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  1. KMB

    got banned ?

    Very conflicted answer from different admins....
  2. KMB

    Ban Apeal Registerd Flex offender part 2

    All i'm going to say is this, evidence has been provided via IceOps Admin Discord Chat for all admins to see, also i have almost got 300 bans which is more then most admins.... I fully understand the fact i cant ban without valid proof which i wouldn't if i didn't have it XD I've been ill for the last 2 days stuck in my bed, yes i should of provided the proof on the ban but am i the only admin to ever do it? As for the claim i don't like him then you're just wrong.
  3. KMB

    got banned ?

    @ProXicTThank god someone else actually sees it other then me, and i have got several demos of him myself , but recently he's also been changing his name frequently so he is not known as Registered Flex Offender ... im sorry but you dont change your name every day after a ban for no reason.....also dont care if he sees this XD
  4. KMB

    got banned ?

    Don't try twisting this flex XD and maybe because everytime im in game you toggle? Because you've been caught by another player you're questioning me? I think not pal.
  5. KMB

    got banned ?

    Seriously? ....... happens literally everytime he shoots fgs XD and no other player when spectating or that i have banned has this ever happened too so why is it just him? I've watched this guy so many times and every time its sus , if im the only one to see it then somethings wrong XD
  6. KMB

    got banned ?

    I was the admin that banned you due to the evidence provided to me by another player. Proof is provided with this post. As i was watching this your sniper was not moving upwards with recoil when you was shooting from what i see and neither was your desert eagle. as for the 'Roccat' you are not shooting on these players but somehow actually hitting them.... several shots where this has happened. Other admins please look at these demos and give your opinions. Registered.rar
  7. KMB

    zo exploiting

    Thank you for your report @DED This player has now been temp banned for 1 day.
  8. KMB

    Culture Ban Appeal

    Considering i'm one of the admins that has warned/kicked and banned you several times for this offence then i feel i should weigh in heavily here. Temp banned the 1st time for '1 day' for ignoring several warnings and kicks about glitching. Temp banned the 2nd time for '3 days' for Glitching/Ele. Which was being personally watched live by myself and @Kenai. Perm banned (depending) the 3rd time for 'you we're warned about glitching'. After the last temp ban(2nd ban) ended you rejoined the game and played completely fine , you even asked myself and @Behemoth if certain spot was considered a glitch or not because you didn't want another ban. You may have only been showing someone a certain spot but you should have already known the risks with doing so and should of told them 'you don't want another ban' if that is the case. These rules are in place to try and make a 'fair' enviroment to everyone playing. I do however feel a 'Permanent ban' is a bit excessive however considering you have been warned/kicked and banned quite a few times for the same reason i feel the ban should stay for minimum of 1 week maybe longer depending on how other staff/moderators feel.
  9. KMB

    Sea Shanty 2 [b6]'s Ban Appeal

    As you have been banned previously for 'player skins' this time your ban will stay , you have used something to gain advantage over other players on 2 seperate occasions. This ban will be NOT be lifted. Wether it gives you a clear advantage or not you have used something that has give you or has the ability to give you the advantage over other players. -KMB
  10. KMB

    Map rotation

    I dont see how that is possibly spam If i'm not allowed to speak my ideas or opinion then i'd like an upper admin to say so XD
  11. KMB

    Map rotation

    Thank you for explaining that. It was just very confusing as there was no prior information before the change . Much appreciated @leiizko
  12. KMB

    Map rotation

    Your idea of 'fun' may be way off to many other players, not every player likes to sit there spamming through walls. All i wanted to know is why the entire rotation was changed with so little people asking for it??? And yet i've stilll had no answer.
  13. KMB

    Map rotation

    Okay only two? Out of a server that has over 100+ different players almost everday... When we asked for a new rotation a few months ago it took several people/member/moderators and several months before anything was done, now only '2' people as you claim did not like these rotations and it was changed within maybe a week? Yes when i skipped killhouse a few people complained, but many did not which maybe you did not notice. I was asked by several people to switch the map on several different occasions. For a 18v18 HARDCORE server to have killhouse in rotation in my personal opinion was completely not considered at all. I've had 90% complaints about the map 'Killhouse' the rest have were saying they like it. You could be the best player on the game and you will be trapped by LMG spammers, nades and killstreaks. I've only played on this server since last year and tbvh i havn't seen many of the 'Admins' in game to even experience any of what is being said. Except the odd few.
  14. KMB

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    As i've already told storm in private messages that he is doing himself no good in doing any of this. However i've spoken to both 610 and storm and i think there may be an mis-understanding about the player slots issue, this is not a cheat, i have had 0 issues acquiring storms player slots in any previous attemps in kicking/muting/banning or even private messaging in game . I don't want to be involved i just want to say my piece as i think theres been a serious mis-understanding. @$t0rM [= I have told you multiple times speaking like this will do no good in any situation, if there has been abuse of power then im sure we will get to the root of the issue but insulting and threatening anybody will not help anything. As for @610 *.* 'Shut up' i don't think is a valid reason for a kick/ban/mute nor is 'storm' as you probably have been told by the upper admins. Storm has been muted for the past 8 days so i don't see how he could of done anything that was worthy of that kick unless you have proof. - KMB
  15. KMB

    Report for kiiik

    Player has been banned , thank you for your report!