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  1. waky waky mister fox

    1. FoxBao



  2. Happy birthday man! <3 

    1. FoxBao


      Thanks Joey ;)<3 

  3. FoxBao

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry christmas everyone
  4. FoxBao


    Very good game, i already played a lot on it, even solo it's still fun! But play with friends is even more fun! I made a local server to play with my GF it was very fun, i don't know if i can make it more than just a local serv, could be fun
  5. :party:Happy B-Day Buddy :party:


    Have a nice day!


    18 years is kinda old for a fox, you must be a grey one :rofl:



    1. FoxBao


      Thanks Wolfy :D, Im an old fox indeed and i want to reach the 20th lvl, no matter the grey (i look like a wolf like this) :D 

  6. FoxBao

    Appeal for DinoGrzmot

    You said it all.
  7. FoxBao

    Ban appeal for LazyBoy

    I think that we can trust him and give him an other chance Anyway if he try it again he will just go back in the permban section
  8. FoxBao

    Ban appeal for LazyBoy

    Fullbright on obscurity = permanent ban... Why should we unban you and not other players banned for the same reason ?
  9. FoxBao


    I do not know enough that "jump", but if he can kill without be seen...
  10. FoxBao


    Banned for 1d, thanks for the report
  11. FoxBao

    Ban appeal for DreamEater You should know the rules if you tried to apply as a moderator... This is not a ban appeal, this is a disrespectfull rage topic. You deserve more than only 3 days.
  12. FoxBao

    Head Members Group

    Congratz Wolfy
  13. FoxBao

    New rules please

    You wanna play with those perks?
  14. FoxBao

    New rules please

    @Andrea I am sorry but your fight is already lost... Unfortunately campers are a part of the game. You have to accept that players who have fun while camping exist! And grenade launcher is very fun to play with, you should try it! 2 main rifle with GL, you'll see that's very fun after a hard day, you just want to explode something! You know, playing on that hardcore server is not a competition, get killed by a camper or GL will not make you lost anything... That's a funny server for all! Forbid forbid and forbid is just killing that beautifull fun you can find in COD4.
  15. FoxBao

    Quick Giveaway (Uplay)