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  1. Chewie.

    Cod4x - Error 817!

    Yes, but I have Cod4 through Steam, so any patches will be automatic upon reinstallation?
  2. Chewie.

    Cod4x - Error 817!

    So, as some of you are aware I have been inactive for the past year or so due to personal work life etc., but the main reason was that I could no longer join the IceOps servers. This was due to Cod4x. No one seemed to be able to help me before, but I thought I would try again, as I miss playing Deathrun. Without Cod4x installed, I am able to join and play on servers that do not require Cod4x installed. I installed the mod through the download when attempting to join the IceOps servers for the first time. I load up the game. Go to join an IceOps server. Then this happens... I do not know why. I have never found a solution. Can any of you help? : ( Edit: I get the Error 817 whenever I try and join ANY server, not just the IceOps server!... Edit 2: I created a thread on the Cod4x forum, and have posted the link if anyone else wants to stay updated on the issue for further use/knowledge on the topic!
  3. Chewie.

    Minecraft Idea

    From what I remember of the last time we tried this, no one really played on the server... I mean, by all means give it another shot, as I'm unfamiliar with how the community is now, with being away for so long. Who knows, it may work out this time!
  4. Chewie.

    Score Limits and Perks

    I do not know anything about mapping, so I am unsure on whether this would be possible for just one map in the rotation. However, I can see where you are coming from, and it is a good idea! I am just unsure on whether it is possible, and whether someone would have the time do go out of their way to do it
  5. :00008014:

  6. Chewie.

    Glithers in IceOps Dr

    In future reports, please use the following report form layout >> As mentioned above, when reporting a player we require the player's Steam iD/GUID, and to do this type $ministatus in the console in the game. We also require some form of proof, either a screenshot of the reported player breaking rules, or a demo/video footage of it. As stated above, we cannot take this case any further because of the lack of content in this report, but thank you for looking out for our servers - Chewie.
  7. Liar

  8. Chewie.

    New Game Server Schedule (IDEA)

    Never really played it much myself, but I'm pretty sure the Arma games might work out well for popularity?
  9. Chewie.

    Report for blaccc

    Without proof of leaving as the activator we cannot respond to that aspect of the report. If someone else could take a look at the demo and respond to the initial report, that would be great please, as I am not currently at home to do so myself.
  10. Chewie.

    Report for Foxman

    It would seem so.
  11. Chewie.

    Report for Inferno

    Request for closure. @Aquiz @Mc.Joker
  12. Chewie.

    Ban appeal for omega

    My bad, I cannot find the Permanent Ban on Sourcebans and only saw the Temp 30m ban. @arnel.veljkovic In this case, as mentioned by @Aquiz your ban will not be lifted, and is permanent. Request for closure of thread, please.
  13. Chewie.

    Head Members Group

  14. Chewie.

    Ban appeal for omega

    @Aquiz @Mc.Joker Can we help sort this user out please?