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  1. Netflix Suggestions

    Never mind. Watch Narcos I guess.
  2. Netflix Suggestions

    Now that's just rude, you found a way around and want us to participate without even giving us thy knowledge!
  3. Inactive members + Update

    Love it, good job! I hope to see the FFA server a bit more active now too.
  4. Clan update! Important!

    Glad to see this happening, was about time for some major update. Lets hope for the best now
  5. Obscurity maps

    Yay, more maps!
  6. Update

    Pathetic and utterly sad, no good reason can stand behind his actions. Thank you Ninja for stepping back once again in order to help us recover, your goodness will always be respected and appreciated
  7. Good Bye IceOps

    Saddens me to see the guy I admire the most leave, I always looked up to you when it comes to cod4 and I loved to see your work. It's unfortunate to see you leave, but partially was expected as we talked about it. I hope you'll visit IceOps from time to time though! Best of wishes to you and the life ahead of you, you're awesome.
  8. Score Limits and Perks

    You have a point, I agree with you.
  9. Predator Glitch

    That's the worst possible way to deal with the bug. If there is really no solution to delete the rocket element then you can simply make a timer to destroy it.
  10. Hard Drive Failure

    At least you tried Which HDD did you buy at the end?
  11. Predator Glitch

    I guess you do have a valid point *sadface* I this bug that big of a problem anyway?
  12. Predator Glitch

    I'd be more than glad to try and fix the problem myself (of course I cannot guarantee it'll be fixed), as I recently got into QueryC (cod4) programming and it'd be a nice challenge to overcome. @Ninja if you can, send me the file the glitch is in (or even that certain part of code).
  13. Predator Glitch

    It can be fixed.
  14. Predator Glitch

    @Mc.Joker might be of help.