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  1. Still visiting the website, huh? :D

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. minQkel


      #Necromancer also checking in on Joker's profile. Last seen August second 2020. Hmmm :P

    3. Mc.Joker


      Well whoops, been a while xD Still reading the forums once in a while.

    4. DavidO
  2. Mc.Joker


    Great work @Ninja for helping out and so for the others who helped. Goodluck getting it all fixed again
  3. Mc.Joker

    Appeal for DinoGrzmot

    We will check the logs as this only shows one side of the story and we want to know everything. This will take some time
  4. Mc.Joker

    Predator Glitch

    Only the predator doesn't work as it's stuck in the air because the players shoot the predator guy out the sky. When that happens the predator won't work for the rest of the map
  5. Mc.Joker

    Predator Glitch

    Not to do with legal. We can't access it XD. Only nnj could fix it or let us fix it.
  6. Mc.Joker

    Predator Glitch

    Of course it can be fixed. But then you should find someone who can as I'm not the best in it. I'm kinda noob in it...
  7. Mc.Joker

    Predator Glitch

    Well, I'm not It's NNJ who made the modifications. And I've never worked on it. So he's the one who can fix it. But I'm not sure if he's willing to or has the time to do so
  8. Mc.Joker

    Wallpaper thread? wallpaper thread!

    Yea, dual monitor:
  9. Mc.Joker

    Ban appeal for LazyBoy

    Prob the way to do it: Find the banlist. Then his name or old uid. Then delete that line so he can join again?
  10. Mc.Joker

    IceOps Reborn

    Will miss you Had some good times together! Thanks for everything Duck. It was fun while you where here. Goodluck! Goodluck and we shall see you in the future
  11. Mc.Joker

    Report for gunner pro

    To have respect for other players indeed. But Swearing once isn't ban worthy. Except if he keeps doing it over more days. Don't forget that the players are just humans who can make mistakes
  12. Mc.Joker

    Report for gunner pro

    Not ban worthy sorry. People say that often and not really enough for a ban. But if they continue and keep insulting then it is ban worthy.
  13. Mc.Joker

    SSD/OS problems

    Well, just disabling it then? xD until u found a fix. Would be good to contact Windows help desk
  14. Mc.Joker

    SSD/OS problems

    Hmm, no idea. Never had problems with it. Maybe posting this in the public forum so others can help you fix it?
  15. Mc.Joker

    IceOps Reborn

    And to be clear: Applications aren't made or posted as for now. This can be done later on instead of now as you still got the clan tag. We'll make a post or comment when you can re-apply again.