for handling this case @VanZy :D Case Closed!
  5. Mighty Jayster

    Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    Hi there. Well i applaud you for owning up to your hacks. But like said above, you made the choice to hack and that will not be tolerated at all. I will pass this onto someone higher ( @Aquiz@Kenai@Ninja) but i am right in saying that you will NOT be getting unbanned for your hacks due to the screenshot that i can preview. (Topic will be locked for now. Any Higher up staff, feel free to comment) Case Closed.
  6. Mighty Jayster

    Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    It's completely understandable mate. This is why i am about but not truly as active as i was. Education is tough and it will be tough for quite a while. It's taking its toll on me already Good luck with everything and we will always be here for the simple chats to having fun times playing games You will always be a great leader. But as always study and life comes first. Hats off to you @Aquiz
  7. Mighty Jayster

    Minecraft Idea

    Very true Chewie. I don't know how it will work out. From what i remember it was really active at times. Me Vinny and lots were playing on there.
  8. Mighty Jayster

    Minecraft Idea

    Hiya everyone. As you may have seen in the new News post by @Wolfman (Like to it here) It was briefly mentioned that i was going to ask your opinions and a poll about what you may think about a IceOps Minecraft server. Now this idea has previously ran and took off but due to complications it got taken down. So you are aware we have ran a Pixelmon server which is Pokemon style Minecraft which was very fun to play and was really enjoyable by all members of the community. We also had a vanilla Minecraft server where we just built our own village and was very good too. So just to get some ideas flowing and too see if it is a good idea. The IceOps staff would like you to add your opinions. Do you think its a good idea or not? If you would not mind just filling out the poll at the top of the post then that would be fantastic and maybe post some of your opinions and thoughts on it so that we know if we should go ahead or not. Thank you all for your time and we hope there will be advances in IceOps very soon! IceOps Staff
  9. Mighty Jayster

    Report for bobo

    Hello there mate. I have merged your posts together so that your evidence is in one post now. I'm afraid i do not speak that language so i do not know what i says for definite. Maybe someone can deal with this ? @Wolfman@Kenai??
  10. Mighty Jayster

    Report for bobo

    Hello there @LoxopeD The proof that you have provided has brought me to a dead link. Can we have some more proof that will actually prove your case please. Otherwise we have no say on what to do. Thanks Jay
  11. Mighty Jayster

    Merry Christmas!!

    Hello Everyone. As you may know it is the time of Christmas where people celebrate and have a fantastic time opening presents and being with loved family over this period. If you do not celebrate Christmas then I wish you a lovely holiday and hope everything is as good as it can be I wanted to take the time to personally wish you all a very merry Christmas and also a very merry Christmas from the IceOps Community/Family as well. Without all of the you guys that are part of the community, there would be no IceOps at all. And yes we have been through some tough times but you have all persevered through it with us, which we very much do appreciate. So a very Merry Christmas to all from the IceOps Family !!! -IceOps Staff
  12. Mighty Jayster

    Inactive members + Update

    I think that this is a perfect idea for us. Just a quick question, is SourceBans still being used for us admins ??
  13. Mighty Jayster

    Ban appeal for ^0KAKAROT

    Hi mate. I'm afraid there is no way out of this one. A Clan Leader has posted proof to why you are banned and it is a fair reason as why. Sorry but we will not be unbanning you.
  14. Mighty Jayster

    Killcount rewards - massively unbalanced.

    I can totally see what you have in mind. Thank you ever so much for your feedback there @John Yuki
  15. Mighty Jayster

    Clan update! Important!

    I am very happy with the decisions. Any help that is needed i am always here and will be here to help !!