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  1. IceOps Reborn

    T'was a good few years being a part of the clan, and even more as a player. But I can no longer dedicate time to gaming in any real capacity. Not to mention it's hardly the place I once knew around here when I was active. Thank you to the people who made much of my adolescent gaming years what they were. But I guess that's it for me and IceOps.
  2. Deathrun 1.3 [Cooldown]

    And the collective unrustling of all IceOps Deathrun player's jimmies has been achieved.
  3. ~been playing deathrun for over 4 years ~pretty terrible at it ~never bothered to even try and get better ~stress free and still enjoy playing Literally no reason to get worked up over it
  4. Promotion

    Good job lads, make up proud!
  5. Clan Leader

    Nice to see the clan is in capable hands.
  6. CoD4 Remasterd?

    I think I would literally get CoD4 remastered for the campaign, I will always have a special place in my heart for the 2007 iteration but Ghillie in the Mist and then running around Pripyat with current gen graphics
  7. 16? *Goes to cry in the corner* Such a first world problem having only 4GB in 2016.
  8. Someone want to donate an extra 2GB of RAM to me? You know your PC is crap when something in Minecraft has higher requirements than what you have...
  9. *intelligent post incoming*


    1. Duck


      10/10 My IQ has gone up by 5 points just from learning what my name is in Italian

    2. Blandum


      Ahahah your Italian skills are endorsing xD

  10. $rules for Deathrun

    Just a thought about a $nextmap command, it may have the negative effect of discouraging players from carrying on playing. Like they enter the command, see it's a map they don't like and just leave/demand admins even more so to set a more preferable map.
  11. good cover photo i r8 5/7

  12. Insomnia56 (Birmingham, UK)

    I might do, depends on if I have money at the time or not Is Insomnia 58 in the summer? I don't know actually, might only be twice a year, and I'm going full cosplay for 57
  13. Insomnia56 (Birmingham, UK)

    These will stand as some great memories. I'm probably going to Insomnia 57 as well :3
  14. Insomnia Trip (UK)

    +1 Insomnia HYPE!!!
  15. Deathrun Secrets

    But... they're secret Seriously though I see the problem with this in the codjumper-esque room secrets, if enough people know how exactly to get to these secrets it could lead to a lot of waiting around. Just look at Imaginary when someone can't make the jumps. That being said, you could just not cover those particular ones.