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  1. revax

    Reintroducing old gamemodes

    Hey there! First of all, I'd like to say I'm finally back after being inactive for a couple of years, and it's nice to see everyone still hanging around. Really missed ya'll! Onto the point. I've been watching our servers' activity and it's needless to say they're pretty empty throughout the day (not including hardcore tdm). Of course, the game itself is very old and the player base isn't nearly as big as it was in its prime days, but that doesn't mean we can't get at least a few players to join our servers. I believe that our mods aren't as attractive as they once were, and some of them are even unplayable without a larger amount of players (examples being CTF and Freeze tag). Because of that, I suggest we spice our servers up a bit by changing current gamemodes to new ones. For example, I'd love to see the Hide n Seek (HnS) mod back in action, the zom_db mod, or even the gun game mod. HnS mod currently isn't played on any of the active servers, and I believe there'd be some players interested in it. Gun game is very popular and I believe we'd succeed in running it, especially if we additionally edit it in 'IceOps style' (hardcore tdm is a good example). I'm proposing to try and get our servers more active, and I believe this would be a good way to start since the current servers are just sitting empty. I already got the green light for this to happen, now I just need a good amount of players agreeing to this so we can actually implement this, so please leave a comment or like my post so I know you're standing by my suggestion! Thanks for reading through this. TL;DR: Change the current empty servers' gamemodes to other ones such as Hide 'n' Seek, zom_db, gun game, etc. to try and get some players online.
  2. revax

    Netflix Suggestions

    Never mind. Watch Narcos I guess.
  3. revax

    Netflix Suggestions

    Now that's just rude, you found a way around and want us to participate without even giving us thy knowledge!
  4. revax

    Inactive members + Update

    Love it, good job! I hope to see the FFA server a bit more active now too.
  5. revax

    Clan update! Important!

    Glad to see this happening, was about time for some major update. Lets hope for the best now
  6. revax

    Obscurity maps

    Yay, more maps!
  7. revax


    Pathetic and utterly sad, no good reason can stand behind his actions. Thank you Ninja for stepping back once again in order to help us recover, your goodness will always be respected and appreciated
  8. revax

    Score Limits and Perks

    You have a point, I agree with you.
  9. revax

    Predator Glitch

    That's the worst possible way to deal with the bug. If there is really no solution to delete the rocket element then you can simply make a timer to destroy it.
  10. revax

    Hard Drive Failure

    At least you tried Which HDD did you buy at the end?
  11. revax

    Predator Glitch

    I guess you do have a valid point *sadface* I this bug that big of a problem anyway?
  12. revax

    Predator Glitch

    I'd be more than glad to try and fix the problem myself (of course I cannot guarantee it'll be fixed), as I recently got into QueryC (cod4) programming and it'd be a nice challenge to overcome. @Ninja if you can, send me the file the glitch is in (or even that certain part of code).
  13. revax

    Predator Glitch

    It can be fixed.
  14. revax

    Predator Glitch

    @Mc.Joker might be of help.