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  1. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    I'd also love to see some promod server as IceOps used to have some years back. It had quite a unique community, I think. For what reason it was taken down anyway?
  2. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    That's what I stated in the shoutbox, too. Absolutely not suited for this game-type with this player-count.
  3. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    This sounds good! I really don't think the delay will help in any way, but it's wise to give it a try and see than just scratching the idea altogether. If it doesn't help, your idea with earning the nade for the first kill sounds like a great solution. Oh, I didn't know there was such shop in the past. I can't really imagine what it will look like now, but I am looking forward to trying it out Cool!
  4. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    I like the idea of having more servers with way fewer slots, but 10v10 still seems a little too much. What about good old 5v5 or 7v7 at most? Some players prefer to play against a lot of people and some others prefer to play against just a few people (me included :P)
  5. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    Hardpoint shop is a great idea and I am looking forward to seeing that in action! It might solve the trouble of many players where they kill, for example, 3 opponents, get a UAV which they don't even get to use because they kill another 2 players in the next second. So, basically, the hardpoint item is lost by earning a new one. Even though I like the idea of being able to select from 3 different hardpoint items, I think this could be improved even more. What if players were earning points instead of certain hardpoint items and in the "shop" they would be able to buy whatever item they want? The cost of each item would be dependant on the impact of the item - i.e. UAV would be the cheapest and AC130 most expensive. One of my greatest concerns is campers. There are players who can literally spend all map in one corner where just a top of their head is visible and they are near to impossible to kill. Would be nice to set up some limit on how long a player can stand within some radius. If some player exceeds the time limit, he'd get marked for all other players so everyone would know where he is. And a cherry on top - if he doesn't move even when marked, he'd just die after some time. Ad nades - I don't know whether the delay would help. Players can just spawn and wait after the delay ends and throw the nade afterwards. I don't think this changes anything. What about if there was a longer spaw protection against nades? It happens so often to me that I spawn and I die immediately just because of some random nade exploding beneath my feet. This applies to TDM, but I strongly believe that having a nade delay on S&D game-type is a step backwards. It ruins the overall game flow. In S&D, nades are mostly used to stop the rushers from reaching a certain position and by introducing the delay it makes it impossible to use them properly. Another problem I am facing quite often is how the enemies spawn. They can literally spawn right behind you, but I am afraid there is nothing that could be done to address this issue. And please, what is wrong with the hit registration? I find that pretty atrocious, to be honest.
  6. ProXicT

    Reporting player beaugoses for WH

    Glad to hear that, thanks
  7. ProXicT

    Reporting player beaugoses for WH

    Hello, I would like to report player beaugoses for WH on 5v5 promod server. Time: 16:40 UTC+1 Player name: beaugoses Player GUID: U:32:895300592 Server: Promod 5vs5 Reason: WH Demo file included. Kind Regards, ProXicT beaugoses_wh.dm_1