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  1. Netflix Suggestions

    Well I don't think you might be able to do it but one of the mobile service companies in my country have made a deal with google to allow their network users to purchase stuff through google pay using their mobile credit. So I use that as a method of payment to make the account (ofcourse I to make a new email for the account each time) then before the month ends I simply cancel the my subscription and do it all over again. Ofcourse I could load mobile balance into my account and pay for the subscription but I have to pay 40% national tax and 8% currency conversion charges on the money I have to put into my account. so if I put about $10 into my account I only get $5.20
  2. Netflix Suggestions

    Okay, I have already done this in a couple more places, so no harm in doing it here as well. Okay then since I live in a country which is quite frequently, and rightly so, mistaken for a shit hole, I recently came up with a way to sign up for a free month on netflix without having to give any credit card details and such, and I do plan to repeat this method until netflix bans my ip. Therefore I request shows suggestions to binge off of netflix for as long as I can.
  3. Unturned

    I've been playing this game since an year after it's release and have to say that it has progressed very well, it even has a functioning anti-cheat. But the game itself kind of lacks when playing solo. On singleplayer it can take you around 20-30 hours to even make a functional base(after which the game gets boring as there is nothing worthwhile left for you to do), that is after you have spent another crap ton of time to understand the crafting trees and loot spawn tables. On multiplayer there is another problem, even if you join a server whilst queued in a lobby you and your friend(s) will not spawn together, in some servers you won't even spawn with a map in order to rendezvous with your friends at a certain location in the map, which makes it much harder to even start off. So without a considerable amount of players in a lobby you won't be able to survive long enough to even get a gun. Other than that great game.
  4. Riddling Graphics!

    considering how everybody failed, the answer is a Pomegranate. So I guess its time for someone else to ask me about a riddle
  5. Riddling Graphics!

    and yes this is oc, well its originally a riddle in urdu, but I translated it into english, And come on it is not that hard
  6. Riddling Graphics!

    Okay, now I am only doing this because things around here have gotten quite dull, therefore a slight competition with adequate rewards. The rules are simple! I start off with asking you all a riddle, whoever solves it gets a signature or artwork of his own choice, made by me (you don't get shit if you fail), then you can ask me a riddle and if I solve it, you have to take a picture of yourself doing a dare that I will give you, and if I fail then you get a get a signature or artwork of their own choice, made by me. And so then lets begin! First Riddle: "A red container, with pale skin, holding rubies inside, What is it?"
  7. Inactive members + Update

    yup, obvious cheater, shit at concealing it, always uses wall hacks(mostly the shit ones i make).
  8. Wallpaper thread? wallpaper thread!

    here's something i made for a friend, a chill wallpaper and some other ones that I use as well