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  1. Rewbin

    IceOps Reborn

    @Duck Good luck with those tanks
  2. Liar

  3. Rewbin

    Appealing for (PaGa)Master

    Dont even bother, this player and his other paga friends has been banned multiple times over the years, on my server as well lol. Theres probably ton of proof in the banned player section. I also remember very clearly that it got so bad that we were allowed to permban any paga member who broke any rule.
  4. Rewbin

    Life Is Strange

    The game made me cry Wish I could play it again for the first time
  5. Rewbin

    Deathrun Server We have a poll on our forum asking if we should create a custom deathrun mod, and currently there are 21 votes for yes, and 2 for no. You are also able to comment on what you want to be added and removed. @Fisher Ill talk to them about that.
  6. Rewbin

    What goes on in my head

    You remind me of my IRL friend, (He also post lots of eye stuff on snapchat lol)
  7. Rewbin


    Rewbin#2216 I dont have overwatch though, but feel free to add me if you want
  8. Rewbin

    Twitch banner & profile pic

    You know, you could ask @MixR and see if he is nice enough to do something for you he did the iceops banner you see on top of the forum, and he did @Lookouts signature .
  9. Rewbin

    Map rotation change

    Ples add arctic and 4x3
  10. Rewbin

    Map rotation change

    cookie and crazyrun ftw
  11. Rewbin

    CoD4 Remasterd?
  12. Rewbin


    Maybe I could make something, I uploaded a tiny tutorial video awhile ago to help @Evolv strafe better, but that video isnt excactly the best lol
  13. Rewbin

    Report for dronken

    Sorry for the bump, but I'd say permban him next time. For those who doesn't know, he is an ex-member of the infamous paga clan, all of their members has been banned multiple times, dronken said himself he left the clan. A few months back I saw pagamaster (their "leader" I suppose) but I'm not too active so I don't know if he's still playing, though he wasn't causing any trouble as I was there. My point is after all these years after constantly banning these players, I'd say a good ol'permban is in order c: Also maybe a couple of years ago or so, I believe we came to a sort of understanding, that if we saw any of the paga players break one single rule, we would permban them. My opinion on the matter.
  14. Rewbin

    Ban Appeal

    You do act quite immature on the server, and I was about to ban you a couple of days ago for wasting time at the end of each round, when you waited with your "howard". For those who dont know, his howard was this star on the map sm64, so he was waiting with the star every round, got proof of it on my other PC. So pherhaps reduce the ban to a tempban instead, permban is a bit harsh lol