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      • Report for mache
        Turkish people can be Christian… A lot of different people can be Christian.   Now stop saying who is or who isn’t a Christian or what their beliefs are or should be, that is their business and not yours.   So no more talking about religion.
      • Report for mache
        He is turkish and he's lying that he's Christian. lol
      • Report for mache
        Dear @*Blade   Thanks for your submitted report, I've gone ahead and muted them for 3 days.   As for you, @mache I'd suggest you take this muted time to cool down and think things over for a bit. This is a game and doesn't have anything to do with what has happened in the world or what is happening in the world right now, it's about having fun. You don't need to call someone a Muslim because they probably aren't. Keep certain things to yourself and not saying them towards others in a hurtful way.   -IceOps Staff
      • Got banned for elebot?
        Technically yes we are supposed to have the demos but when I went to record you, you had already left and the SS is the only thing I was able to use as proof(Until an Appeal was made.)   Due to Elebot and certain other things added to it, it can show a fake demo being recorded with random numbers in ScreenShots which is why I asked if you had the demo in the SS.   Due to there being no actual demo for the ban(On my end) and only the screenshot, and that you've been banned for 2 days already I'm going to unban you as Glitching(Elevators, Bounces to get to places one cant without jumping normally) is not allowed in our Servers, so keep that in mind for when you reconnect to our Server next time.   Enjoy your time on our Servers.   ~Unbanned   P.S; If you have any problems reconnecting I'll leave this open and you can post a reply here or you can join our Discord if you have it.   -IceOps Staff
      • Got banned for elebot?
        aren't you guys the ones who are supposed to have the demo?, i shouldn't be the one providing demos. i've already deleted the demos a while ago because i obviously don't care about demos which have nothing in it.