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  1. Dark

    New promotions for 2 members

    Congrats guys! You two deserved it
  2. Dark

    IceOps is now 5 years old

    Wow. Happy 5th Birthday, IceOps! Lets try and stick around till the 10th
  3. Dark

    The Promod-Team has been disbanded

    Its sad to see the team fall apart.. :
  4. Dark


    Nice man!
  5. Dark


    Well.. it was fun while it lasted.. :'( I respect your decision. Good luck on your journey my friend..
  6. Dark

    Hacker @ Hardcore

    Thanks m8
  7. Dark

    Hacker @ Hardcore

    1. Player's name: bolton 2. Player's GUID or UID: e1abfbd9 3. Server: Hardcore 4. Approximate time: 15:10 5. Proof: Demo listed below
  8. Dark


    Whoa, just awesome even tho its WIP, lol. Keep up da good work
  9. Congrats man, well deserved
  10. Dark


    Very nice work!
  11. Dark

    [WIP] mp_dr_facility

    Looks interesting, nice!
  12. Dark


    Nice map :>
  13. Dark

    Promotion time! [part 1]

    Congratz guys!
  14. Dark


    Hm, looks promising!