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      • IceOps expanding over to CS:GO
        well i brought it more or less like that but they just dont feel like playing with people they dont know..
      • CSGO team
        @DavidO, And yet, even after you left, you remain part of our team No need to thank me for this. And do not forget, my friend, that I'm Russian and your native language is closer to me, I understand a lot, but I do not know the spelling. In our languages, words are similar in sound and are similar meaning xD
      • CSGO team
        "Such streamers" - Well, but... not so long time ago, I started them and I've made only three of them xD

        Not gonna lie, I was suprised that you mentioned me but I had never intention to do it for IceOps, especially that my whole stream was in my native language. It was just for hobby purposes, to archive some neat moments with my friends while playing. 
          By the way, @VanZy I've never thanked you for stopping by, even if my stream wasn't in english, it was really suprising that came just of curiosity. Thank you! But... I'm afraid that those streams aren't for you just because of the language barrier

          Sorry for Off-Topic  
      • Profit from someone else property
        Randomly stumbled upon this but, I just realized that @S!r.ReaDy is trying to sell the mod that I sold to him, and sorry about this but that never was the latest version, it was a test version from which I quickly fixed up the bugs, but it still was buggy as hell if i remember correctly :3. 
      • IceOps expanding over to CS:GO
        @0sjors0 don't make it sound like they'll be bound to a community, just tell them that you want them to come here and meet new people, they don't need to join IceOps so immediately, they can come here and meet other people, play a few games with them, then decide whether to join or not.