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  1. TinkerBell

    Report for 2nd BATORI

    ok kenai,thank you for clarifying the situation
  2. TinkerBell

    Report for 2nd BATORI

    CROdator its obvious that his 4 ss looks fine. Why? Because these screenshots are by start of round (Im not sure 100% how $pbss system works,Is it making automatically screenshot when player join or when new map?) As you can see,every screenshot is with the welcome message-that's why i thought it. Anyway, he also have some kind of anti pbbs,you can see it on demo. I did execute command $pbss 2nd BATORI then he immediately left - I tried it like 3 times About the error- maybe there is something wrong with REPORT form,shouldn't it be downloading the demo after you click on link? IDK,question for "red guys" ;D Let me try upload that demo somewhere,so you can check it by yourself. Hope you can understand my great english *wink wink* Edit: I did attach demo,can you download it from here? 2nd BATORI.dm_1
  3. TinkerBell

    Report for 2nd BATORI

    Players' name: 2nd BATORI Players' PlayerID: [U:32:1487662729] Server: 40Hz Hardcore HighXP Please describe what happened: Cheater+anti $pbss Proof: 1810118904_2ndBATORI_dm_1.9652dee9d513d511a268a7a071ff6201
  4. TinkerBell


  5. meueuhem.png.a446242aed3bf66da9177696b4858830.png

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    2. TinkerBell


      because you are not online on steam, i will put that link here :00008359:


    3. DinoGrzmot


      more luck than skill u nub <X 

    4. TinkerBell
  6. nubnubnbubnbunbubnbunbubnbunbubnbubnubnbubnbunbubnubn 

  7. TinkerBell

    Head Members Group

    gz .)
  8. TinkerBell


    +1 for hns
  9. :3 Na dobrú náladu :D


  10. TinkerBell

    Report for AlieNzZ and Glitcher

    Player's name: AlieNzZ and Glitcher Player's PlayerID: 2310346615633131662 / 2310346615933134988 Server: IceOps Deathrun Please describe what happened: Bind spam Proof: http://imgur.com/a/WlNXN
  11. TinkerBell

    Where is deathrun?

    Add me on steam > http://steamcommunity.com/id/tinker3 I´ll try to help you
  12. -rep.. Ruining my partyhard in deathrun with $wtf

    plz plz plz bys (ban yourself) <3 

    1. 0sjors0


      haha rip, was a spectaculair end party :3

    2. TinkerBell




  13. TinkerBell

    Where is deathrun?

    just write in console /connect cod4.iceops.co:28981
  14. Pro CSGO clutcher, carries everybody to global :D