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  1. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    The second HC server has been set. It has also disabled hardpoints and gl/rpg/c4/clays.
  2. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    The camping issue: I've been thinking about a different kind of "anti-camp" system where the player would receive a damage penalty instead of killing him. So in a event he camps for too long, his damage will be reduced by some number, making wallbang kills very difficult. Nade issue: If delay doesn't help we can always try giving nades to people as 1 kill streak reward instead. This should eliminate a lot of nade spam. The hardpoints: The shop that was described was already present on the server a while ago. People disliked it so we removed it. Right now it will work kind of like "select a class". You will have extra menu in which you will be able to set your hardpoint loadout. And since players will be limited to 3 hardpoints, we can let them keep previously earned, so no more wasting them. Second smaller TDM server does seem like a nice idea. Perhaps switching the softcore one with 12 slot HC one.
  3. leiizko

    HC HighXP server update

    Hey there everyone! There is a huge update in the works and while at it I would like to get some community input on the current state of the server and any additional suggestions, ideas, problems to solve, etc. A bit of a sneak peak on the bigger upcoming features: Ranks above 55, a "soft" prestige, Hardpoint (killstreak) selection, each player will be able to select 3 hardpoints he would like to use in a match. I've been also toying with the idea of disabling nades for the first X seconds after a player spawns to reduce the spam cycle (spawn -> throw nade - > die -> repeat, all in very short amount of time) The target date for the update is approx. end of the september, giving us enough time to implement requested changes and solve other problems. - The IceOps Staff
  4. leiizko

    Stats Rank Number 1

    To stay on the leaderboards you need to be active on the server. After period of inactivity your rank gets hidden and if you stay inactive for longer, it gets deleted. There is also a entry barrier so people can't get first rank just with one good game. So yes, if you keep playing good you will get your chance. Trueskill is based off your wins and loses. You win, you gain rating and vice versa. It does take account of your performance as well. This is not something that is relialable in tdm matches so don't worry about it. Leaderboards are kda based anyway.
  5. leiizko

    Little tweak for HC server

    Sure this can be changed. Was a bit much in my opinion too, but people seem'd to like it. While on the topic any suggestions about score and time limits?
  6. leiizko

    Ban appeal for Cro

    Unbanned. Seems the guy that reported the "MuneebX" guy got the wrong ID written down. Sorry for that.
  7. leiizko

    Why banned me ?

    We do not remove bans for cheating. Ban Appeal Denied.
  8. leiizko

    Ban appeal for NENENENENENENENE

    After some internal discussion we have come to following conclusion: Using character skins that do give an advantage to the player will not be tolerated. However as this is not as severe as general cheats we have decided we will give another chance to players who do a proper and respectful appeal. If same player is caught twice using said skins, the ban will not be lifted under any circumstance! You are welcome to return to our servers as long as you remove those skins. -Ban Appeal Granted Sincerely, -The IceOps Staff
  9. leiizko

    Report for Avi

    Banned. Thanks for reporting.
  10. leiizko

    Ban appeal for Kuros

    Maybe we weren't clear enough. The ID matches the one on the ban record and the ID is not CD-key depended. We don't care what name you played with or when it is the last time you remember playing. Numbers don't lie, you did cheat. Ban stays.
  11. leiizko

    Ban appeal for Kuros

    Ban record. We do not unban cheaters so the ban stays.
  12. leiizko


    Scan for malware/viruses, if your PC is clean then it's a faulty driver. Try reinstalling / updating them - most basic ones are sound, network and GPU drivers (network ones are usually the ones being shitty)
  13. leiizko


    Some program you have is most likely leaking memory. All you can do really is check in task manager for highest memory use and close down every program you are not actively using. In my case OS (Win10) is usually hovering about 2.4gb use. Also the info you marked includes virtual memory, your actual physical memory (RAM) is 32gb.
  14. leiizko

    Server updates

    Crash was added to the rotation and the player count needed for medium rotation has been lowered a little for the time being. If needed more adjustments will be made.
  15. leiizko

    Server updates

    We are open to suggestions about map pools. If you think other maps deserve to be in let us know. Another update: Lag that was present on servers lately is believed to be fixed now. Happy fragging!