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  1. gamerr869

    Report for markjc98

    yes u are the admin u can kick or ban them or temp ban them for glitching
  2. gamerr869

    Error message

    u should uninstall it or disable it before playing
  3. gamerr869

    new map suggestions

    hey guys i am just going to start make a map so any suggestions would be really helpful i am using radiant
  4. gamerr869

    Clan requirements

    hey guys i want to know clan requirements that what are basic requirements for joining clan
  5. gamerr869

    ping problems

    are u from pakistan too? @KakashiOfKonoha
  6. gamerr869

    clan requirements

    my minimum ping is probably around 180 is it fair enough to play with this ping in competition??
  7. gamerr869

    clan requirements

    hey guys i have high ping as you all know does that means if in future i join ice ops clan i wont be taken into war because of ping??
  8. gamerr869

    ping problems

    i also think my ping is high due to geographical region other wise i get 17 ping in my country's server
  9. gamerr869

    Facebook group

    i think we should have a facebook group. well i dont know if we already have a facebook group of iceops if we have my appologies
  10. gamerr869


    im not into scripts aswell. maybe u should search about it on youtube
  11. gamerr869

    ping problems

    hey guys can u suggest me which internet connection i should use as my ping is very high cauz i am from asia and these are european servers. my average ping is 200 and minimum ping is 180 till yes i use wifi and 4 mbps connection. what do u guys says which connection shall i use??