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        For now the recruitment of Server Moderators for our Deathrun server is closed and new applications will be denied.

        Until further notice it will remain closed. 

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      • ^6D4LT0N's Ban Appeal
        With all due respect to all of you guys:).. you know me how much I do love our servers and how much time I did play in HC server  I was away for a while in Egypt its not working well but lets keep it on our scope here.. I am going to unmute D4LTON because he is a good friend to alot of people and to me also..:) on the other hand what ever you are going to ask I am going to hear and do, I am here to make all pleased we are all overseas friends :).. on the other hand its just a game we need to follow its rules and D4ALTON wont insult or wordly abuse anyone any more..he's mature enough to maintain his own responses, condolences thanks  cheers all
      • Server Cod4 TDM need admin
        hello i wanted to make an offer can you give me an admin iceops hardcore cheaters hackers a lot of them appear thanks for your attention
      • Server Cod4 TDM need admin
        Dear @ezdine   You can report players that you think are hacking in-game with !report (Name/slot #) (Reason)   If you want to apply to become a Moderator just click this Link and read the rules for it carefully and fill out the required fields and an Admin will look at it.   -IceOps Staff
      • Server Cod4 TDM need admin
        Hello I have 5 years or more in this game and I love the cod series I was playing in gameranger servers but the good servers that support fps and fov were closed so I moved to the game servers I find your server is good but there is a problem there are a lot of cheaters who spoil the fun Play.. I think you are looking for an admin for the server. I am wondering if I can be an admin for the server, or to put any of you to be a supervisor to protect the server from cheaters. Please respond to my request quickly, thank you
      • Report for mache
        Turkish people can be Christian… A lot of different people can be Christian.   Now stop saying who is or who isn’t a Christian or what their beliefs are or should be, that is their business and not yours.   So no more talking about religion.