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      • HC HighXP server update
        Sorry, while there is no way to do this, a lot of work. I’ll take it the day after tomorrow if it’s not too late (my Russian translation xd)
      • HC HighXP server update
        @leiizko So, I just finished the Czech translation and I ran into a problem with a translation of the hardpoint weapons names. The problem is, the Czech language has a rather complex declension system where nouns take a different form based on the context they're used in. This fact makes it so much harder to make use of the placeholders as many phrases just wouldn't make any sense after substituting the placeholder for the translated name. And this doesn't apply only to the Czech language, I think many Slavic languages suffer from this problem. Personally, I'm more inclined towards not translating the hardpoint weapon names at all as it might do more harm than good, so I left them in verbatim. And frankly, I think most of the names are a lingua franca among all the players anyway and translating them would only lead to confusion.

        Also, in some other cases, it just doesn't make sense to translate certain nouns. For example, the word "killstreak" is impossible to translate to Czech using one word, it would be something like "Počet zabití v řadě" (Number of kills in a row). And it might not even fit into the UI.

        A problem I'm concerned about is diacritic that isn't present in fonts used by CoD4. For example, as far as I know, CoD4 cannot draw characters with carons (ěščřžý) which are widely used in Czech. So I think, eventually, we'll have to get rid of the diacritic even though the translation won't look very good, but if that's the only option, we will have to go with that, I guess.

        Because I wasn't always sure about the context, I am sure there are going to be some nonsenses in my translation. I guess I'll just have to try it out myself in action to see what it looks like when it's all put together.

        Also, regardless of the localization, if someone has a colourful name, the colour escape sequence will propagate further to the text followed after the name. To mitigate this, I think every placeholder, that might contain a colour once substituted, would have to be terminated by a default colour escape sequence. Of course, that only holds true if the text isn't already stripped of the colours, in which case just act as if I didn't say anything

        PS: When I try to use a certain hardpoint weapon, there is this annoying message saying: "You must stand to use this hardpoint". I never understood this restriction, is it necessary for some reason? ne.str cs.str
      • HC HighXP server update
        This is a wonderful work =]... We really deserve to have a great server like Ice Ops ...and this is based on the hard work you are doing guys.. =] if i can help in any let me know
      • HC HighXP server update
        Help wanted!    We now have the option of translating most of the new text that this mod brings. So if you speak any of the other cod4 supported languages please take a try at it.   There is about 90 texts to be translated, attached in a file below. The syntax looks like this:   REFERENCE HARDPOINT_CALLED_BY LANG_ENGLISH "&&1 called by^1 &&2" Everything in big capital letters is to be left as is. All that needs translating is contained inside the quotation marks( "&&1 called by^1 &&2" ). &&1, &&2, etc is a placeholder that gets replaced once used. You need to keep that as is and must keep in mind the context of the text (example: "Airstrike called by Leiizko"). ^1 or ^number in general is color so you leave that aswell.    You can use any text editor to open the file. Personally I use Notepad++.   Once translated please upload the file in this thread. ne.str
      • Report for BASSEL
        Banned. Thank You.