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  1. :party:Happy B-Day my friend :jester:

    Have a nice day!



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      Happy Birthday Asso :thumbup: 

  2. Association

    Wallpaper thread? wallpaper thread!

    These are old a year or two and I don't use them anymore, since I've got 2 monitors now. From what I remember all the women are dressed decently since I'd rather not get a boner every time I alt-tab.
  3. Association

    Call of Duty 4 FPS drops

    Same as Wolfman said but perhaps check for driver updates. Also identify which computer part is causing the issue - find a program to monitor your components, usually meant for benchmarking games. Or just open task manager and see if you're processor for instance is running at 100% - that could be an issue. Anyhow, that's what I'd try first.
  4. Association

    IceOps Reborn

    Understandable Well aware that me myself hardly represent the clan anymore, as I don't play games too often anymore. IceOps needs more active and enthusiastic members (like Wolfman ^^). Nothing's changed for me though, I'll still be around and possibly reapply in the future, if I get back to gaming for frequently. Cheers Looky
  5. Association

    Life Is Strange

    Jazz punk. For the high and mighty.
  6. Association

    obs bug

    Problem with obscurity is it isn't open-source, therefor the code cannot be modified, so I doubt the bug could be fixed.
  7. Association

    Mod Soundpacks & Video Editing

    Does anybody know how to downgrade to cod4x version 15? I've posted on their forum but they haven't gotten back to me... For such a simple thing you'd think one of the members there would respond
  8. Association

    Mod Soundpacks & Video Editing

    Permission denied when opening the page. Also, I'm looking for the entire soundpack for the obscurity mod, not a specific sound. This means all the sounds that exist in the mod.
  9. Association

    Mod Soundpacks & Video Editing

    @Aurel004 Indeed, still, the sound fix was helpful. But a fading slow-mo would be best
  10. Association

    Mod Soundpacks & Video Editing

    The way he fixed the sound was cool, didn't know about that, will most definatly use it - thanks
  11. Greetings everybody, I've messed with this in the past already (not in great detail), but if anyone already knows where&how to find the obscurity mod's soundpacks, extract them and convert to mp3, you'd save me a lot of frustration - The reason I need this is I'm making another obscurity montage, this one I hope to be much better quality than the last as far as editing goes. Sound plays a huge role in this. I'd also like to remove sounds such as heavy breathing after taking damage, but this is one of my lower priorities at the moment. Next, has anyone played with 3D text yet? I've tried it a little in some fancy programs such as Vicon Boujou and Cinema4D, but I was not very good at it and all I ended up with was a ton of render time and horrible results. I gave up quite quickly. I'm sure those programs are perfect for the job, but once again, I'm missing experience in this area. Lastly, if anybody knows any neat techniques for Sony Vegas Pro, feel free to share. Currently I'm in desperate need of finding a way to fast forward a clip, but to first ease into it, going from normal speed slowly into faster or reverse. I've heard this can be done in After Effects, but if it can be done in Sony Vegas, I'd much more prefer that. Any tips are much appreciated. See you soon
  12. Association

    League Of Legends-Opinion on the game.

    It'd be nice if they completly remade the client. Every time I open the game I need to resize and move it. Got used to it, but still, for such a wide-spread game - pathetic. Also, can they make one-for-all and URF modes permanent haha. The only good gamemodes they've ever made and they've made them temporary. I usually only ever play anymore when they're available.
  13. Association


    Grats grats I remember the day you applied aquiz great progress, keep it up