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  1. DisreS

    IceOps expanding over to CS:GO

    @Wraith. though i agree with the fact that this is the case for soloQ the amount of players who are only in those ranks because they queue with randoms or firends with higher ranks and are basically boosted up to those ranks. in esea or faceit you cant do that. you will only be able to gain elo by playing solo/duo/triple.
  2. DisreS

    IceOps expanding over to CS:GO

    Great post but id recommend judging people simply by matchmaking rank is a bit hard. you should rather expand this to esea/faceit rank later on. i for example am only LEM(i play it with low rank friends) in matchmaking but faceit lvl6 which is way better than LEM.
  3. DisreS

    Netflix Suggestions

    rick and morty.
  4. DisreS

    Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    Good luck man and enjoy life