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  1. IceOps_Bot

    Report for 123

    Players' name: 123 Players' PlayerID: 2310346615206732317 Server: hardcore high exp call of duty 4 modern warfare Please describe what happened: I don't have proof of what happened unfortunately so make of this what you will, I noticed that he was getting extremely high rection times on turning corners and getting kills, I spectated him and he was tracking people through walls and getting the jump on everyone, I understand that people have played this game a long time but that doesn't give the ability to see through walls which is exactly how he was playing, I know that this is not enough for a ban, so I urge you to keep an eye out for him on your server and spec him to be sure. Thank you. Proof:
  2. IceOps_Bot

    Report for ||. Allen. ||

    Players' name: ||. Allen. || Players' PlayerID: 2310346616232862708 Server: 176.198.x.x:29664 Please describe what happened: Proof: VID_20190610_212720.mp4
  3. IceOps_Bot

    Ban appeal for Kuros

    Nickname: Kuros Your PlayerID: 2310346615309051240 Admin SteamID: Ban type: Permanent Ban reason: I dont know... What happened: I tried to enter after a long time in the cod and I'm banned from your server
  4. IceOps_Bot

    Ban appeal for wolverine

    Nickname: wolverine Your PlayerID: 2310346614624095766 Admin SteamID: Vanzy Ban type: permban Ban reason: Wallhack What happened: im Lifes_Master, maybe go back to the unbanned I'm not a cheaters and I was a server to play sound and Admin told me to look at this screenshot of his servers, this bloody GamerZ and but good to play and talk admins. 1 years ago in the future to play your server?
  5. IceOps_Bot

    Ban appeal for ^1wolverine

    Nickname: ^1wolverine Your PlayerID: iceops Obscurity Admin SteamID: Aquiz Ban type: temporary Ban reason: no hack What happened: im so sorry can go unbanned wolverine iceops Obscurty,I deceived the wall, and I'm already 13 years old in 2017, but now I'll swear in 2018 and then I'm 14 today
  6. IceOps_Bot

    Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    Nickname: Ahmad-Ali Your PlayerID: 2310346615699870567 Admin SteamID: Ban type: permanent Ban reason: Multi-Hack What happened: please please forgive me. please lifted my ban i promise i will never cheated again please. i love to play game on your sever. My laptop is a low level laptop i cannot play game smoothly. This is the reason i cheated,please forgive me and allow me to play in the sever please.
  7. IceOps_Bot

    Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    Nickname: Ahmad-Ali Your PlayerID: 2310346615699870567 Admin SteamID: Ban type: permanent Ban reason: Multi-Hack|I appeal to you What happened: i hack the game because i was angry on other players because they are hacking so i decided to hack the game but it was my mistake sorry i hack the game please allow me to play i love to play in your sever plaese
  8. IceOps_Bot

    Admin abuse for Wolfman

    Your in-game name: AvoxX Your PlayerID or SteamID: STEAM_31:1:570336879 Server: IceOps Obscurity - No MacOSX - Admin Name: Wolfman Approximate time: i dont know its happened before a longer time What happend: Wolfman was the Obs and i saw him afk standing at the map i shoot him in the head so he was dead and he bant me permanently without sense and hes ban reason was ,,multyhack bye kiddo'' cuz i didnt used a hack, so i guess this was an Rage ban cuz he died at his own fault Proof:
  9. IceOps_Bot

    Ban appeal for kaviboyzz

    Nickname: kaviboyzz Your PlayerID: 2310346614029462827 Admin SteamID: Ban type: permanent Ban reason: multihack What happened: i used multi hack for the first time to get an experience and i got banned. Then i uninstalled it. Please accept ma appeal. My best server is Iceops hardcore
  10. IceOps_Bot

    Report for Alcohero

    Player's name: Alcohero Player's PlayerID: 2310346614457306501 Server: Obscurity Please describe what happened:  at the beging of the round i throwed a flash grenade randomly so he thought i meant to do it to him, then he started to insult my mother and insulting me for no reason..i dont mine insuting me but inslting my mother made me angry a little please do something about it ..i hope this wont happen in the futer again...and hppy new year...Simon Proof:
  11. IceOps_Bot

    Report for Halabi

    Player's name: Halabi Player's PlayerID: U:32:2427898220 Server: Deathrun Please describe what happened: I finished map on Beach i choose run room. i finished run room so he leaves before i could kill him and then he rejoins seconds later. Thank you XD Proof:
  12. IceOps_Bot

    Ban appeal for brunchi :x

    Nickname: brunchi :x Server you got banned on: IceOps Hardcore HighXP - Your UID/GUID: U:32:94576666 Admin UID/GUID: 1:0:0 Ban reason: wallhack What happened: I was playing with pistol whole map on chinatown i had like 42 kills and when i wrote i have 42 kills with pistol someone says u have aimbot or wallhack not sure admin just banned me but when i said like 20 times that some random guys who HAD WH and a lot players says that he was still playing on srw i dont use wallhack or aimbot never used and never gonna use it on cod4 :=) much love
  13. IceOps_Bot

    Report for Illumina..tia.c

    Player's name: Illumina..tia.c Player's PlayerID: (Sorry couldn't find it, please look at the image) Server: IceOps Deathrun Please describe what happened: Insulting someone, probably me as an Activator, because he thinks I was trapcamping (Wasn't + Trapcamping is allowed anyway) AND it isn't the first time that he flames so harshly. Proof:
  14. IceOps_Bot

    Ban appeal for Remix|Shadow

    Nickname: Remix|Shadow Server you got banned on: Deathrun Your UID/GUID: df647df5 Admin UID/GUID: Ban reason: Using Clan tag in name What happened: Hello a couple months ago i got banned for using the ice ops tag in my name. At that time i was not admin. A admin told me to remove the tag so i tried but i did not know how to jolly well change my name so they gave me a ban i do not feel this was not right and i should of just got a warning.Thank You
  15. IceOps_Bot

    Ban appeal for Piecemeal

    Nickname: Piecemeal Server you got banned on: Your UID/GUID: 4c5a054c Admin UID/GUID: smurfi Ban reason: 'cemp' Ban length: 4:30 What happend: Banned for no reason, was playing normally.