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  1. TinkerBell

    Report for SnickerS

    Players' name: SnickerS Players' PlayerID: 2310346613571974381 Server: Promod Please describe what happened: WH Proof:
  2. TinkerBell

    S&D - Change gametype/map VOTE

    You have to change it back, for example if u change from s&d to tdm it stays on tdm until next successful vote
  3. TinkerBell

    S&D - Change gametype/map VOTE

    Video should be working now. Then whats the point of having s&d server when you can change gametypes :p I did not try it on deathrun server, maybe its working too
  4. TinkerBell

    S&D - Change gametype/map VOTE

    @izk0 As you can see on demo,i tried it on WAR HIGH XP which was TDM by default. i did vote for another map and s&d gamemode test.dm_1 Edit: Just uploading video on YT incase you dont have acces to COD.. but my upload speed is ~21 kbps xD it will take a while Edit2: There you go-
  5. TinkerBell

    S&D - Change gametype/map VOTE

    Yes, i did changed gamemode to FFA by acident :D as you can see on first screen
  6. TinkerBell

    S&D - Change gametype/map VOTE

    Hey! https://imgur.com/a/P6bmaga I think this should be disabled or not to be able to change game type,only map.. I hope you guys know what i meant because my english is terrible
  7. TinkerBell

    Report for Stalker

    Players' name: Stalker Players' PlayerID: 2310346617034102710 Server: Hardcore TDM Please describe what happened: Proof:
  8. TinkerBell

    Report for A.Q.I.M

    He could cheat, never say never but as far as i know aqim was always fair and legit guy. Because we dont have demo or other evidence, admins cant do anything at this moment. Feel free to contact me whenever you need something. via forum or steam-https://steamcommunity.com/id/brkickat
  9. TinkerBell

    Report for A.Q.I.M

    Aqim just like to shoot throught walls Anyway, next time pleas fill correctly report form (player id and other required things) + attach demo
  10. TinkerBell

    Report for 2nd BATORI

    ok kenai,thank you for clarifying the situation
  11. TinkerBell

    Report for 2nd BATORI

    CROdator its obvious that his 4 ss looks fine. Why? Because these screenshots are by start of round (Im not sure 100% how $pbss system works,Is it making automatically screenshot when player join or when new map?) As you can see,every screenshot is with the welcome message-that's why i thought it. Anyway, he also have some kind of anti pbbs,you can see it on demo. I did execute command $pbss 2nd BATORI then he immediately left - I tried it like 3 times About the error- maybe there is something wrong with REPORT form,shouldn't it be downloading the demo after you click on link? IDK,question for "red guys" ;D Let me try upload that demo somewhere,so you can check it by yourself. Hope you can understand my great english *wink wink* Edit: I did attach demo,can you download it from here? 2nd BATORI.dm_1
  12. TinkerBell

    Report for 2nd BATORI

    Players' name: 2nd BATORI Players' PlayerID: [U:32:1487662729] Server: 40Hz Hardcore HighXP Please describe what happened: Cheater+anti $pbss Proof: 1810118904_2ndBATORI_dm_1.9652dee9d513d511a268a7a071ff6201
  13. TinkerBell


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  15. TinkerBell

    Head Members Group

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