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      • Things have to change asap
        I posted something about the m21 a while back (after the update!). I said that it kills from long distances with one shot and 34 or 67 DMG in the lower torso, which according to the damage table was not possible.
        However, I believe that the update worked very good and the server is way better to play in.
        Even though the killstreak numbers are low and easy to get (which leads to a heli or something else being spammed), it made the M21 campers less noticeable. because now I can easily kill them with my killstreaks. When the number of players using M21 goes up, it again gets frustrating again but it's manageable.
        Therefore in conclusion, the M21 is NOT as much OP as it was.
        and the update worked way better than I expected.

        Btw I don't agree with the linear progression for the killstreaks. No one wants to wait 5 minutes to get their chopper in the air! having 3 killstreaks at the same time lets you use anyone of them that is not being used already, which is a good thing in my opinion.
      • Things have to change asap
        Leiizko you bamboolzed me! Here I've been thinking this whole time that they weren't nerfed enough since they still OP lol..I feel like an idiot
      • Things have to change asap
        Don't get me wrong I have no problems with any other part of the mod, it's a complete step up from the original formula. However I just feel the killstreak requirements need tweaking.    I have had plenty of games already where I get 10 and 12 kills and destroy the enemy team, die and then do it all again and I see a small group of players who can also often do this. It may make it possible for regular players to also get them from time to time, but in the meantime they spend the game either getting bombed out or with little to shoot because better players are already using the killstreaks. All I'm suggesting is a requirement increase that increases the challenge a little and increases the number of gunfights before killstreaks dominate the game.    Also I know a lot of these comments can be taken as criticism, but they come from people who genuinely care about both keeping the server alive and improving it and are perhaps just a bit emotional in their comments.    -Duck
      • Things have to change asap
        Leiizko i didnt want to blame you or something, ye the dmg is the same like before i noticed that and its fine. For me the dmg was never a problem. 

        And yes 3 Killstreaks the problem is the time they are activated. As i said a CHooper is there for 2 Minutes thats a bit crazy. 

        As i said its not a Blame to the work u did there. Dont think it would be..   i love the server otherwise i wouldnt spend so much time there to climb and gain lvl exp     
      • Things have to change asap
        Okay to put some stuff to rest.   Anticamp: It will never be implemented in such way that it stops people from camping. We have never nor will we ever forbid camping in any way, it is a legit way to play. Not everyone wants to just run and gun all the time. Current anticamp system is meant to just give a fighting chance to anyone hunting down a camper - which it does as intended.    Killstreaks: They might be a bit overtuned at the moment, but you also need to keep this in mind - you have only 3 of them so they should be obtainable by a regular player and just fyi compared to before a lot of killstreaks have been nerfed heavily to compensate lower kill count needed. If this is such an issue that a majority of playerbase agrees on it can be temporary switched back to linear progression as before until cod4x19 arrives.      And before i hear "but everyone agrees" - no they don't. I've actually heard more positive feedback that negative, it's just that a very few people are very vocal about it. It is impossible to make everyone happy, so best I can do is thread the needle and find a suitable middle ground.     And one interesting thing: Prior to update everyone was crying out loud how M21 and P90 are OP, in this update I had made a new damage system in which they were nerfed. Suddenly M21 is just fine, no problem. Well this system was disabled after 2 hours of it being implemented. All damage is as it was prior to update yet noone even noticed - funny isn't it?