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  1. Computer Showcase

    Not at all, in the current market it is just fine. All I'm saying is if you can wait (new stuff is rumored to release on April) you will get a better PC for the same price.
  2. Computer Showcase

    Very bad time to buy a PC right now with RAM and GPU prices sky high and 2nd gen Ryzen CPUs and possibly Volta gaming GPUs coming out soon. You might get better PC for less money if you are willing to wait.
  3. Admin abuse for Wolfman

    Hello there, this is a screenshot of you: To keep this short you've been a bad boy this year and santa woflman gave you a fitting present. merry christmas!
  4. Report for Deins

    It's animation canceling with weaponswitch bind and at this point it is a part of the game. Feel free to use it too. For the m14 recoil part just take a look at the attached demo. Note that this is after playing with it for about 30 seconds, if I actually played with m14 there would be no noticeable recoil at all. I didn't bother with AK because that gun has no recoil whatsoever. Also it's not even remotely random. demo0000.dm_1
  5. Report for Deins

    From my perspective maybe scroll but nothing else.
  6. Inactive members + Update

    Forgot about that one, it has been added now
  7. Inactive members + Update

    Yes, everything stays the same for admins.
  8. Hardpoints have been switched back to kill streak based system with slight adjustments. Let us know if they still feel unbalanced.
  9. Okay the explosions part is not really fixable. There is no way of knowing if a player is inside a building or not, airstrike does try to predict that, which is the sole reason why it is so random at killing you. Other hardpoints (AGM, Drone, Arty) will just flat out kill you if you're in range for the sake of consistency - also a good tool to kill those pesky campers in houses. The KILL sign - UAV Jammer actually counters that. If you have it you won't be marked. Helicopter counting toward kill streak was actually a bug and has been fixed, piloted one has been nerfed. You should be able to kill it much faster now and also lasts 1 minute less. That being said we will do a experiment regarding hardpoints. For the few next days it will be based off a shop system. Let us know how that feels and whether it should stay for good. Thank you for your feedback.
  10. Clan update! Important!

    Thank you everyone for the welcome, I'm still getting familiar with everything, hopefuly we can start moving forward really soon.
  11. Clan leader? wow :D:D

    1. leiizko


      I'm awesome aren't I? :D

  12. Predator Glitch

    Why can't you give it to anyone within the clan for a simple fix? If it's that big of a problem it is easy to modify NE mod to look exactly like this one without so many bugs. IMO the most annoying is dying when you hit the ground with it and also being unable to use UAV (for quite a while if you can't get higher killstreak).
  13. Predator Glitch

    It can be fixed rather easily. But in reality the whole mod could use a bit of refreshing.
  14. Call of Duty 4 FPS drops

    Try: - Scan for malware (this is usually the case) - Update your drivers - Clean your PC and use some temp monitoring program to check for overheating. If it doesn't help it's probably bad: I see you have electric degree so you should have some multimeter laying around right? Check the voltage and amps for you GPU connector, your PSU might be dying. Or just test GPU in some other PC if available. It could also be faulty GPU but I seriously doubt it as your problems went away after windows reinstall and drive swap. So most likely it's either malware or failing PSU.
  15. New Game Server Schedule (IDEA)

    Battlefield has about 20k players per 24 hrs period so it's still a pretty healthy game. Arma 3 Altis life is also very popular, but it is by far the most labour demanding server to do.