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  1. Behemoth

    got banned ?

    Totally agree with @CROdator @Kenai maybe unban him till we get an evidence beyond reasonable doubt if you suspect someone you can go undercover change your name or try anything to spectate him and get the valid proof a proof that no one can argues with !
  2. Behemoth

    got banned ?

    well that's because of the missing frames between the actual player and the one spectating (for more info i had the same problem recording some clips of me. i play on 250fps and was recording at 60fps so i had some bugs as the bolt action did not appear at all and in the last kill in the first clip where i shot and get my knife that way i looked away was like i aimlock xD ) He is clean no cheats btw i'll say it again nice movement @Registered Flex Offender xD watching the demos made me cry
  3. Behemoth


    well i noticed that lag spikes occurs when the remaining of the airstrike green stuff still explode in the air even though there is no airstrike in the last game there where 3 synchronized explosions happening together and when they show up lag spikes happens not sure thats the problem and if so i hope i found the problem tried to record them but they are not shown in demo if you didnt know what are the green stuff they are the animation from the missiles from an air strike maybe @leiizko can take a look demo0045.dm_1
  4. Behemoth

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    your not the one who choose whether he fits or not ! This forums here is to respect others you've been disrespecting an admin + i am offender and i am really mad but i wanna hold my temper its not you who choose how we play its not you who can do this and that but others cant you cant come here to insult admins like that earth is all about you only, being mad about what you don't like, nagging all around like a baby cause he camps; well he is a camper over smart him and go kill him don't sit as a cry baby and rage about it ! i've seen that you hated the server and maybe hated an admin and you always nagging about it you know what go search for other server that has an anti camp (anti camp or not people enjoy IceOps) and that's what matter to me! Among all the servers why you still play on IceOps knowing that we don't have anti-camp ? you're being like the guy who join only sniper server and rage cause you cant pick other than a sniper!!! that's what we have that's there for many years you decided to join and play but you cant change it cause you don't like it
  5. Behemoth

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    as a member here i'd like to say that you both need to mature xD come on guys IceOps isn't like that give me a break xD (we dont call our self IceOps family for no reason) @$t0rM [= come on m8 you could've pm him and ask him whats wrong ! not abusing him on the open @610 *.* banning people with the reason of storm is that a valid reason m8 if i'll see them i'll apologize too on the behalf of IceOps if you have some personal problems we can have a pm the 3 of us and who ever wanna come join to settle things among you
  6. Behemoth

    Report jedi domaci burek brale

    thanks for your report banned !
  7. Behemoth

    Language files

    i can help with the Arabic language if you want @leiizko
  8. Behemoth

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    maybe in 2030 i'll see my memories xD i missed those days tbh xD for people wondering this is a nuke you get it at 40 kill streak oh god how i miss the nuke and people reaction to it xD
  9. Behemoth

    Don't wanna be admin anymore

    i am not good at long paragraphs m8 but i'll keep it short and simple what ever your facing about camping or any problems remember that iceops is more like a family and if your not considered one at the first place they havnt accepted you in the beginning man i am here as your brother we all here!!! i also made a son here not even brothers @CROdator my lovely son IceOps is all about having fun and enjoy your time and i am certain that you shall change your mind for your brother here asking not to leave just feel free to tell me every thing i will always be here you can ask other fella members just tell me all your passing threw Plus your our bounty hunter man the most guy who keeps the server clean imagine those hackers without you in the server they will be annoying more than campers trust me Hope you take my words into consideration my friend
  10. Behemoth

    Map rotation

    Well maybe add the night maps for few to make it more suspense and SND getting full today was great i really enjoyed playing SND its nice
  11. Behemoth

    Map rotation

    about the SND maps i went to the server and spoke to the guys playing and all of them where exited to have new map well i tried to put nuke town but its not in map rotation so my attempt Failed i have few ideas about the SND you can find tons of maps online plus most of them never played nuke town so my list is mp_nuketown mp_scrapyard mp_meanstreet2 mp_lpost mp_iclaim and turn few maps to night as in obs @Kenai and @leiizko some of these that are huge maps can be added to HC server as well
  12. Behemoth

    Report for Loky_Loky

    The player has been banned For future reports please provide us the playerID Thanks for your report
  13. Behemoth

    Ghilly's Ban Appeal

    Hello since its not in the rules but it gives you advantage spotting others better its considered as same as wallhack we just want it to be a fair game and since its your first time and you can remove them i suggest being unbanned @KMB but next time you will do a skin adjustment it will be a permanent ban and will never be lifted
  14. Who are you, and what did you do to rami :P

    1. Behemoth


      Rami is my real name so i wanted to change it, in my village we have a thing that we give nicknames to families like aboajaj aboshahata ablees ect.... and our family have the nickname of ablees which means the devil lord so i thought why not if its my other name too ! 

    2. CROdator


      Well it took you some time to change from real name hah
      I wouldn't want to mess with your family :D
      nice tho

    3. Behemoth



      why not changing my real name 

      plus i dont want to mess with my family too :|  

  15. Behemoth

    Report for gratler

    Childish behavior I'll give him a 12h ban as a warn and if happens again please inform us and we will ban him again Thanks for your report