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  1. Still visiting the website, huh? :D

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. minQkel


      #Necromancer also checking in on Joker's profile. Last seen August second 2020. Hmmm :P

    3. Mc.Joker


      Well whoops, been a while xD Still reading the forums once in a while.

    4. DavidO
  2. Nooooo, you changed your sexy glasses avatar, why?

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    2. 0sjors0


      its split into discord and steam:P  you can still make fun of me though TRY YOUR BEST!


    3. DavidO


      You're nobody now, hehe.

      Get it? No-body, hehehehe... hehe?


      Kill me pls ;___;

    4. 0sjors0


      ghehe as you wish



  3. DavidO

    Obscurity maps

    If I remember correctly - Wetwork was quite annoying with the infinite rain + didin't worked so well with the weather addition from obscurity. Same goes to downpour. However I cannot say anything bad about favela, bloc. Those were good
  4. Happy birthday Down! :D

  5. DavidO


    Ahh, thought that you won't step down afterall... I was happy for a while that fake lookout was lying. Which means that after your step down IceOps will be heavily damaged. After that whole drama nobodoy seem to be active right now, (at least posting) even I lost my motivation to continue my half-deleted story thread. (of course keep in mind that I'll update it later, but don't know when yet) Maybe think about it. Give it a try once again. Nobody is chasing you
  6. Wow, @Vanost is my first follower, yeeaaah! Thank you! xdd

    1. Vanost


      Cool! Rami is out so I can date you now hahah

    2. DavidO


      Yeah ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      He didin't even invited me for a lunch...

  7. DavidO

    Wallpaper thread? wallpaper thread!

    That's mine wallpaper. - I like simplicity. I use wallpapers from https://wall.alphacoders.com/?lang=english if someone is curious.
  8. DavidO

    Head Members Group

    You have my congratulations by The Glorius Dayven aka DavidO himself. Now you can feel proud and special. xd
  9. DavidO

    Demotion MinQkel

    My memories are blurry, but I believe we played together in Obscurity back in days having a little bit of chitchatting Let's hope that everything will be sorted out for you
  10. DavidO

    League Of Legends-Opinion on the game.

    Whoah, this thread is old, didin't expected that I was here before... I took a break after this season but I sitll main Gangplank, nothing changed
  11. DavidO


    Try giving the IceOps the best and you guys are most likely to get the best you deserve ________________ Congrats you two!
  12. DavidO

    Clan Leader

    Congrats :-) ___________________________________________ THE KING IN THE NORTH!!!
  13. Necropost (I was suprised that I actually made this thread huh) Good Ol' Days