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  1. KMB

    Damage table

    Having played a few games of the new update and 'testing' a few different things, i like what i see tbvh, however it seems the time to kill for every weapon has gone up, has the player health been raised again or does it just seem that way , even with the AK47 i was getting a good amount of hitmarkers at 100 DMG before killing someone and same with the AK74-U. The deagle even at 100 dmg and point blank seems to be getting hitmarkers quite often, and im hitting them in the chest or above. P90 Damage has significantly been nerfed which i love becuase that thing was so 'unfair' however i feel it got hit just a little too much and think it needs 'minscule' tweaking in my honest opinion! (I will continue to test the p90 as it stands to see if it actually is useless or not) M21 seems a bit inconsistant in some ways, at times i can one shot kill someone on 34DMG but at times it'll get 4 hitmarkers. However i do feel it gets a hell of a lot more hitmarkers then it did which is brilliant! However i do have a few things that i think can be improved with this update Helicopter killstreak to be increased to 12+ as it's too overpowered for just 7 kills Nuke killstreak to be increased from '18' to '25' as i was almost able to get 2 nukes extremely easy in the space of half a game, on a good day i could probably call in 3-4 nukes in one game possibly more with the killstreak being at '18'. Thank you for update! -KMB
  2. So if this is not a glitch nor a bug or any sort then why have we been told that the m21 and p90 are due to be nerfed, there is clearly something wrong with it. Every other weapon gets this anti-camp but not the m21, that does not seem right. I'm not a bad player in any sort of way , yes you have the advtange of knowing where they are but killing them is completely different when they're aiming in your spawn or the EXIT of your spawn, this problem with m21 has just been getting worse every day since the update was released. Camp all you want , idc at all , its the abuse of the m21 is what is the issue, sitting there all game in one spot without the anti camp doing anything, yet i could run round all game and get 10 hitmarkers with an ak because im on 67 DMG... If playing another server is the only way to go then unfortuantly it will have to be that because this doesn't seem like its ever going to change. And this is way to unfair for the people who are actually abiding by the Anti-Camp system. -KMB
  3. No not because i don't like there playstyle at all, because they're clearly exploiting a flaw in the system, and so its fair i can't play because these play abuse this system ... Seems a bit one sided FOR the people abusing the system quite frankly. This is NOT normal playstyles for most of these players, they are just doing it this way because its the best way to get past the dmg system, If we can't warn or kick or do ANYTHING until the update arrives then whats the point in playing if these players get ALL the advantage and no negative.. (Q). Whats the best way to deal with this then until the update comes? (A). Leave There is literally nothing else to do but leave if nothing else can be done, i don't mind 'Campers' , it's the 'Extreme Camping with M21' that A LOT of people have an issue with , the only people that don't have an issue with it , is the ones abusing it. It is literally Unplayable for anyone with my playstyle and you'll find there's a good amount of players that play just like me, abiding by the anti-camp with no reward except full damage when m21's get that sitting still. Unfair advantage on a serious scale and quite frankly a lot of players agree and so do i! - KMB
  4. Hello, Okay first of all, none of this would of happened if i didn't clearly see you were abusing the Anti-Camp system with the M21 on ambush, i asked you not to abuse it and you started to argue with me, I warned you because you we're ignoring what i said and continued to do so! This is just blaitently exploiting the Anti-Camp system. The issue was not about where you were looking it was that you were not moving or just about moving... but staying in said location,also you may be able to see 5 different ways out but you chose to stay in the position to have the advantage of using the m21 from long range with a 1 shot capability. There is a serious ploblem with people exploiting these 'said' weapons just because they don't get affected by the Anti-Camp at all it seems like, we have all been patiently waiting for an update to fix this issue but it's now at the point where a lot of people are leaving within a few minutes because they can't do anything. I personally myself have stopped playing by at least 90% because it's literally unplayable for a player with my 'gamestyle', it's too unfair on the players that actually abide by this Anti-Camp system because they can't kill in 1 shot with any other weapons at 34DMG and have no ability to kill a player sitting in one spot across the map, i tried explaining this. Especially when players are going 40 kills to 0 deaths because they can't be killed from accross the map, and this happens almost every game! This is a server wide issue that the M21 just ignores the Anti-Camp it seems and because of that no one seems to move because they don't need to. Actually the warning was for 'Chronic M21 Camping' but i did state, regulars players would be kicked if they were to argue with an admin like you were doing. I'm sorry you feel this way and i hope you do re-consider to stay. -KMB P.s.- If i was in the wrong then someone tell me but quite frankly i feel i was justified in doing what i did in said situation , i didn't do it for myself , i did it for other players in the server because this has been a major issue for too long in my opinion and he was not the only player that was being asked to move.
  5. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    Thank you! My sanity also says thank you XD
  6. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    Well not really because the p90 was never abused this much before the anti-camp update, now it's being abused left right and center, and the m21 has always been an issue , they were not using p90s at all but not everyone is suddenly using it
  7. KMB

    Ghilly's Ban Appeal

    Okay, i have un-banned you now, but you must not use any type of player enhancing features as behemoth stated, if you use player skins again the next ban will not be reversed.
  8. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    Tbvh you already have people leaving, even our own admins don't play on High xp ... and quite frankly it's made me stop playing so much too.
  9. KMB

    p90 ban

    Well if so many people are using the p90 then that is saying to me there is an issue with 'said' gun being too overpowerful and overly abused on our servers, the only reason they are actually using a p90 is because its fire rate is good, its hipfire spreadis non existant and it has 50 bullets oh and its op... before these updates on the server ,we never had all these players abusing the p90 like this, even 'IF' they are altered, the amount NEEDED to nerf would be pointless for the coders , would be 100x easier too just remove the weapon.
  10. KMB

    p90 ban

    Well what about the people that liked to use RPG? There is a good few of those but no one cared about disabling it now, but all of a sudden because everyone OP gun is on the balance everyone is unhappy
  11. KMB

    p90 ban

    I'm sorry but it requires 0 skill to spray from the hip to get kills on the hardcore server, the issue with the p90 is the sheer magazine size is 50 bullets, now on hardcore with 100DMG that 2-3 shots per kill give or take( thats 16 kills per magazine if you had perfect accuracy) , that doesn't seem very fair now does it, personally the m21 and p90 need removing as the nerfs required for the weapons would make them un-usable anyways. Personally i don't think it is fair that someone wtll not very much 'skill' can just hipfire spray 50 bullets whilst walking round corners.... if anything you're losing more of the 'skilled' players and the trusted and older players of the server and even now admins have stopped playing as much because now at the point where even i don't want to play i just watch most the time because EVERY player decides to hop on the bandwagon, more people want this gun BANNED/REMOVED then people actually want it altering. And why players need to use the p90 instead of complaining about it, they have a right to there own opinions. Also if so many people are complaining about it to the point where its irritating you, doesn't that kinda prove my point by most people want it removed?
  12. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    I have had a quick glance at this and i think this is actually implemented exteremly well. I'm not sure why but i didn't have any of my classes it only had default ones and default custom classes , maybe due to the mod? Also there is an option for 4 killstreaks buttons, but you can only have 3 killstreaks equipped?
  13. KMB

    Report for killa^sower

  14. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    After playing for a good few days, i feel the anti-camp is not working very well, i'm still getting one shotted by m21's sitting in the same place every game on a regular basis and they are avoiding the anti camp DMG system by simply using stopping power which i tried myself , i was very rarely getting hitmarkers. Also i think stuns need to be removed as by the time you actually can move or see when you get stunned your DMG is at 64 unless you constantly move but then you're at an even more disadvantage which i don't think should be the case.
  15. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    All these gameplay updates aside, is there anyway we can get a new map rotation? These maps are getting quite old and a lot of players are asking for new maps, as admins we can change the maps ourselves but the players cant without having half the players voting yes and when it's full of 36 people, it's very difficult to actually get the map to change. There is quite a few maps where it is literally impossible to get out of the spawn trap , e.g. Vacant, chinatown ,crash i actually switch to spectator during these maps(most of the time) due to not being able to get out. I'm not an inexperienced player either and even for me its extremely difficult when the spawns are being hard locked by campers and grenades. Or maybe a function that is able to be put in that gives the team that cannot move from spawn a chance to actually get out.