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  1. Duck

    Reintroducing old gamemodes

    I could certainly get behind this. Seems such a waste to just having so many servers sitting there idle, so anything to at least try and entice players back is worth a shot. As a side note, there used to be periodic messages on the Hardcore server promoting the other game modes on offer. I don't know if there were ever very effective or not, but at least if players know the other servers exist they might be more inclined to try them out.
  2. Duck

    Lockdown Discussion

    Hopefully the end to the toughest part of this all is now on the horizon with vaccines starting to arrive at the places they're needed. Each day that passes is 1 more day closer to normalcy. As for me, I'm just in a holding pattern of life right now. I've graduated university and I'm looking for work, but it's probably going to be a while still until I can get to where I want to work due to strict border restrictions which will last for... well, I have no idea how long. So I just keep doing what I can for now, both for my sanity and to prevent myself from spiralling into inaction.
  3. Duck

    edlass's Ban Appeal

    If you are indeed telling the truth then it is quite unfortunate that the screenshot system caught you at a rather inopportune time. As you say, you should have known better.
  4. Duck

    Things have to change asap

    Don't get me wrong I have no problems with any other part of the mod, it's a complete step up from the original formula. However I just feel the killstreak requirements need tweaking. I have had plenty of games already where I get 10 and 12 kills and destroy the enemy team, die and then do it all again and I see a small group of players who can also often do this. It may make it possible for regular players to also get them from time to time, but in the meantime they spend the game either getting bombed out or with little to shoot because better players are already using the killstreaks. All I'm suggesting is a requirement increase that increases the challenge a little and increases the number of gunfights before killstreaks dominate the game. Also I know a lot of these comments can be taken as criticism, but they come from people who genuinely care about both keeping the server alive and improving it and are perhaps just a bit emotional in their comments. -Duck
  5. Duck

    Things have to change asap

    One thing I have noticed is there is a vast skill gap of the players in the server. Now I wouldn't call myself good by any stretch, but I find it incredibly easy to rack up 12 kills and even go for the nuke, especially if I can get into a building around the enemy spawn. What this can lead to is a few players constantly dominating and chaining killstreaks while others are at the mercy of AGMs, helicopters and AC-130s for much of the game. Yes campers can be annoying and may get to high tier killstreaks on occasion, I don't think that is as much of an issue as the better players essentially holding the entire enemy team hostage as soon as they start doing well. (While is it fun to rain hell, it is no where near as balanced as a simple 3/5/7 system or even the previous linear killstreak set). While I agree with Storm that there is little way to actually dissuade camping, my main thoughts lie with the killstreaks for which I see two ways of keeping them in the game as clearly much work has gone into implementing them while being a quality of life improvement for players; 1 - Massively increase the requirements for gaining the devastating high tier kill streaks. A nuke used to be 40 kills it seems which is a challenge and reward for playing so well, however for the current killstreaks in the 10-12 kill range, I think raising them to around 20-25 would be an acceptable challenge that feels rewarding when actually achieved. Furthermore care packages should then be low tier rewards like ammo or UAVs 40-50% of the time (I don't know if this is already the case since I don't use them). 2 - Keep the current killstreak requirements but implement a lock-on anti-air missile like a Stinger. Simply put, small arms fire usually isn't enough to take down the aircraft which leaves the enemy team defenceless. A means to fight back would actually make things a lot fairer while also rewarding players who are having a good game. -Duck
  6. Duck

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    The names, the memories, oh it's all rushing back! It's amazing that IceOps is still chugging along when so many other CoD4 clans and communities have disappeared, but I'm glad to see it's still going after all this time.
  7. Duck

    HC HighXP server update

    I don't know if it was the intention of the update or not, but at least for me all weapon unlocks have been made immediately available and all challenges are nullified.
  8. Duck

    IceOps Reborn

    T'was a good few years being a part of the clan, and even more as a player. But I can no longer dedicate time to gaming in any real capacity. Not to mention it's hardly the place I once knew around here when I was active. Thank you to the people who made much of my adolescent gaming years what they were. But I guess that's it for me and IceOps.
  9. Duck

    Deathrun 1.3 [Cooldown]

    And the collective unrustling of all IceOps Deathrun player's jimmies has been achieved.
  10. Duck


    Good job lads, make up proud!
  11. Duck

    Clan Leader

    Nice to see the clan is in capable hands.
  12. Duck

    CoD4 Remasterd?

    I think I would literally get CoD4 remastered for the campaign, I will always have a special place in my heart for the 2007 iteration but Ghillie in the Mist and then running around Pripyat with current gen graphics
  13. 16? *Goes to cry in the corner* Such a first world problem having only 4GB in 2016.
  14. Someone want to donate an extra 2GB of RAM to me? You know your PC is crap when something in Minecraft has higher requirements than what you have...
  15. *intelligent post incoming*


    1. Duck


      10/10 My IQ has gone up by 5 points just from learning what my name is in Italian

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      Ahahah your Italian skills are endorsing xD