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      • alfonso.h ban appeal
        Hello it's me alfonso.h... so this whole persona is one big joke that went way too far for me... I want to prove that I can reform and be a good player cause I only play on ice ops and it's my favorite server of all time... I do know I've went too far, but idk if anyone has taken an insult I've made seriously.. I purposely do bad grammar and my name is just ridiculous to be taken serious, however I can 100% see why you have taken my comments seriously and banned. I'd like to donate some money so either you can perma mute me and maybe ban me for 1-2 weeks maybe a month idk... But I'm willing to drop 20 euros or something to contribute to your server so that I can play. I don't care if I can't talk to people just let me play there again, cause I love this server. I am a moron yes I realize but I can reform please consider it ty.
      • Boosted's Ban Appeal
        Dear @Boosted,   Thank you for making a Ban Appeal, However due to the fact that you were using an Elebot- Which is considered a hack as it's a program from outside of COD4, and can be found on Cheating Websites, and thus needs an injector to be used you will not be getting unbanned. Even though you were only using it to do a bounce you should've thought twice about using this type of hack and should've used it on a private server that you created instead.   Demo is down below if needing to see.   Appeal Denied   -IceOps Staff not_boosted_dm_1.4ea283e2ef656c82260853e55ae74daf Rename the File to 'not boosted.dm_1' for above
      • Boosted's Ban Appeal
        not boosted Your PlayerID:
        2310346617289586742 Ban type:
        Permanent Ban reason:
        ele bot What happened:
        Sorry for using ele bot, i was not aware that i was violating server rules. i was using it to get to top strike to hit the bounce, i was not hogging the spot for kills. hopefully i can be unbanned as i was enjoying my time on the server. This wont happen again.
      • alexander.natterer's Ban Appeal
        I didn’t say there was ‘hacking’ in the demos. I was referring to you being kicked when taking screenshots, but as you’ve already stated that you were hacking already so the ban stays, and if you avoid this ban then it’s an automatic perm ban on any account you rejoin with so have a nice day.   I’m always watching     -IceOps Staff
      • alexander.natterer's Ban Appeal
        dude i cant see hacking in these videos. anyway see you on the server