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  1. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    I have had a quick glance at this and i think this is actually implemented exteremly well. I'm not sure why but i didn't have any of my classes it only had default ones and default custom classes , maybe due to the mod? Also there is an option for 4 killstreaks buttons, but you can only have 3 killstreaks equipped?
  2. KMB

    Report for killa^sower

  3. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    After playing for a good few days, i feel the anti-camp is not working very well, i'm still getting one shotted by m21's sitting in the same place every game on a regular basis and they are avoiding the anti camp DMG system by simply using stopping power which i tried myself , i was very rarely getting hitmarkers. Also i think stuns need to be removed as by the time you actually can move or see when you get stunned your DMG is at 64 unless you constantly move but then you're at an even more disadvantage which i don't think should be the case.
  4. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    All these gameplay updates aside, is there anyway we can get a new map rotation? These maps are getting quite old and a lot of players are asking for new maps, as admins we can change the maps ourselves but the players cant without having half the players voting yes and when it's full of 36 people, it's very difficult to actually get the map to change. There is quite a few maps where it is literally impossible to get out of the spawn trap , e.g. Vacant, chinatown ,crash i actually switch to spectator during these maps(most of the time) due to not being able to get out. I'm not an inexperienced player either and even for me its extremely difficult when the spawns are being hard locked by campers and grenades. Or maybe a function that is able to be put in that gives the team that cannot move from spawn a chance to actually get out.
  5. KMB

    TheRealSniper--_-- Wallhack

    I did ask for the Demo provided and i personally thought he was using something such as No recoil&Wallhack, i even got a second opinion and they thought the same aswell, i didn't ban ban due to head admins being more experienced then i am and maybe they would choose a better decision other then i did. However due to him not being banned, i will personally take it upon myself to keep an eye on this player! I am happy to recieve any demo's or evidence regarding this matter
  6. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    Thank you so much for the updates especially removing RPG's!! I'm glad health has been reduced also as not one shotting with the deagle was infuriating XD As for the hitreg , i've noticed it seems to of got worse,i will play a bit more today and get a better feel and record what i get.
  7. KMB

    Field of view - FOV

    I actually have quite a bit of proof on the hit reg issue, plenty of videos and one point blank , and i have 20 ping and 250 fps @leiizko
  8. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    The deagle unfortuantly isn't one shot even with 100% DMG, unless you're running stopping power, which i run UAV jammer , and i agree with @Milad as the M21 is the only problem sniper as the rest have plenty of recoil and/or a bolt-action animation or reload. RPG's in my opinion should be removed as it's just too easy to get multiple kills without any sort of skill. Thank you for all the updates also @leiizko
  9. KMB

    HC HighXP server update

    The most 'Abused' sniper would be the M21, i use an r700 and m40a3 whilst running around, now if they were to NOT one shot then that would deem the r700 and m40 useless as they already are single shot rifles and take time to shoot again and not semi automatics as you can shoot the m21 soo much quicker, unless this is only being applied to the semi automatic sniper. I love the update tho , smart idea and brilliant execution
  10. KMB

    Shaky's Ban Appeal

    I'm gonna leave this to the upper admins as they are quite a bit more experienced then i am.
  11. KMB

    Shaky's Ban Appeal

    Here are both the demos that were taken by me and another player in 2 seperate games. You were blaitently aiming at people directly through the wall with no knowledge of there location and no uav to show said location, as for the screenshots being clear they can be bypassed to show a clear screen instead of the hacks that show on the users screen. shakywh_dm_1.56c19c691a48d18004f14d396139626d shaky_dm_1.2ebaddd55bea6e4f620dd55f43ce58a9
  12. KMB

    Report for Like_A_Boss

    Players' name: Like_A_Boss Players' PlayerID: 2310346616662078852 Server: Hardcore HighXP Proof: Please describe what happened:
  13. KMB

    Report for Ustasa

    Players' name: Ustasa Players' PlayerID: 2310346617301006970 Server: Hardcore HighXP Proof: Please describe what happened:
  14. KMB

    Report for NINJA

    Players' name: NINJA Players' PlayerID: 2310346613603919581 Server: Hardcore HighXP Proof: Please describe what happened: