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  1. ZigZag


    I play on PC, Send me your username might play with u later Heck no PC players are freaks man xD
  2. ZigZag

    Predator Glitch

    That's why i don't play HC so crowded , i prefer to play SC its much better in my opinion xD
  3. ZigZag

    Ban appeal for DreamEater

    Rules are rules. Watch your language on the forums tho. And you can wait for 3 days its not a big deal. You should have reported The people who killed you,as kenshiro did and he did the right thing.
  4. ZigZag

    Report for DreamEater

    Clear reason for me Banned for 3d. Thanks for reporting
  5. ZigZag

    Report for 5Saw

    I think 1 day mute is enough But the fact that he doesn't learn from him pervious bans tho...
  6. + mp_dr_another world mp_dr_xm mp_dr_waterworld
  7. ZigZag

    Cod4 Deathrun

    Here ----> https://iceops.co/index.php?/forum/19-applications-for-server-moderators-recrutation-open/ But first i suggest you to get known to the members and be active around Report some rule breakers too (at least 3!!) But before you do that introduce yourself here first for better chances -------------> https://iceops.co/index.php?/forum/27-introduce-yourself/ NOTE:Make sure to press on application form!
  8. ZigZag

    Report for boss'Adi

  9. ZigZag

    Report for boss'Adi

    Player's name: boss'Adi Player's PlayerID: . Server: IceOps deathrun Please describe what happened:  Glitching out of the activator room Proof:
  10. +1 I requested that for too long :c I love that swapping weapons move actually
  11. ZigZag

    Head Members Group

    o: Congratz wolfy Well deserved
  12. ZigZag

    Report for Ian

  13. ZigZag

    Report for Ian

    I did do that for like 3 maps and he kept saying i dont care if you report me and he kept insulting so i reported him
  14. ZigZag

    Report for Ian

  15. ZigZag

    Report for Ian

    Didnt say he deserves a perm ban