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      • edlass's Ban Appeal
        I had thought Duck took care of this-     Below in the spoiler is the proof.   Bans for cheating will not be approved for the safety of the Server(s), and the Player(s) in those Servers.   Ban Appeal Denied   -IceOps Staff
      • edlass's Ban Appeal
        Perhaps,altbough It's almost better if there are no admins because I suffer more  by not knowing. It just adds to the fact I shouldn't have tried it!    I have found a few other servers anyway. I am trying promod again but I am way out of my depth now, I've lost anything I once had except some good nades! 
      • edlass's Ban Appeal
        In any cheating scenarios people usually don't get unbanned. Perhaps they are discussing it.
      • edlass's Ban Appeal
        I guess there's no active admins any more     
      • edlass's Ban Appeal
        I'm not sure if it is inopportune or not. I came back to the game after a good 9 or 10 year absence, I used to play promod and went to iseries a couple of times etc and was amazed to find people still playing it. I've played a good couple of weeks now on this server I think I am level 67 and it's the best of the hardcore ones. It's frustrating when you het a hacker on (ironic I know) and today my curiosity got the better of me, I still don't know what the screenshot system is, it used to be pb when I played and so I figured on a 13 year old game no one would have anti cheat systems and I decided to see what it was like. It told me to go on an empty server at first which I did and then it would work. Of course I was wrong and I think I was caught within about 5 minutes but I've played on the server for weeks like I said. I presumed I got cought because it was an old known hack.   Anyway, I apologise and I can see it says if you cheat you won't win the appeal but I thought of I was completely honest it might help my case.