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  1. Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    Best wishes to you, @Aquiz hope you don't lose your cod skills in your absence
  2. Update

    Inspiring words mate! if my work was all of a sudden erased it wouldnt be easy to regroup and start again For me thats one of the worst things ever a person can do. Private messages are private (pretty redundant huh?) and not even admins should have access to them whatsoever To drag out the "brightest" side of this story is that whatever bugs were exploited, you guys can hopefully fix them so this doesnt happen again in future edit: i like the react + emoji way more than the like button
  3. New Game Server Schedule (IDEA)

    Cod2 is second to me after cod4, with no doubt xD It's a big big shame I had no chance to play when it was at its prime edit: btw, some of my friends are in development of their own game revamped from the old 2003's 007: Nightfire PC game. link: the game has been in development ever since Gamespy master server shut down in 2012 or so, and has no estimated launch date (maybe in 2018..), as they are just amateur programmers and require its time. That's the only game I can think of, since I'm pretty much stuck playing old but fun games. Last time I bought a game, maybe 3-4 years ago.
  4. Clan game of Promod?

    Count me in if you do members vs non-members!
  5. New Game Server Schedule (IDEA)

    I'd suggest that you make a poll once you have a list of common games.
  6. Its my time to go

    Shocked as well.. Rami has been one of the most active players and in the forums as well.. you will be missed a lot @Rami get well soon and be happy man
  7. Farewell Ice & ft !

    Ow, didn't expect that many posts. Thank you all and I'll feed your curiosity for those that asked The project is for the game World of warcraft: Legion and until now I had been playing the game in a casual way (just as a game for fun), but now I start having more time available, especially after this upcoming spring and a hardcore PvE roster from that game hired me and other people to get as close as we can to make it through world top 5.. well that's an overview since you prolly won't understand a thing about what I'm talking about.. I link you the website if you want to know more I won't dissapear though and I will be around here, but my activity on Cod4 - which is the core game I've got to know you all - has stopped, but friendships, etc. may ofcourse continue without Cod4 @Ninja , @Aquiz I already consider this as my home because of your hospitality, knowledge, you guys must be so awesome irl, I use ts a lot and wished to have seen anyone online over there, though the days I've been on ts, unfortunately no1 joined me up And if anyone I tag now happens to read this post (since i don't think they are even in the forums), I'll always have you a place in my heart @hLk @BravoSix @DrunkDoctor @DreamEater @XanDeMalvis @HillaryClinton @DonaldTrump and more I've had great times with you on freezetag Strong as hell Call of Duty 4 and long life to this awesome game. Almost 4 months playing streak this time, and almost 400h on record for this period. I need to reconsider the Remastered, just to see if it's worth the money they ask for!
  8. Farewell Ice & ft !

    Will leave cod4 for a large amount of time as i have an upcoming project building up in another game and will take any spare time I may have available from now on, so: Gz to everyone who's made this amazing, and most importantly, I'll miss you Freezetag! Keep this going and make a notice if you move on to other games heeh :>
  9. Quick Giveaway (Uplay)

  10. Can't download Kill the king mod files

    Maybe this rule is for you only xD I have this But there's another person who said about the 300-day thingy as well, so either the rules have changed since or I'm getting a bit frustrated and paranoid This is off-topic yep, but given the latter matter, maybe everyone should be able to change their name first time for no penalty, and then apply the rule for future name changes. Maybe I should had paid attention upon sign up, any note with referrence about names being auto synced with user's Steam one.. can't remember whether I was notified or not
  11. Shotgun

    You gotta know the guy before you understand him xDD He's a cool buddy btw, have had a good laugh with him in the server, with other FT players too (incl. @IceOps Wolfman )
  12. Discord

    If ts stops working you got i.e. Raidcall and doesn't need any setup for a temporary usage But it all comes down to personal preference and familiarity
  13. new map for ftag server

    Idd @Nemo try mp_dust2 and mp_marketcenter, both awesome and classic maps. Some of your maps are okay like mp_almeria but these are so maaany maps xD
  14. Freeze Tag Custom Maps (SUGGESTIONS)

    Is it possible for you to change mp_waw_toujane by mp_toujane_beta? (or the one you have in promod server rota) Toujane beta is a lot smoother and has preset spawnpoints, not the messed up ones we have on mp_waw_toujane
  15. Discord

    What's your teamspeak server and can non-members get in too?