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  1. fox are you still alive?

    Or did they capture you =O


  2. FoxBao

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    Admin Power abuse notice: To avoid further flaming on the forums please do NOT reply to any mod report. Only the admin reported, super moderators and administrators can post there. If you have some proof or any other thing pm ALL administrators and tell them whatever you want there. This is only for the mod report section. We had some rage and anger in older threads.
  3. FoxBao

    Unbanned me pls

    Good evening @bingO, Please use the appropriate appeal form : Have a nice day.
  4. FoxBao

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    Congrats everyone, I’m also proud to be a part of IceOps! Many Thanks to @IJzzo for building this amazing community, and thanks to those who are here since the begining and made IceOps growing
  5. FoxBao

    Don't wanna be admin anymore

    Croda said it all I also agree with RedRose, hard camp is breaking the pleasure of a lot of players and that since COD exists. I understand KMB's point of view, his desire and involvement to make the server better (and sometimes more playable), but be careful about how you are doing it For exemple, do not warn and/or kick an other moderator , it's a friend and we must band together If you have a doubt contact a super admin or another member. Yes it's a good idea, recoil does not really exists on it and we can easily spray and one shot despite of the anticamp @610 *.* I hope you'll accept to stay with us and to know KMB better, he is not a bad guy
  6. FoxBao

    Don't wanna be admin anymore

    So we can warn/kick any player (even an other admin) just because we do not like his gameplay style?!? This way let’s warn, kick and ban every P90 players, or those who are using claymores, i hate claymores ! From what I know, camping is still allowed but uncouraged thanks to the anti-camp system. We are not here to create rules but to apply them. If our counselors tell us to warn and kick campers the time that an other anti camp system is created (or not), then yes. So do we have to warn/kick a M21 player who find a way to camp easily with the anti camp system? Changes must be gradual, I don’t really think warn and kick campers is the good way to make these changes. It’s actually going too far. 610, I am sorry you want to leave us because of that and I hope you will stay. PS: I am not defending the campers, but even if they are annoying, they also are a big part of our players, we must do with it for now.
  7. FoxBao

    Report for GO! GhOsTYK1

    Banned, thank you for the report
  8. waky waky mister fox

  9. Happy birthday man! <3 

    1. FoxBao


      Thanks Joey ;)<3 

  10. FoxBao

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry christmas everyone
  11. FoxBao


    Very good game, i already played a lot on it, even solo it's still fun! But play with friends is even more fun! I made a local server to play with my GF it was very fun, i don't know if i can make it more than just a local serv, could be fun
  12. :party:Happy B-Day Buddy :party:


    Have a nice day!


    18 years is kinda old for a fox, you must be a grey one :rofl:



    1. FoxBao


      Thanks Wolfy :D, Im an old fox indeed and i want to reach the 20th lvl, no matter the grey (i look like a wolf like this) :D 

  13. FoxBao

    Appeal for DinoGrzmot

    You said it all.
  14. FoxBao

    Ban appeal for LazyBoy

    I think that we can trust him and give him an other chance Anyway if he try it again he will just go back in the permban section
  15. FoxBao

    Ban appeal for LazyBoy

    Fullbright on obscurity = permanent ban... Why should we unban you and not other players banned for the same reason ?