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  1. ProXicT

    got banned ?

    @KMB Don't worry, you're not crazy, I can see the no-recoil as well. When he's shooting with scope, there is no recoil whatsoever. This ain't no spectate bug, it happens literally every single time he fires a bullet from scope. It's hard to tell with deagle, because there it highly depends on the rate of fire and could be a spectate bug. But I couldn't see any signs of roccat in the demos. It can happen that the shot looks like a miss in the demo or in spectate, but that's just down to the ping difference.
  2. ProXicT

    bingO's Ban Appeal

    It wasn't that you just wanted to try it, you were playing with no-smoke for a long time, flexing on other players how good you are. Apart from that, you were banned months ago and now I banned you again for bypassing the ban. So it's a big fat NO from me.
  3. ProXicT

    Colt DRGN's Ban Appeal

    I don't understand how anyone finds it fair to have player skins... like how do you even get the idea in the first place? Didn't you think for a second, before applying these player skins, to see if it's actually considered as a cheat? This is not far away from using WH and other stuff IMO.
  4. ProXicT

    Don't wanna be admin anymore

    I should also point out, we tend to blame the weapons, but that's not the root cause of the problem. The problem are the campers regardless of the weapon they use. If we ban M21, they will find another weapon that maybe isn't as OP but has similar effect, like Barrett or SVD, for example.
  5. ProXicT

    Don't wanna be admin anymore

    Hi 610, Since I was the one who started all this because I believe I was the one who first kicked someone for chronic camping, I feel obligated to share my opinion about campers on this server. I totally understand that when you're sniping, you don't want to run around in the middle of the map to get yourself killed. On the other hand, many players (active players will know very well who I'm talking about) take that to such extremes that they hide with M21 behind an obstacle so that only a few pixels of their head is visible, if at all. I think it was MVR who I kicked for chronic camping on crossfire where he always sits at spots that are hard to reach and he's almost invisible at these spots (note that he's also the guy who loves to abuse the sandbags glitch on ambush). With MVR, on crossfire he's notoriously camping in top hotel, on crash it's spawn-house balcony, on strike it's hotel square, on citystreets it's grave-yard and so on - always "head-glitching" (yes, that's a term used in CoD4). And one could argue that it's also part of the skill to blend in with the environment, and they would be right, partially it is, but again, not when you're sitting at one spot throughout the entire map and abusing these places that are hard to reach. It's so frustrating for other players that they are leaving the game. When I first kicked MVR for camping, it wasn't only on my behalf, I think he was even in my team, but many players left just because of him. Camping has been an issue for a long time here and it's been such a big issue that @leiizko has spent I believe more than several evenings trying to implement something that would address the issue. Unfortunately, the implementation doesn't work as intended (which was broadly discussed in another thread), so I think we'll have to try something different. But since all of this takes a lot of time, I thought I would just help the situation by temporarily kicking these hard-campers (after asking them to move) from the game when they are causing other people to leave, until a working solution gets implemented. I'm trying to be as tolerant as I can be in this respect because as I already said, I really do understand that not everyone is keen about running with sniper rifle in the middle of the street. CoD4 in general is not doing as great as last year and it's getting considerably worse every year. And I know for a fact that many former CoD4 players wanted to return to the game, only to find out that one of the most, if not the most occupied servers is full of campers that render the game unplayable. So yes, I'm trying to take actions to prevent this from happening. I haven't been there when KMB warned you for camping, but I'm pretty sure he knew what he was doing. Hope you'll think it through and stay with us Best Regards ProXicT.
  6. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    It is to prevent proning. These hardpoints actually change your position and not just camera focus. If you are prone you cannot look straight down which makes you unable aim properly.  Oh, I see, makes sense. Thanks for the explanation
  7. ProXicT

    p90 ban

    Yeah, but why do the players play with these weapons? Because these weapons are OP. If you nerf it, people will stop using them, so what's the point of having them on the server at all?
  8. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    Hey mate, yeah, I'm not very active on the servers lately, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you all in-game again soon! Yep, I'm doing well, thanks I hope you're doing well, too I wouldn't say that camping is as big of a problem on other CoD4 servers as it is here. In fact, on many servers, it's against the rules to camp and admins usually kick players who are notoriously camping. And at least on the servers I've been playing at for some time, camping is no longer an issue. Ad the punishment for camping - there have been many great ideas in this thread to mitigate the problem. But the most difficult task is probably the implementation. Somewhere in this thread, I already pointed it out that detecting the campers is not as easy as it might sound, so getting this to work correctly might take some time and a lot of trial and error.
  9. ProXicT

    p90 ban

    Really well said! I absolutely second this.
  10. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    @|DoDziii| From players I know, they all leave IceOps servers after a few minutes just because of campers. It's actually hard to bring new people to this server just due to campers who somehow enjoy the game while sitting in a corner with m21 all the time, surrounded by claymores.
  11. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    Yeah, that's what I suspected when I said that I believe most of the Slavic languages will suffer from this problem
  12. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    @leiizko So, I just finished the Czech translation and I ran into a problem with a translation of the hardpoint weapons names. The problem is, the Czech language has a rather complex declension system where nouns take a different form based on the context they're used in. This fact makes it so much harder to make use of the placeholders as many phrases just wouldn't make any sense after substituting the placeholder for the translated name. And this doesn't apply only to the Czech language, I think many Slavic languages suffer from this problem. Personally, I'm more inclined towards not translating the hardpoint weapon names at all as it might do more harm than good, so I left them in verbatim. And frankly, I think most of the names are a lingua franca among all the players anyway and translating them would only lead to confusion. Also, in some other cases, it just doesn't make sense to translate certain nouns. For example, the word "killstreak" is impossible to translate to Czech using one word, it would be something like "Počet zabití v řadě" (Number of kills in a row). And it might not even fit into the UI. A problem I'm concerned about is diacritic that isn't present in fonts used by CoD4. For example, as far as I know, CoD4 cannot draw characters with carons (ěščřžý) which are widely used in Czech. So I think, eventually, we'll have to get rid of the diacritic even though the translation won't look very good, but if that's the only option, we will have to go with that, I guess. Because I wasn't always sure about the context, I am sure there are going to be some nonsenses in my translation. I guess I'll just have to try it out myself in action to see what it looks like when it's all put together. Also, regardless of the localization, if someone has a colourful name, the colour escape sequence will propagate further to the text followed after the name. To mitigate this, I think every placeholder, that might contain a colour once substituted, would have to be terminated by a default colour escape sequence. Of course, that only holds true if the text isn't already stripped of the colours, in which case just act as if I didn't say anything PS: When I try to use a certain hardpoint weapon, there is this annoying message saying: "You must stand to use this hardpoint". I never understood this restriction, is it necessary for some reason? ne.str cs.str
  13. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    To my knowledge, promod never allowed cl_maxpackets to be higher than 100. The range was always from 60 to 100... But there might be some modified version of promod that allows higher cl_maxpackets value. But yeah, that should help with hitreg if you have a good enough connection, which is true in most cases these days.
  14. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    Well, for me it works pretty well, but that might be because I'm more of a fast-paced player. But I agree that this implementation is always forcing everyone to move and to move fast. The problem is, the implementation might not be as easy as it sounds. How do you differentiate between someone moving on one spot with a radius of 1m and somebody is running a longer distance? And where is the threshold for a longer distance? Do you measure the distance of the route you took (difficult to implement) or the relative distance between the previous position and the current one? What if there are two ways to get from point A to B, where the first route is just jumping off a building and the other way is taking walking down the stairs? If you really think about it, the algorithm can get pretty complex. I don't think anything has changed in the last patch regarding the hitreg. 125 tick servers were never a thing, as far as I know. All CoD4 servers run at 20 ticks. IceOps made some modifications allowing the server to run at 40 ticks at some point, don't know if it's still running at 40 ticks. But it was never 125, I believe.
  15. ProXicT

    HC HighXP server update

    Oh, true, that didn't occur to me... Well, that's a pity, many people were actually hyped about the idea of new maps. I guess there is nothing we can do about it, If we don't want to make a mod, that is. Is there actually any disadvantage of running a mod?