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  1. leiizko

    CSGO team

    Those are all good games but the problem is there is no real way to get new members from those games. Sure we can make a group for LoL for example but it will still be limited to already members who play said game. Noone else will actually care about iceops. Us officially supporting those games won't make any difference, members can already get together and play the games if they chose so.
  2. leiizko

    CSGO team

    Please do name few
  3. leiizko

    Bugs and QoL changes across the servers

    As we do not have source files for RoZo and development on it was stopped a long time ago it will sadly stay as it is. And for the HC: - For artillery you probably just try to use it when it is already underway. There is a period of time before and after it's been used when nothing really happens but it is still in use. - Map names are taken from actual names (ex: mp_ambush) hence the missmatch in names. It is unlikely this will change as adding special cases is just unnecessary resource hog. - You can change loadout at game end phase now. - There is notification about new command when you join the server. It covers available commands ($help). - As previously said that would just be horribly unbalanced. Unlikely to happen.
  4. leiizko

    Computer Showcase

    Not at all, in the current market it is just fine. All I'm saying is if you can wait (new stuff is rumored to release on April) you will get a better PC for the same price.
  5. leiizko

    Computer Showcase

    Very bad time to buy a PC right now with RAM and GPU prices sky high and 2nd gen Ryzen CPUs and possibly Volta gaming GPUs coming out soon. You might get better PC for less money if you are willing to wait.
  6. leiizko

    Admin abuse for Wolfman

    Hello there, this is a screenshot of you: To keep this short you've been a bad boy this year and santa woflman gave you a fitting present. merry christmas!
  7. leiizko

    Report for Deins

    It's animation canceling with weaponswitch bind and at this point it is a part of the game. Feel free to use it too. For the m14 recoil part just take a look at the attached demo. Note that this is after playing with it for about 30 seconds, if I actually played with m14 there would be no noticeable recoil at all. I didn't bother with AK because that gun has no recoil whatsoever. Also it's not even remotely random. demo0000.dm_1
  8. leiizko

    Report for Deins

    From my perspective maybe scroll but nothing else.
  9. leiizko

    Report for SOJAS

    Banned, thank you for reporting.
  10. leiizko

    Inactive members + Update

    Forgot about that one, it has been added now
  11. leiizko

    Inactive members + Update

    Yes, everything stays the same for admins.
  12. leiizko

    Report for ЧИТЕR

    There is a demo attached at the end of the post, please check that and reban if needed as I'm currently unable to do so.
  13. leiizko

    Report for sarajevo

    Banned, thank you for your report.
  14. leiizko

    Ban appeal for ^0KAKAROT

    Every screenshot has ID attached to it, there is no question about it being your screenshot. You can open the screenshot in notepad yourself and you will find that ID. Furthermore the IP matches so please do not make excuses about it being a duplicate. The ban will not be lifted and yes, that means you will never be able to play on our servers again. Topic closed.
  15. leiizko

    Ban appeal for ^0KAKAROT

    You were banned for multihack - Screenshot. Ban stays. Sincerely, - The IceOps Staff