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  1. ArC'Ase

    IceOps server rules

  2. ArC'Ase


    Hes now famous more than pokemon go
  3. ArC'Ase

    Report for A:I / ~~~~~~~~~~RayA

    Cherry Cherry Boom boom xD
  4. ArC'Ase

    Report for Roccat, Ayoub

    Player's name: Roccat, Ayoub Player's PlayerID: 1. 2. Server: Deathrun 1.2 Please describe what happened: Wasting time at spawn for two rounds Proof: demo0009.dm_1 demo0010.dm_1
  5. ArC'Ase

    Report for Arc' Ase

    Apparently you got the whole thing wrong, The guy you answered him that i lied, Hes the same person i asked him if you have any problem, and about the English rule, i dont believe it exist. I see you are new here and you are trying to do some reports, i respect that, but you need to read the rules again.
  6. ArC'Ase

    Report for Arc' Ase

    Check your own screenshot
  7. ArC'Ase

    Report for Arc' Ase

  8. ArC'Ase

    Report for Arc' Ase

    its not insulting you could see us doing " xD" and such, we were all kidding and its okay for me.
  9. ArC'Ase

    Report for Arc' Ase

    But why you didnt mark his insult if u think you know much in arabic, when zoomy said ks o5tk, thats first and second me and zoomy kinda know eachother we played b4 together.. And about the respecting of players and server, its my first time to see you playing here, i know the rules very well and iam doing my best to stick with it.
  10. ArC'Ase

    Report for taughboy22

  11. ArC'Ase

    Report for taughboy22

  12. ArC'Ase

    Report for taughboy22

    What why your console is blue and mine is green ???
  13. ArC'Ase

    Report for taughboy22

    Player's name: taughboy22 Player's PlayerID: [U:32:1147154992] Server: Deathrun Please describe what happened: Spamming!! Proof:
  14. ArC'Ase


    Go apply for clan member first
  15. ArC'Ase

    Report for Lenub