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  1. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    It's because of the mod. Once this is out of the testing phase nothing will be reset. 4th button is reserved for stuff from care package and nuke. Anyone can get a nuke without selecting it.
  2. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    There is something new on so-called HC TEST SERVER Slow download will be fixed soon. If it's already fast nevermind.
  3. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    Right now the damage increase was dropped to 5%, which is pretty much nothing. For future update I will probably change the perk to do something else. Current ideas are to slow on hit / cause bleed effect / increase the time needed to heal back to full.
  4. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    Stopping power damage should no longer have any effect. Now also need balance suggestions regarding care package and killstreaks needed. There are currently 11 hardpoints (10 live): UAV, Airstrike, Arty, AGM, Care Package, ASF, Heli, Predator, AC130, Chopper Gunner, Nuke. For care package i'm looking for suggestions about chance of getting each hardpoint in percentage (excluding care package and ASF) - 9 hardpoints in total and sum must be 100%. Lastly how many kills needed for each hardpoint, but keep in mind you can only have 3. Nuke will probably end up being a high killstreak reward for everyone without the need to select it. Only 1 hardpoint can be selected from a same group - hardpoints that need exactly the same number of kills.
  5. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    Custom maps are not possible on unmodded server. Technically HC server is not running a mod.
  6. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    Anticamp update attempt 2 Ditching the complex math behind it and keeping it simple this time. Player health is now 30 again, wallbang damage does 67% damage. Anti camp has 3 levels: 100%, 67% and 34%. Semi auto sniper rifles start at 67% damage. On average everytime you go down a level, you will need 1 more shot to kill a player. To drop a level you must be camping for 10 seconds per level. (10 seconds camp - 67%, 20 second camp - 34%). This timer will recharge 1.6s per every 1 real second you keep moving (you move a bit more than 6 seconds and you can camp for 10 seconds). The timer is invisible, you can only see your current damage. What counts as not camping: As long as you walk in a straight line you will not trigger the anti camp. Rapidly moving left and right or moving while ADSing will count as camping due to greatly reduced speed, however you can normaly crouch walk or even moving while prone will not trigger the anti camp. In a nutshell - if you are not ADSing and holding the W key down, it will not count as camping. Also curious if hitreg got a bit better.
  7. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    Quick update: HP has gone down to 45. I think this should be enough to keep deagle 1 shot at longer ranges (close range deagle does 50 damage) and ARs at 2 shots (most ARs do 40 damage). RPGs are no more! On the subject of hitreg, did you notice hitreg being worse after this update (initial anticamp update) or was it pretty much the same before?
  8. leiizko

    Field of view - FOV

    Then feel free to send them to me via PM. However the videos / demos must be taken in last 6 months and video must be in high quality (demos prefered for this reason). Lagometer on screen is also very welcome.
  9. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    Last update for today. There was some weird stuff going on with damage modifier which should now hopefuly be fixed. The "AH" sound should be gone aswell now. As for deagle it should still one shot as long as you keep your damage at 100%. Possibly the damage bug kept it from one shotting. If M21 is the only problematic sniper rifle I might just reduce its damage so it takes 2 shots to kill (or 1 headshot). RPG will probably just get disabled as I've noticed people just suicide with it all the time, pretty stupid playstyle. Killcam will show attackers damage in a later update.
  10. leiizko

    Field of view - FOV

    I've heard many complaints about hitreg and when asked to provide an example (video, demo) everyone goes quiet. They probably see they just plain missed and thought they hit in the heat of the moment. To disable forced fov simply type "$fovoff". I've just tested it and it works just fine (it does reset cg_fovscale to 1 fyi), you type it once and you are free to change cg_fov cvar to whatever you like. Server will not force higher fov unless you type "$fov" again.
  11. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    Update: Wallbang damage has been increased from 25% to 40%. If this still feels too weak it will be further increased. Player health has been increased to 50 for real this time. There was a bug that caused health to revert back to 30. Also clarification on this change: the purpose is not to stop one shot kills but to aid in general gameplay balance. Most of the weapons have so much damage, the damage reduction wouldn't help unless it went into absurdly low levels. As for the snipers it is a bit trickier. Every sniper rifle does 70 damage per shot meaning the damage would need to be reduced by 30% to stop one shot kills. If anti camp worked on snipers as well in current state, a bit of dancing around would be all it takes to keep the modifier value above 70%.
  12. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    Due to it being highly requested anti camp system has been added to the server. Rest of the updates will come in a patch at a later date. How it works: You will see a DMG % number in bottom right side of your screen. Your shots do the shown % of base weapon damage. Moving will keep this % at 100. Minimum damage is 33%, snipers keep their full damage (subject to change). Additionally wallbangs now only deal 25% of base damage and are also affected by the anti camp damage modifier. Lastly player HP has been increased to 50, so a lot of weapons will no longer insta kill. The system is still in experimental phase and might require some tweaking to get the balance right. TL;DR: Anti camp added, if you camp you do less damage, Wallbangs do 75% less damage, Player HP increased from 30 to 50.
  13. leiizko

    TheCommunist's Ban Appeal

    I suggest you learn some manners. Any legitimate discussion flew out of the window when you started insulting our admins. For that reason alone Ban stays and the topic is locked.
  14. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    The changes got a lot more complex down the line so it will take some more time to finish. Biggest issue right now is still broken client. The new ranking system is mostly done, few minor things left. The killstreak thingy has a bit more work left to do, but again nothing major. Most of the annoying stuff is done. There are few other changes that I will not spoil and hopefuly you will be able to see them soon. Meanwhile a sneak peek at new killstreak menu: - 3 hardpoints can be selected (will be colored green) - Only 1 hardpoint can be selected from a group (group = kills needed to get it) - Unavailable killstreaks are colored red, available in blue.
  15. leiizko

    Report for alvikingwar

    Merged the threads since it is same player. Thanks for the report, player has been banned.