Server Rules:

Global Rules:

  1. No profanity
  2. No childish behavior
  3. No racism or discrimination of any kind
  4. No sexism of any kind
  5. No offensive language
  6. No overriding of the censoring mechanism (It is there for a reason!)
  7. No exploiting of bugs (this includes but is not limited to glitching, elevators, bounces, scroll shooting etc.)
  8. Map glitching however should be tolerated as long as it is not interrupting the game or too disturbing
  9. Enforcing of own rules will lead to a ban / loss of power
  10. Religious discussions / references are forbidden
  11. Do not fake/impersonate clan-members or server moderators


Server specific Rules:


  1. Play with care for your teammates. Do not fire at them in any case!
  2. Do not pass game-state information when not alive!
  3. Don't go out of the map.(For Marines ONLY)
  4. Undermapping is forbidden.
  5. No possessing AFK's/Stealing their weapon.
  6. Max FPS set to 250.
  7. If going to be AFK for a duration of time, please go to spectator.



  1. No lagg jumps
  2. Usage of the English language is permitted when admins ask you for it
  3. Do not abuse glitches
  4. No advertisements of any kind
  5. Respect every other player, so this means also respect the new ones who are not as fast as you!
  6. Wasting time purposely to make other players wait is forbidden.
  7. Suicide if you are in places with unlimited respawns like secrets once all other players are dead. The endgame against activator is an exception.
  8. Vip are not allowed to spawn a weapon in End Room  (Sniper room he cant spawn a gun and shoot the other guy with it)  (Excluding OLD)
  9. Vip are allowed to use the XP command to reach level 30. After they've reached it they can't use it again, otherwise the scoreboard will be messed up. If the Vip continue to do so we will take away the command or the vip status.


Forum Rules:


Religion discussions and references are restricted on this forum.


Signatures must not contain any kind of video gif-files or any flash objects. Animated signatures requires explicit permission from the forum admin who will decide if that signature can be used. They also must not be larger in size than eight lines of written text in standard font size. Overall data size must not be greater than 50 kilobytes.


Avatars which are animated images require explicit permission from the forum admin who will decide if it can be used.