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  1. Happy birthday man! <3 

    1. FoxBao


      Thanks Joey ;)<3 

  2. Joey

    Minecraft Opportunity

    Would be a good idea @Mighty Jayster, if people were to play on it would be a different story, but I would if I had the chance, but I'm always away from home now.
  3. Couldn't of chose better in my opinion.
  4. If they have things going on in their life then they shouldn't be somewhere were they have a big role to play, should they?
  5. I'll be honest, there's no point counting on some councilors here, they aren't even here half the time, so for that, I think this is a good argument with valid points, but nothing will change. Sorry to be a harsh guy, but I've been here long enough to know better now.
  6. If players don't filter over then whats the point in even changing it?
  7. Agreeing on the Server Lag topic, but on the other hand, changing the servers to different modes won't change a thing. You have some clear points here which could work, but wether they get implemented is another story.
  8. ay 



      How's that wood in your hand?

  9. Joey


    Will also test, check for bugs, and maybe if it's all good then it can be added to the rotation.
  10. Joey

    Report for aEoNNzR- and Faharen

    Me either, please provide proof THAT WORKS xD
  11. Joey

    Report for aEoNNzR- and Faharen

    Well, assuming that it says the page I requested is no longer available then no
  12. Joey

    Report for aEoNNzR- and Faharen

    If Aeon is glitching then that is a ban correct? and the Faharen part is debatable as he is a slow player. Will ask @Mc.Joker and @Aquiz about the situation.
  13. Joey

    Report for aEoNNzR- and Faharen

    What map is this?
  14. Joey

    SSD/OS problems

    Maybe, do you remember any of the names? I could maybe recognise a few xD
  15. Joey

    SSD/OS problems

    Oh, Trojans aren't very good news Kenai, that means someone has the potential to control the computer without you even knowing it, maybe try and be more careful next time mate