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  1. jesus christ i was cringe

  2. DriftKing

    Good bye thread

    A thread for saying goodbye did this thread vanish? or was it removed becuz i remember that there was one a while ago
  3. DriftKing


    i play paladins but havent played like for a month
  4. DriftKing

    Farming simulator 2015

    does anyone play this game if yes can u link me some good mods? i whant some mods but idk what would be good for the game
  5. DriftKing

    ping problems

    whats your gamertag gamer
  6. DriftKing

    CSGO Montage

    ohh k hax confirmed
  7. DriftKing

    ping problems

    upgraded my wifi here it is
  8. DriftKing

    CSGO Montage

    smurf confirmed
  9. DriftKing

    ping problems

    i use this and its very good for gaming i get no lags
  10. DriftKing


    yea but he spamed a nacist flag
  11. DriftKing

    Chewie Skullbak

    well im not going tho sleep now btw it looks sick
  12. DriftKing

    Ban appeal for -=FRAG-= Tho The Head

    well i didnt insult anyone and il stop making fun and cusing
  13. DriftKing

    Ban appeal for -=FRAG-= Tho The Head

    Nickname: -=FRAG-= Tho The Head Server you got banned on: deathrun Your UID/GUID: [U:32:1964489180] Admin UID/GUID: [1:0:0] Ban reason: Swearing whit cancer aids making fun of cancer and aids provoking admins conpletly inappropriet behavior Ban length: 8 Days 10 Hours 22 minutes What happend: i said that this song is aids someone chated dont use that word its not nice i said ok this song cancer i didnt know that he whas an admin he didnt give me a warning and i didnt make fun of aids an cancer
  14. DriftKing

    Report for kaboom

    ohh k but this whas the first spam that he did