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  1. :party:Happy B-Day my friend :jester:

    Have a nice day!



    1. Association
    2. FoxBao


      Happy Birthday Asso :thumbup: 

  2. Good Bye IceOps

    Thought you'd be here forever didn't quite know you as a person, but had some great times in-game Thanks for leading IceOps for so long and good luck in the future
  3. Break/Pause

    Good luck with school Dino! My school is also on "risk place"
  4. Wallpaper thread? wallpaper thread!

    These are old a year or two and I don't use them anymore, since I've got 2 monitors now. From what I remember all the women are dressed decently since I'd rather not get a boner every time I alt-tab.
  5. Call of Duty 4 FPS drops

    Same as Wolfman said but perhaps check for driver updates. Also identify which computer part is causing the issue - find a program to monitor your components, usually meant for benchmarking games. Or just open task manager and see if you're processor for instance is running at 100% - that could be an issue. Anyhow, that's what I'd try first.
  6. IceOps Reborn

    Understandable Well aware that me myself hardly represent the clan anymore, as I don't play games too often anymore. IceOps needs more active and enthusiastic members (like Wolfman ^^). Nothing's changed for me though, I'll still be around and possibly reapply in the future, if I get back to gaming for frequently. Cheers Looky
  7. We have to let a member go...

    Even more a reason for it not to be funny.
  8. We have to let a member go...

    I'm not offended or anything I'm just saying it's not a joke because it's not remotely funny.
  9. We have to let a member go...

    People who find that to be humor are either overly intoxicated, retarded, or need to pass primary school. Seriously, what do you have to be on to find that funny? Sorry if I've offended anyone, but how is renaming Iceops to Blueops at all funny? And do you know anything about the jewish religion? Or are you just mentioning them cause people do that nowadays (mostly children - by the way).
  10. Life Is Strange

    Jazz punk. For the high and mighty.
  11. obs bug

    Problem with obscurity is it isn't open-source, therefor the code cannot be modified, so I doubt the bug could be fixed.
  12. Kill the King Conversion

    Awesome mod, very fun - but it can get a little boring
  13. i'm thinking about leaving for some time...

    Funny story, I was also trying to learn to strafe for months until I accidentally did it correctly once, finding out my technique was wrong all along. PS. I still suck at strafing