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  1. Merry Christmas!!

    Merry christmas everyone
  2. Unturned

    Very good game, i already played a lot on it, even solo it's still fun! But play with friends is even more fun! I made a local server to play with my GF it was very fun, i don't know if i can make it more than just a local serv, could be fun
  3. :party:Happy B-Day Buddy :party:


    Have a nice day!


    18 years is kinda old for a fox, you must be a grey one :rofl:



    1. FoxBao


      Thanks Wolfy :D, Im an old fox indeed and i want to reach the 20th lvl, no matter the grey (i look like a wolf like this) :D 

  4. Good Bye IceOps

    Goodbye Ninja, you did a lot for that community and we can only can thank you for that. We'll keep the community alive and make it great. Good luck!
  5. Break/Pause

    I'm sure that all will be fine for you, good luck! (wise decision, hope you'll be back soon )
  6. Clan game of Promod?

    @Chewie. I don't know where I can be on saturday evening... I do not want to promise that i'll be here ... But if im online and you need someone to complete a team, i'll come
  7. Goodbye

    Ehk I hate that when I see a post in farewell iceops... I hope you are not in any trouble Prime, I wish you the best Good bye dude
  8. Clan game of Promod?

    That's a good idea, it can only make the community stronger
  9. Head Members Group

    Congratz Wolfy
  10. Its my time to go

    I couldn't believe it when i saw that topic... Rami... You helped me a lot when i started as moderator and you are a good friend. Im sure you'll solve your problems You have to! Best wiches mate
  11. New rules please

    You wanna play with those perks?
  12. New rules please

    @Andrea I am sorry but your fight is already lost... Unfortunately campers are a part of the game. You have to accept that players who have fun while camping exist! And grenade launcher is very fun to play with, you should try it! 2 main rifle with GL, you'll see that's very fun after a hard day, you just want to explode something! You know, playing on that hardcore server is not a competition, get killed by a camper or GL will not make you lost anything... That's a funny server for all! Forbid forbid and forbid is just killing that beautifull fun you can find in COD4.
  13. Farewell Ice & ft !

    We lost a good player I wish you the best, and I hope you'll come back with good news. Good luck and have fun
  14. Quick Giveaway (Uplay)

  15. I lost my stats

    Did you change your CD-key?