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  1. leiizko

    Why banned me ?

    We do not remove bans for cheating. Ban Appeal Denied.
  2. leiizko

    Ban appeal for NENENENENENENENE

    After some internal discussion we have come to following conclusion: Using character skins that do give an advantage to the player will not be tolerated. However as this is not as severe as general cheats we have decided we will give another chance to players who do a proper and respectful appeal. If same player is caught twice using said skins, the ban will not be lifted under any circumstance! You are welcome to return to our servers as long as you remove those skins. -Ban Appeal Granted Sincerely, -The IceOps Staff
  3. leiizko

    Report for Avi

    Banned. Thanks for reporting.
  4. leiizko

    Ban appeal for Kuros

    Maybe we weren't clear enough. The ID matches the one on the ban record and the ID is not CD-key depended. We don't care what name you played with or when it is the last time you remember playing. Numbers don't lie, you did cheat. Ban stays.
  5. leiizko

    Ban appeal for Kuros

    Ban record. We do not unban cheaters so the ban stays.
  6. leiizko


    Scan for malware/viruses, if your PC is clean then it's a faulty driver. Try reinstalling / updating them - most basic ones are sound, network and GPU drivers (network ones are usually the ones being shitty)
  7. leiizko


    Some program you have is most likely leaking memory. All you can do really is check in task manager for highest memory use and close down every program you are not actively using. In my case OS (Win10) is usually hovering about 2.4gb use. Also the info you marked includes virtual memory, your actual physical memory (RAM) is 32gb.
  8. leiizko

    Server updates

    Crash was added to the rotation and the player count needed for medium rotation has been lowered a little for the time being. If needed more adjustments will be made.
  9. leiizko

    Server updates

    We are open to suggestions about map pools. If you think other maps deserve to be in let us know. Another update: Lag that was present on servers lately is believed to be fixed now. Happy fragging!
  10. leiizko

    Server updates

    Hey there everyone! As you might have noticed, there was a lot of work being done on servers recently. The changes are as follows: Hardcore TDM, FFA and Softcore TDM servers: * Mapvote system has been improved: - You are now able to move up and down the list - If multiple maps have the same amount of votes the map is chosen randomly - Maps now dynamically change depending on the amount of players * End of game stats have been replaced with leaderboards: - Top 5 players will now be showcased at the end of the game - Must have atleast 200 kills to be showcased - Banned players will be removed - If you are inactive for more than 7 days, your stats will be hidden until you play a game - If you are inactive for more than 90 days, your stats will be removed * $stats command: - Now shows Trueskill rating, KDA rating and your global rank (min 200 kills to be ranked) - Global rating will update only at the start of the match - If you are inactive for more than 7 days, your stats will be hidden until you play a game - If you are inactive for more than 90 days, your stats will be removed * Added $report command - Using this command will report a player to our discord channel - It is advised to use $pbss command before reporting a player - Abuse of this command will result in ban! * VIP perks: - Icon on the scoreboard - Icon in killcam feed - VIP welcome - Hardline perk: 1 kill less for hardpoints Obscurity: * Added $report command We also plan to change some of the dead servers soon. - The IceOps Staff
  11. update: Added a $report command(Only on the FFA Server for testing) - reports a player to discord channel (#admin_calls) Banned players will now get removed from leaderboards. Side note: Auto balance never worked with Trueskill nor will now work with KDA. Only criteria it uses is players playtime on team - Last in team, first out. If no bugs are found within next few days all stats will get wiped and other servers updated ( HC TDM, SC TDM )
  12. FFA server has been updated. Changes (that I remember right now): - Mapvote has been updated ( You can now move up and down the list, it now choses randomly if more maps have same amount of votes ) - Dynamic map rotation - KDA system ( $stats ) - VIP is a bit more promoted now - Changed best map stats to leaderboards at the end of the game ( shows top 5 ranked players globally, Trueskill based on FFA, KDA based on team games ) Changes will be moved to other servers once it proves to be stable and automatic system is made to remove banned players from the leaderboards. Obviously any more ideas are welcome.
  13. Hijacking for a bit: Need map ideas for 3 map pools that depend on player size. Must have atleast 3 maps in each pool and player count range for each pool.
  14. Some new servers will come soon, probably S&D. It's not meant as "buy VIP to get whatever", it is meant as a thank you for supporting the community. That server is running a dev version of new CoD4X server for testing purposes and is still broken, however it is close to being finished. Anyone can apply for moderator but people simply aren't interested in such thing at the moment and sadly we can't be online 24/7. A discord bot (report function) might be added once new server is finished. Will be reset once new server is finished. It's a gimmick, obviously it can't reflect a players' skill in a public match, where teams are horribly unbalanced and people join/leave all the time. KDA ratio could be added as it's a simple matter, but once again not before new server is finished. In short mapvote system is stupidly annoying to deal with so I don't see it changing anytime soon. As for the map names, it should already show correct map names. First time hearing about it actually, played a match today and couldn't notice a thing. In any case servers have been restarted so if there was an issue it is probably gone now. Never gonna happen, it is impossible to balance a public match.
  15. leiizko

    CSGO team

    Those are all good games but the problem is there is no real way to get new members from those games. Sure we can make a group for LoL for example but it will still be limited to already members who play said game. Noone else will actually care about iceops. Us officially supporting those games won't make any difference, members can already get together and play the games if they chose so.